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Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB Cream with Hyaluronic Acid SPF 30 PA++ 30ML

Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB Cream 30ml

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Real BB Cream Comes From Korea, Not Rite Aid

Okay, so disclaimer/ground information. I am not Asian by any means, so I don’t have the beautiful porcelain skin that Asians are predominantly blessed with. This opinion, of course, is not meant to be offensive in any way, simply a statement of where this review begins.I am Caucasian with Combo/Oily acne-prone skin. My epidermis, while undergoing an acne-fueled revolt thanks to a flu shot reaction in January, had been temperamental for months. I finally broke down and decided to get an authentic Asian BB cream (this one in particular) when I just couldn’t take the horrid state of my face anymore while watching Michelle Phan’s January Favorites video on Youtube. I found the Holika Holika Petit BB cream on, and seeing how positively the reviews were on there and here on Amazon, I caved and paid the remarkably low price for this tube and camped out by my post office waiting for it. (Not really, but the metaphorical anticipation and excitement was there.)When I first got the BB cream, yes, the tube was small and I thought, “Well, this is what I get for around 7 bucks, but whatever. Let’s do this!” (*fist pump*)I am not ashamed to say that I was unbelievably, remarkably, ecstatically surprised by how much I underestimated this little tube. Believe me when I say that LESS IS MORE! A pea-sized amount covers my whole face and my neck, and trust me when I say that my disgusting skin reaction took up most of that space. However, to keep this review professional, I’ll list the Pros and Cons below.Pros:- Coverage: Comparing this to my not-very-missed Loreal BB cream from Rite Aid, this BB kicks Loreal’s bum right out the door with coverage. Loreal was a bead-bursting pigment sheer wash while Petit was a thicker, more even, even more pigmented powerhouse than I thought was possible. As I said, a pea-sized amount covered A LOT for such a small amount. Following the online instructions (since the Korean on the tube was a tad hard to make out to my uncivilized eyes), after setting down the base coat, one must wait 5 minutes for it to set correctly before adding more. Buildability over trouble spots was pretty effortless with a soft patting motion with my finger, and any serious places were covered with barely a half-a-pinhead’s worth of product!!! Do you hear me people?!?! Barely a dot on my finger covered SO MUCH, if used judiciously.- Wear: After a month and a half, my skin finally got its act together and started clearing up. Yeah, it was a long, tiring journey and hard-won battles of baking soda scrubs and benzoyl peroxide, but finally, I looked like a normal human being again. Yay! And as my skin started looking better, I decided to keep the heavy-duty make-up wearing to a minimum as 1) I didn’t really need it anymore, and 2) I wanted to test the wear of the BB cream. Using the Petit as a foundation, I found that it looked so much more natural than my normal foundations. Mainly in that it didn’t look cakey or overly done (and yes I’m still learning as my own makeup artist). Without so many problem areas, I just started wearing the BB and watching how it looked all day. Yes, my oily T-zone poked through after 4 hours or so, but honestly, whose doesn’t nowadays? The product never oxidized like other foundations, my natural skin color never turned orange-y, but the coverage over the persistent spots did wear through over the day, so those places did become more noticeable over time. Overall, for a run to the grocery store, or dressing it up for work, the BB did it’s job the best it could and I salute it for the job done pretty well.- Color Match: Dead. On. Match. If had no idea that I was pale enough for a Korean BB cream, I would have thought this product personally matched to me. First use, perfect. Never had such a profound product match in my life. I could compare it to a divine makeup experience, a moment of communing with the makeup deities, but as I said, let’s keep this professional.- Price: Considering I’m still using the BB cream now with the same tube, and that I’m pretty sure I have a bit more than half the tube left, the price is phenomenal for what you’re getting. Big things can come in small, inexpensive, international packages. Judicious application and careful product distribution should have me stretching this tube far beyond when my next two tubes are scheduled to come in by next month.- Product Claims: I’ve heard many great things about Tea Tree oil and it’s acne-targeted benefits, so that was one consideration in buying this product. I wanted something to calm my harried skin, and I do believe it worked. After much use and careful attention to my skin, the condition did improve overall. Is it a miracle product for making acne disappear over night? No. But continued use saw better skin over time and the coverage to hide what needed more TLC to take care of. Claims were supported over time, and I’m okay with that.Cons:…..Um, none really. Other than a bit of product wear during the day, nothing bad to report. Not even the smell bothers me. It’s quite nice, like a creamy powder scent like in loose powder containers. I’m perfectly happy with this product, and I’ve already ordered more. Nothing more I can say other than give the Petit BB a chance!

