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Home Health – Castor Oil Cold, 8 fl oz liquid

Cold Pressed and Cold Processed ¦ Pure, natural emollient oil ¦ Softens and nourishes the skin ¦ Ideal for use in Castor Oil Packs ¦ Excellent for massage into joints and muscles ¦ Hexane Free ¦ Paraben-Free Castor Oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the surface layers of the skin making it softer and more supple. It is best to apply Castor Oil externally using a “Castor Oil Pack” – saturating the oil onto a piece of wool flannel and applying to the body, with or without heat. Instructions for the preparation and application of Castor Oil Packs are supplied with Home HealthTM White Wool Flannel.

Key features

  • Does Not Contain: Hexane.

Honest reviews


did not work for me

I put it on my hair as my friend advised me as its good for anti hair loss, but it gave opposite result I lost my hair, moreover there appeared something like scurf.

Suzanne West Union, WV

Not as thin as I would have liked

OK, I heard this is good for dry skin, I have tried it on certain places on my face that is very dry due to treatment for sun damage. It does soften the skin but it kind of hard to blend it in without pulling the skin more than I like to. Mixing it with an almond oil helps liquify it. It’s OK

Sheree Silver Creek, MS

Great Product

Ever since using the likes ofHeritage Store Castor Oil, 32 Ounce, I’ve been interested in trying different castor oils. This one in particular is one that I found to be quite useful. It really does wonders for the skin. I think if you are looking into castor oils, this one would be good one to try.

Stephanie Cumberland Gap, TN

I use it to help with Pain and detoxing

I haven’t taken Castor Oil internally nor have I used it on my hair. I have fibromyalgia, which I am eating better nutrition to detox and I do have the pain on the run. But there are days when I still have back, shoulder, and hip pain. Rubbing Castor Oil over the area really helps. I didn’t believe it when I first heard about it. I heard about it from a friend from the Island. Her mother and family used it as a natural pain reliever like on a sprain. It worked. I didn’t know it was available until I saw it for sale in an Indian Grocery Store. Now I have found a better price and larger bottle here.If you have muscle, and or joint pain spread some on and then go on with your business. Your pain will slowly go away or at least it did for me. This isn’t a cure all for you need to work using this and good food and a healthy outlook to beat this sometimes crippling pain.

Lilly Still Pond, MD


Does the trick, and I trust the brand. I wish it had a push-open spout for drops but not a real minus.

Robyn Orford, NH

castor oil

so far, it doesn’t help grow edges but patient is the key right?:) the smell isn’t the best but its castor oil

Beatrice Heuvelton, NY

Exactly as advertised

I’ve been using this as a moisturizer and have been putting it on my eyelashes and eyebrows. It might be my imagination, but I swear my eyelashes grow a bit thicker and longer when I’ve been using it consistently. It probably also helps that I’ve been wearing less mascara as well.My husband also thought he had dandruff for the longest time- turns out his scalp was just really dry! I’ve been using this to give him scalp massages. He loves the extra head rubs and is definitely becoming less and less flakey. 5 stars!

Maryann Howe, IN


By far the best Castor Oil product Ive bought in a long time! Quality vs price is great! Thank you for such a great product!

Manuela Bentonia, MS

Castor Oil

Another high quality product that I bought to add to my homeade hair grease. My hair has been growing rapidly.

Madeleine Parkton, NC

Affordable skin moisturizer

Great moisturizer for very dry skin areas. Probably wouldn’t use on it my face though. Virtually odor free and very cheap too!

Magdalena La Fayette, KY

Good for anything

I like the smell of this oil and it does seal in the moisture for my hair nicely. I still have lots left over and I had this for about a year.

Carey Grovespring, MO

Works better than anything else.

Someone told me about Castor Oil for dry skin. I had never heard of using it. Although this is not the old Castor Oil they used to force down kids’ throats to cure everything. My Dad is 90 and the ends of his fingers have cracked so badly this yr. he was hurting. This helped like nothing else would. We bought gloves and he wore them at night after oiling up. I used it on my legs and feet. It is oily and not my favorite for the feeling but it works better than anything I have ever found. My legs woke me up itching. Great stuff.

Jacklyn Darby, MT

Great for skin!

This product is lovely for winter skin. It is thick though, so I mixed it into my favorite lotion to add even more moisture. I have eczema on my feet that has really cleared up since I’ve added this to my lotion. For the price, it is definitely worth a try if you are experiencing a puzzling skin issue.

Brittney Kirksey, KY

Very Good

I have never used Castor Oil for my hair. Looking at a lot of Youtube videoes they said Castor Oil was a must for dry brittle hair. I put a very small amount in my hair every other day and my hair stays hydrated.

Diana Tomball, TX

Feels great on the skin

I have been mixing this with emu oil cream and it works great! Not too sticky when mixed and absorbs in the skin easily.

Kathy Waveland, MS

Itchy scalp

I attempted this 4 times on my hair and scalp. It does make your hair soft but it isn’t necessary. It does not grow your hair. People that are saying it does, there’s no scientific proof. You have to be careful with it. It’s thick. I didn’t like it because it made my scalp very itchy. I’m probably allergic to it.

Jenifer Brooklin, ME

Castor Oil

Using on eyebrows. Don’t know if will work but it is fun to try. No smell. Basic castor oil. Thank u.

Jeanette Martin, SC


I’ve been using a Grapeseed and Castor oil combination as part of the oil cleansing method for a few weeks now. I haven’t seen a miracle improvement like others claim but I will say that this Castor oil arrived quickly and in excellent packaging. It does cleanse the skin very well and I am pleased with my purchase! 🙂

Joann Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I love it, will order again

I love this BIG HUGE bottle of Castor oil. I use it for all of my home beauty treatments. Get yours.

Tamra Monument, CO

Love it

I have natural hair and this is a must have product as you are transitioning, I would recommend this product

Krystal Leopolis, WI