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Hollywood Fashion Tape

Hollywood Fashion Tape® is the easy-to-use, clear double-stick, “do everything” apparel and body tape! Hollywood Fashion Tape’s specially formulated adhesive is gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on fabrics. The clear tape doesn’t cover up the skin’s natural color and is more discreet and fabric-friendly than safety pins. How does it work? You get 36 pre-cut, 3-inch disposable strips (3” x ½” actual size) in each box. Each strip of tape contains a removable backing on each side. You simply peel the backing from one side of the tape, press the tape firmly to your skin or fabric, remove the other backing, and apply the item to be secured. It’s as easy as peel, stick and go! “The stars’ secret” to always looking perfectly put together is finally revealed!

Key features

  • Handy new take-away tin included
  • Double-sided tape that is easy to apply
  • Adhere to fabric and/or skin
  • Hypo-allergenic and fabric friendly

Honest reviews


Double Stick Strips

I ordered the strips to use for an occasion but ended up not using. I will in the future. I really can’t say anything bad because I haven’t used them.

Tori Elberon, IA

it works

it works, and its very easy to put on & doesn’t damage the clothes when taken off. i’m very happy in how quickly it arrived

Eugenia West Yarmouth, MA


it works! it sticks! it’s perfect.worked just fine in keeping my top on and was easy to remove, no sticky glue against my skin

Joyce Mechanicsburg, PA

Fashion lifesaver!

This tape is the REAL deal–I don’t trust any other fashion tape. This can save any outfit. It’s perfect for keeping low cut tops, strapless tops, and straps in place. I always carry a pack in my purse!

Audra Bonners Ferry, ID

Expensive, but worth it

I thought this was pricey for a few strips of tape, but I have to admit it worked like a charm. I made sure my skin was dry and free from lotion or powder. The tape stuck firmly where stuck all night, through moving and dancing and dinner. It did not hurt at all when pulled off. I have to say I would recommend it for a special event, but for me, too expensive for every day sort of use.

Olga Nazareth, MI

Nice little accessory

These really stick & help your article of clothing to stay put. A great little thing to have with you just in case your dress or shirt misbehaves.

Concetta Lorimor, IA

I love this stuff!

I have been using the fashion tape for years. It keeps bra straps in place. I also use this to keep my ankle socks from slipping off. And many other fashion emergencies. I actually cut the strips in half because its too long for my needs, so I get 2x as much. This is a must have for me.

Isabelle Garfield, NJ

Everything’s in place!

Now I don’t have to worry about my dress puckering or falling down. I don’t have to worry about leaning forward and the dress/shirt moving away from my chest. Every lady needs this!

Heidi Ottawa, WV

Good, but not strong enough

These work well for short periods of time on light fabric. For heavier fabric or for a longer evening, definitely not enough.

Jan Chloride, AZ


Love this for dresses/shirts that are too low neck. I also use it for wrap dresses to secure the wrap top.

Shawn Veblen, SD


these work well — but they are also super expensive. you can do as well with cheaper double sided tape from staples

Flora Dunmore, WV

Amazing product

I can’t say how many times this product has saved me from wardrobe malfunctions. I will definitely re-purchase and have one at home, one in the car and one in my purse.

Arlene Lincolndale, NY