Gabriela Craddockville, VA

Holika Holika BB cream…

I bought this BB cream with high expectations since I have acne-prone skin and since it has tea tree oil I though it would help. Well I was wrong. It broke me out horribly and the color was pretty off. I have very fair skin (I’m NC 10 OR 15 if I’m lucky)and I have pink undertones with redness on my cheeks so I usually look for something with yellow undertones that aren’t too pronounced so it can cancel my redness out. This BB cream has pink/grey undertones and it makes me look like I’m sick LOL. I should add that this is mostly for lighter skin tones so I’m not sure this would fit anybody darker than an NC 20.I still gave it three stars because it has medium coverage and can be built up. The finish was also nice and was more of a satin-y finish rather than dewy. Smelled really nice too!

Estela Charleston Afb, SC

Great for sensitive, oily skin

I used to have the most beautiful skin when I lived in a humid climate, but now I’m living in the high plains desert. My skin is dry and oily at the same time…my pores huge & not to mention incredibly sensitive to makeup & sunscreen. I had not worn a concealer or powder in at least 6 years since trying this one. I tried the product on my arm over night to insure no rash. It also gave me a good idea of the color and consistency. (a little bit goes a long way.) I Would suggest this bb cream to anyone with skin like mine, It really minimized my pores and, evened my tone. I had no irritation upon use on my arm or face. Love it!

Felecia Pegram, TN


The shipping was quite quick but this BB cream is DEFINITELY worth the wait. It’s not heavy, not too light (in color), it’s perfect for my skin (I’m medium-fair) I wear it both with and without foundation over top and my skin looks flawless either way. I bought the fancy looking BB cream in the fancy gold container (also Korean) and it didn’t even come close to the quality of this one. The other BB cream also irritated my typically not sensitive face. I definitely recommend this one!!

Chelsea Vado, NM

The BEST BB Cream I have tried!

I tried my first BB Cream last year and I didn’t like it very much. It was definitely more like a tinted moisturizer and didn’t provide the kind of coverage I was looking for. My skin has been going through a lot of changes the last few years due to hormones and aging. I’ve been having more acne, fine lines, and blotchiness and I’ve really wanted to try to phase out of using heavier foundations as they seem to exaggerate these problems.Over the past few months I’ve purchased about 5 different BB Creams but I had yet to find one that was right for my skin. I was looking for one with the right amount of coverage, that wouldn’t break me out, had staying power, and doesn’t settle into fine lines. I was reading positive reviews for this particular BB Cream, so I decided to try this out and Im so glad I did!The little tube is super cute and small enough to throw in your purse.I was a little worried when I opened it and the color seemed like it was going to be much too dark for my pale skin with yellow undertones. However, I was instantly surprised as I applied it with my fingers and it seemed to lighten up and blend flawlessly into my skin! The consistency is a bit more like a foundation than the previous products I had tried, yet it didn’t feel as heavy as a foundation once applied, nor did it LOOK like foundation on my skin. The coverage is excellent and has a matte powder finish that doesn’t look caked on. The result was baby soft skin!I was happy to find that it did have a yellow undertone. Most of the BB Creams I’ve tried had pink undertones and made my skin more orange looking.I set it with translucent powder and went out for the night. I was surprised that I didn’t need ANY touch ups after hours of wear. I kept checking and my skin looked bright, clear, poreless, and hadn’t settled into any fine lines!I removed it with one makeup remover wipe, instead of the two (or sometimes 3) it takes to remove regular foundation completely, and my skin felt clean and soft.I’ve been using it for about a week now and my skin is looking so much healthier. I also switched to a filtered shower head so Im sure that is also contributing to my skin looking healthier as well.All in all, Im super impressed with this BB Cream!I’d say the ONLY complaint I have is that it does contain parabens.If I happen to find one that doesn’t and performs like this one I may switch, but if not I will definitely be repurchasing despite the parabens.

Josefina Bainbridge, NY

Not what I was looking for.

I had never used a BB cream and I liked the reviews for this product. However it is not for me. I have very fair skin and it was a little dark for me, even after giving it plenty of time to blend in. It also caused me to break out pretty badly by the end of the first day I used it. It’s not all bad, I’m still using it under my eyes because it hydrates quite nicely and my concealer balances out it’s darkness.

