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Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment with Mink Oil, 7.5 Ounce

Hair and scalp moisturizing, healing, strengthening and conditioning. Use daily to condition, moisturize and restore natural sheen to your hair and scalp. Helps prevent split ends and breakage. Excellent conditioner for natural, pressed relaxed or color treated hair. Recommended as a conditioner for babies hair and skin.

Key features

  • Hair and scalp moisturizing, healing, strengthening and conditioning
  • Helps prevent split ends and breakage
  • Daily to condition, moisturize and restore natural sheen to your hair and scalp

Honest reviews


Ummm…. this stuff makes natural african hair soft

I used Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil after spraying with a moisturizer or alone. I gave it 4 stars because it has paraffin aka mineral oil. Why in the h-e, double hockey sticks they added mineral oil, I dont know. This stuff smells great. Put it on your ends if you have natural african hair. Im not sure how it works on relaxed, chemically treated, african hair. Its creamy, goodness. Makes natural nappy hair fluffy.

Audrey Fort Irwin, CA

It’s an ok product, but can do without.

Leave this product for those who straightens or relaxed their hair. Not really suitable for natural straight hair.

Dolly Powderly, TX

Great conditioner, BUT …

I picked up this product at my local drugstore a few weeks ago. There was only one jar left, so I figured, I better grab it.I used it for the first time today. I applied it this morning, then sat under a heat cap for 3 hours. I only applied it to my hair, not the scalp.THEN … are you ready for this … ?I had to shampoo my hair at least EIGHT times to get this stuff OUT of my hair.I shampooed 3X with my regular shampoo. When I ran out of shampoo, I had to use DOG shampoo. When the dog shampoo didn’t work, I used vinegar and baking soda.When that didn’t work, I had to go to the store and buy a CLARIFYING shampoo. I did 2 more washings, and the stuff finally came out.After all that washing, I thought my hair would be stiff and dry, but it came out very soft and shiny.I will definitely use this conditioner again, however, the next time, I will do the following: not use so much, and use a clarifying shampoo to rinse out.Also, since there’s no “odor”, I think the next time I will sleep with the product on my hair over nite.This is great stuff!And it’s cheap. What a deal!

Eleanor Zalma, MO

The Real Ingredients Are…

The ingredients listed in the product description for Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment are NOT accurate. My local Target carries Hollywood Beauty products but did not have this item so I ordered it from Amazon. I just received my jar of this product this week. This is my first time using a Hollywood Beauty product. The jar arrived secure and untampered with a plastic seal. It wasn’t until after I opened the jar that I discovered the ingredients in the product description differed from the actual ingredients listed on the jar. The REAL INGREDIENTS as listed on the jar are: Petrolatum, Castor (Ricinus Communis) Oil, Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Mineral Oil (Paraffium Liquidum), Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius Seed) Oil, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter), Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract), Mink Oil, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), Fragrance (Parfum), Propyl Paraben. I tend to stay away from products with Petrolatum (although I still use my DAX Supergro every now and again – gasp!) and Lanolin. I bought this product as an option to using Now Foods castor oil (mixed with a little almond oil) on my ends and because it was described as promoting moisture, healing and strengthening ends and I liked the natural organic ingredients listed in the product description here on amazon. I used a little sparingly on my ends (did not apply it to my scalp). The product is very light and has a nice feel to it. It emulsifies easily and it has a very nice smell (soft and not overpowering) which means a lot because I am extremely scent sensitive. I am not sure about the cocoa butter as that is a new ingredient for me in a hair care product. It left my ends feeling soft. I do want to see if continued use will lean toward a drying effect because of the mineral oil and lanolin. If you wear your hair natural and want to try a product with petrolatum and mineral oil plus other healthy organic oils then give this product a try. If you don’t use petrolatum or mineral oil in your hair products, carefully review the real ingredients listed on the jar that I listed above before purchasing this product. There are two products that I use on my hair that contain petrolatum – DAX Supergro (I grew up on it) and KeraCare’s High Sheen Glossifier. They both have organic oils in them (DAX and KeraCare DO NOT contain lanolin or mineral oil) and they both work well on my hair without causing or promoting dryness. The Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Treatment may end up working well on my hair but the verdict is still out on whether it helps retain my moisture or encourages dryness because of the lanolin and mineral oil in addition to the petrolatum.The product description on the jar reads: Use daily to condition, moisturize and restore natural sheen to your hair and scalp. Helps prevent split ends and breakage. Excellent conditioner for natural, pressed, relaxed or color treated hair. Recommended as a conditioner for babies hair and skin. Apply daily to wet or dry scalp to keep hair healthy and well conditioned.

