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Home Health Castor Oil, Cold Pressed and Cold Processed, 32-Ounce

Pure, natural emollient oil. Softens and nourishes skin. Ideal for use in Castor oil packs. Excellent for massage into joints and muscles. Hexane free. Castor oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the surface layers of the skin making it softer and m

Key features

  • Pure, natural emollient oil
  • Softens and nourishes skin
  • Excellent for massage into joints and muscles

Honest reviews


Great All Purpose Oil: Hair Sealant, Skim Mositurizer Sealant, Face Moisturizer Sealant, etc….

This is a great oil. It’s one of the best natural oils out there. For Naturalistas (Natural African Amer. Hair wearers) this is one of the best moisture sealants for Type 4 Hair. I also use it to seal in my skin moisturizing lotion after I take a bath. Also, It’s great for older women with dry facial skin use it alone or over your moisturizer. Finally, if you have eczema or psoriasis this is a great skin lubricant. Great stuff and I love this huge bottle, I insert a pump into and use, use, use.

Lois Moscow, PA

Still trying to hone my use of this product

I purchased this item about a year ago; however, being the product junkie that I am, it was rotated in and out between my other oils and not used consistently or exclusively. I have only recently returned to using this again because I am currently on a castor oil challenge in which you have to incorporate the use of this product into your hair regiment at least 3 times a week. Initially I went steer crazy with it and I was putting it into my pre-poos, my deep conditioners as well as sealing my hair with it after moisturizing it. All of that proved to be WAY TOO MUCH as I was a greasy mess!!! I have since tapered back, and have decided to go the rest of my castor oil challenge using it to oil my scalp on wash days, use it in my deep conditioners and massaging into any areas of my hair which I feel could be improved upon either growth-wise or keep my hair soften. I like my hair to feel moisturized but not greasy to the touch if you know what I mean, and you can easily go overboard with this product as a little goes a long way! With my first use of this I found it to be VERY, VERY THICK, so I thinned it out by mixing it with olive oil (50/50)and that has worked well for me. Also when I use it to seal my hair on wash days, my hair feels very soft to the touch (can’t keep my hands from out of my head) and has a nice shine to it. I’m hoping that with this 90 day castor oil challenge that I am currently on, I will get some additional growth (since this is what this product has been praised for and my hair only grew 5 inches the first year of my transition before I cut off the remainder of my relaxed ends. I am currently using it along my hairline and nape by rubbing it into those areas, 3 times a week, so wish me luck. BTW I am completely natural, with type 4A/B, collar-length hair.

Pamala Wingate, MD

Too sticky

I purchased it for it’s heaviness. I used shea, olive, and other oils. I have to reapply them to my dry skin and hair. I had so many plans for this 32 oz bottle after reading the great reviews. I wanted to use it in my hair and on my skin. I just knew this is what I needed to add to those dry area such as my elbows, knees, and heels. Oh my it’s so sticky and smelly. Yes, it works great for those areas only but as an all over moisturizer NO…too sticky. I was hoping this would be my next all over oil…no way. I wear my hair natural so I just knew this would be a great moisurizer for my thick mane. Yes, it moisturizes well, but it’s so thick to rub in and not to mention the smell is not something you would want to leave on your hair. I’m sorry this is not going to work for me. I will use it for problem areas until it’s gone or to use as an hot oil treatment. More than likely won’t buy again. I will stick to my Hot Six Oil, olive, or shea oil and it’s much cheaper.

Adrienne Wounded Knee, SD

Great for thickness

I use this on my scalp everyday lightly and i have seen growth my hair is growing fast with this oil and its thick so it lasts a very long time. It doesn’t smell great but it doesn’t stink either it made my hair thicker and longer and its a great price for that size.

Josephine Jarales, NM

I like it.

I hate the smell, but there is nothing to do about it, since is too thick I thing it with lavender oil, I’ve been using it every night in my eye lashes and no lie, my lashes are longer that fuller. Love it. I use it in my hair ends, but I can smell the stink during the day, even if I mix it up with the other oils, anyways I’m giving it 5 stars bc it does what is made for.