Desiree Woolwich, ME

decent product

I initially wrote a review and I am now updating it since I’ve been using this BB cream for a few weeks.I am fair skinned, and although the color seems dark when it comes out of the tube, the color matches really well to my skin tone after applying it.I have tried 5 different BB creams, and this one offers the best coverage by far. It’s not thick- I’d say a medium coverage- I still need to apply concealer on my under eye circles and blemishes, but overall the coverage is great and it really evens out my skin tone without looking cakey or unnatural. A little goes a long way, and I find that I get the best results by using my fingers to apply it.This definitely has a scent. It’s nice, and wears off slowly (I don’t notice it at all after an hour or so).I have naturally oily skin. After about 4-6 hours of wearing this, I notice that my face feels oily, however when I look in the mirror, it does NOT look oily. I guess that’s a good thing! It didn’t make me break out at first, but after wearing it for a few weeks, I have noticed little breakouts all over my face. I have to assume it’s from this product since I haven’t started using any other new products lately.All in all, I probably wouldn’t purchase this product again, only because it makes me break out, and contains several preservatives and chemicals that are linked to health problems (I found this out after researching the product after I bought it). I’ll still continue to use it until it’s gone, but I won’t leave it on my face all day- I’ll maybe wear it if I’m running a few errands or whatever, and be sure I’m able to wash it off my face within a few hours.

Leslie Woodlawn, TX

dont buy it

i reed a lot of review. but non said it was a really hard to come off. i put it on my skin and it hurts so bad. sames like i was on fire. dont buy it any more

Kimberly Jamesville, NY

Turned my face gray

I’m a medium skin caucasian female. I was under the impression that this wouldn’t tint my face too much. Now I look like a zombie. If I enjoyed looking like a zombie I would probably rate this 5 stars because the coverage is nice and even. I’ll settle for 3 stars because I understand that people in korea want a light skin look as opposed to a sun kissed look, but this will serve as a reminder to white american girls like me who just wanted a little BB cream in their life. Don’t buy this brand. Don’t do it. Not unless it’s halloween.

Britney Patterson, IA


Great coverage, however, it doesn’t match my fair skin tone. I’m a little confused as to how all the other fair-skinned reviewers are saying that it matches theirs, because it’s way too “tan” for me. And I’m not ghostly porcelain white either. I waited for it to oxidize and match my skin tone like other BB creams tend to do, but it never did. I’ll probably end up keeping it though, because it shipped from who-knows-where in Korea, and I’d rather not deal with the hassle of trying to ship it back. I can always mix it with a lighter colored foundation, but in my opinion, for what it costs (and for how small the bottle is), one shouldn’t have to do that. I’ll stick with my favorite BB cream, which is SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function ( Pink Label ) SPF25 PA++ 40g.

Charlene Hastings, IA

truly a work horse

after a couple of failed (and somewhat costly) experiences with American BB creams that made me look like an oil slick and were really just glorified tinted sun screen, i did some research. i found out that although BB cream was invented by a German, it was perfected by the Koreans and the Japanese and had been in use there for decades. i looked around for what would be my best bet and ran across Holika Holika. it seemed to have the most bang for the buck, so i tried it.after using this product the pores on my nose really do look smaller, i don’t need translucent powder in the morning at all, and some days i don’t even need to paper-blot or powder in the afternoon. that’s a small miracle as i am the crowned queen of shine. it’s also hydrating enough that i don’t need to use any moisturizer except for around the eyes and dryer areas on the sides of my face near my ears.i’m of mostly british/french descent and have very fair skin with pink undertones. although the cream initially looks like it would be too dark when i first pump it out of the tube, once applied it lightens up and gives my skin a healthy glow.highly recommended for the oily lot who don’t like to layer product upon product to perfect the look of their skin.