Genevieve Mexico Beach, FL

best hair treatment ever

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment with Mink Oil is the best hair cream-treatment ever. My hair was very dry and breaking. I saw a blonde women on utube raving about this product. I saw many reviews about this product. Everyone luvs it. So…. i ordered on Amazon.This product stimulates my scalp and soften my dry, brittle,breaking hair. My scalp feels moisturized and alive and healthy. My hair is moisturized and soft. It’s not greasy and it smells really good. it’s very thick and the tub is large. At your locol beauty supply store , you can get it for half the price. At walgreens, it’s $3.99. Walgreens usually do carry hollywood products. I luv this product soooo much, I’m going to get the olive oil,carrot oil,and stock up on the castor oil treatment. I’m so very happy I tried this product.O, yes, in all the utube videos, all of them stated that Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Treatment makes the hair grow 2 x the speed it would normally grow. So, not only does it make your hair soft, shiny, healthy and stops it from breaking, it makes the hair grow in thinning patches, hairline that are close to balding due to tight braiding. This the best hair treatment ever and the price is fantastic. You also get a tremendous amount for the price.

Rosemarie Newton, TX

CASTOR OIL!! A must have!!!

I love this product!! I use it twice a week and it’s a must have product! I put it on my scalp because it gets itchy and on my ends because I get a lot of split ends. I have light brown, medium length, sort of thick hair, it’s really wavy and this product leaves it soft, shiny and healthy looking. I love this product and I love the smell!! The only reason I give it 4 stars is because it’s really thick and one time I put on TOO much and it took forever to rinse off with shampoo and it actually dried out my hair from so much washing which is a lesson well learned: Only use a little bit of this product for the best results 🙂

Paige Clear Lake, SD

Hollywood Swinging

Yes, I have NOT had to scratch my head at all! It is worth the price…and some how the regular stores do not have it, what are they waiting for!

Bertha Laurel, IA

its good

The shipping was really fast! I dye my hair blonde so its pretty damaged .. after i take a shower i let the hair dry for about 10 minutes in a towel that its wet and then i put it in the ends and i massage it with my fingertips into my scalp.. especially in the back of my head and i wouldnt use too much.. i wouldnt recommend to put it in your dry hair.. it will look bad! The smell is good too .. and i hope my hair is gonna grow faster like a lot of people say ..

Celina Driggs, ID

Petroleum Jelly for my hair, no thanks!

I watched utube and people swore by this products so I had to try it. My hair was semi dry from chemical processing so I was hoping this would moisturize it to be healthier. The texture of this product is petroleum jelly. When I attempted to remove it and wash it off, it would not wash off. I tried washing my hair multiple times and still, it would not come off. I had to go out with greasy hair for few days until it finally came all off after stripping my hair with strong shampoo. This was going to the trash for sure.

Bonita Damascus, MD


I personally can’t really recommend this product as I don’t feel it really made much difference with my hair. I probably will not be purchasing it again.

Nona Concordia, KS

Hair Treatment

I bought this product along with many other products to make my own hair grease. And it keeps my hair moisturized enough that I can use it monthly.

Roxie Guy, TX

Castor Oil Hair Treatment

I was a bit hesitant to put any type of "oil" treatment on my hair. Pleasantly surprised at how my hair responds to it. Doesn’t take much at all this 7.5 ounce Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment with Mink Oil will last for very long time. Fantastic sheen and again a little dab will do you, better to start off with not enough and build to the look you want.

Carey Adrian, TX

The ingredients listed on amazon are NOT the same as those on the product itself.

I was soo looking forward to adding this to my beauty regime , but when I got the jar I noticed the first ingredient. Was petrolatum : a petrochemical … There was also proplyparaben , I’m sad .

Delores Toughkenamon, PA