Esperanza Cordova, NE

Fantastic Oil

This oil is simple to use, but very much effective. It really does wonders with the likes of mucsles and joints. Plus it goes well with the likes ofHeritage Store Castor Oil, 32 Ouncewhich I found to be a surprise. I think this is a great item to have, or at least try out. It really is a fantastic oil.

Eliza Chandler, TX

I can’t live without this!

It is soooo useful for so many things. I use on my hair,eyebrows, eyelashes, and I even oil pull with it for my teeth. I love it

Christie Waverly, GA

Oil of Happiness

Received this large bottle of castor oil and thisI believe will last me awhile. It was wrapped againin plastic for spillage I guess. And I am gratefulfor that. When I do run out I will order this sizeagain. I am pleased with its size.

Katrina Fifield, WI

good product

This product is good. I am natural and it leaves my hair soft and smooth. It has help my hair edges a lot. I will purchase it again

Mallory Valley, AL

Love this product

great price. good for healing the body, great for hair softening and highly recommend this brand. also get the wool cloth

Elma Lawton, OK

Love this castor oil

This is a great cold-pressed castor oil. This is a wonderful oil for the face – will keep you hydrated and stave off wrinkles. You can also use this for the oil cleansing method to wash your face, I find it a bit to heavy for that myself. I use this under my eyes, on my lids, on my lashes and on my forehead as a mask. Its a great quality oil and an awesome one to have in every household.

Brandi Stevens Point, WI

The oil is fine, the bottle sucks

Shipping was fast but when I got the bottle, the safety seal was broken so it was oily in the bag. When I finally got around to using it, it was like my previous castor oil, with the same consistency and smell, My problem is the bottle is a screw off top so pouring it out can be tricky and you can accidentally pour too much. I wish I had kept my old bottle so I could fill it with this oil and easily pour it out.

Alberta Brainard, NE

for hair

If you are looking to give yourself a hair spa treatment with castor oil, be sure it’s cold processed. The one you find on the supermaket shelf is not the same thing.

Sierra North Carver, MA

Castor Oil

Oh yum!! No, I don’t actually drink this nooooooo! I bought it to use in making My own homemade soaps and shampoo bars,

Rosalyn Walker, LA

Love It!

It works great to seal moisture into my hair, and also softens and protects my edges. It’s very thick, so only a little is needed. If I have dry patches on my scalp,

Graciela Moosic, PA

I love this product!!!

This will help you save money if you put oil in your hair. I still have a half of bottle and bought this over 3 months ago. I do not put it on my skin but I am African American and have long hair and it can be DRY so I use it on my hair and it loves it!!! Plus I don’t have to keep buying oil ever pay period. Thank you for having this product!!!

Carolyn Charlottesville, VA

I have long lashes now only took three months

I use this for lots of things skin and face and I use it to put on my lashes for 4 hours a day for 3 months I never had bottom lashes now I have long ones and the top lashes look like there fake.. Love love love it. great price big bottle and no shipping after $ 25.00 can’t beat it..

Deidre Palo Alto, CA

I like this for my Hair (Type 4C)

I like this Castor Oil as a detangler for my hair. It leaves my hair softer, helps keep styles in place and offers shine.

Patrice Kinross, MI

Love it!

Good quality product! I love it and I would recommend this product line to everyone who is in need of natural oils.

Shelby Enterprise, AL

helped my hair

It made my hair shiny and healthy. It seems a lot easier to manage now. Glad I found this.. I will buy more when I run out. This is quite a big bottle so its nice it goes far.

Christian Rutherford College, NC

Seems very fine

Don’t need the “home health” label but it is reassuring at least. A good value for the money. I am using it for a home remedy on my lawn. AFter trapping the existing moles, so far none have come in so who knows? maybe it does have some mole repellent value!

Susana Gilchrist, OR

just got !

I love how it makes my skin so soft and even makes your lashes and brows grow!!!! Will be getting more!

Magdalena Odessa, NE

So great and with many uses!

I think castor oil has gotten a bad rap as a natural labor inducer/laxative. Use this stuff in your oil cleansing method ( […]) to wash your face without stripping it, use it as an eyebrow/eyelash growth enhancer ( […] ), and as a skin pack for sore muscles or upset tummy ( […] ) .

Sherry Seanor, PA