Beulah West Union, OH

koreans perfected BB cream long ago

I’m going to start by saying that I have sensitive/combination skin. Though that doesn’t really seem like it exists, it definitely exists. I have used practically every acne cleanser out there (all natural soaps from Thailand, Singapore, Cleansers from France, Germany, America, cheap stuff, expensive stuff, kits, over the counter and prescription stuff) in hopes that something out there will finally save me from my own face. But, nothing ever did. So, for the last 11 years, I have been caking my skin with all different types of makeup products in hopes that I can look in the mirror and kind of feel normal.[Side note: after getting the CO2 Laser Treatment done on my skin I realized it made my skin slightly more sensitive than before. Makeup, toner, cleansers, treatment, etc. I used prior to treatment are now too harsh for my skin.]BB Cream – Holika Holika: Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream with Tea Tree Oil and Sebum Control Powder – Made in Korea: My youngest sisters are huge K-POP fans. They talk highly of South Korea and it’s advancements all the time. Today, I am sitting at 4 months post procedure and I’m still struggling to find a foundation that 1) is kind to my skin 2) won’t make me break out 3) doesn’t feel like I’ve been wearing it for 24 hours when it’s only been on for 3. Well, I was until today. A couple of days ago I decided to give BB cream another chance but this time I looked to the other end of the earth. I looked on amazon and found many, MANY positive reviews on Korean cosmetics. I found the Holika Holika BB Cream with Tea Tree Oil and here is what I have to say:Surprisingly amazing coverage. Though I have had laser on my skin done, I do have some red scarring from acne appearing afterwards. This covers them very very well.It comes in a small tube (about 1 Fl. Oz) but a little goes a long way!! I used a pea sized amount and was successfully able to cover my entire face! I looked clean and fresh. (Reviews on said the same which is one of the biggest reasons why I chose to give this cream a chance)The cream smells good in my opinion. It smells exactly how a cream should smell. That nice, sweet, lotion smell. Not the smothered in perfumes, "i’m going to clog your pores!" smell.It contains tea tree oil. Ever since I had to stop using BP 2.5%, because it became too harsh for my skin to handle, tea tree oil and I have become best of friends (I dilute it with my Thayers Witch Hazel Oil every morning after cleansing and night before bed as a toner). I’ve never encountered a makeup containing tea tree oil.It doesn’t have the "i’m wearing makeup" feel to it. Normally after spending about 5 minutes gently applying my foundation it only takes my skin a couple of minutes to notice it’s there and start irritating me. This BB cream left my skin feeling the same amazing, fresh, gentle, soft feel I get every night after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Normally, at the end of the day, I can’t wait to wash my face but this cream makes me feel fresh and clean for hours.SPF 30. Post-procedure I am required to wear sunscreen. Unfortunately, I tried a few tinted sunscreens provided to my by Harmony Laser Center and they were all just too greasy for me and most foundations do not contain a high SPF (at least not in my experience)For a cream perfected by South Korea in 1985, I’d trust them any day over Olay, Rimmel, Maybelline, companies only adding the product to their line recently. If you’re struggling to find a good BB cream, give this one a go. Read the reviews and see what you think. I paid $11.40 for it on Amazon and I couldn’t be happier. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Marylou Rappahannock Academy, VA


This product is nice. It goes on very light but does turn skin tone color after a minute or so but only if you aré very fair, which I am. I wish it was a tad darker to more of a light shade, not very light.

Kari Beaver Creek, MN

A nice BB cream, not orange or oily

I have very sensitive, problematic skin that doesn’t do well with most makeups. I’ve tried powders, liquid foundations, the “mousse” style whipped foundations, and all leave me with unhappy skin. Very shiny in my t-zone, small breakouts along my hair and jawline, and I still can’t seem to get the coverage I want to even out my undereye circles or my slight redness.I bought this BB cream based on other reviews, and the good price. I’ve been pleased with it so far. I do use a moisturizer underneath as my skin aside from my t-zone is generally dry, and I don’t seem to have any issues. This nicely keeps my t-zone matte, but doesn’t dry out the rest of my skin. I’ve also not had much in the way of breakouts, either. I usually don’t get huge cluster breakouts or anything, but a small whitehead here or there, and I haven’t had any since I started using this cream.I’m very fair-skinned and ruddy (blonde haired and blue eyed), so I was sort of worried about how grey the product appeared, but it really does even out to a natural skin tone over about 10 minutes. It covers up and blends out my redness completely. I do still have a bit of trouble with my undereye circles, but I’m convinced at this point that nothing can truly get rid of them.I like this cream mostly because of it’s simplicity. I’m not a huge girly girl, so I don’t like big fancy routines, but this keeps things simple while keeping me looking relatively good. I’d definitely recommend it.

Maryann Bryant, AR

Pretty good, but a little weird at first.

Like others have said, just a dab’ll do ya with this stuff. I’m very pale, and this blends nicely with my skin tone. It gets a little caked inside my pores, but that’s not terribly noticeable. My 3 year-old son likes to sniff my face when I wear it because it has a very pleasant perfume-y smell, but this might not be good for someone with allergies or sensitive skin. I expect it will take me a very long time to go through this tube, so I feel it was a good value.

Robert Stambaugh, MI

It’s pretty good.. I don’t have any negative opinions for this product.

Shipping was acceptable considering it came from Asia. Packaging was good no leaks from the product. I received a free sample, so that was a plus. Now for the review of this product the coverage was good on the fact that my skin was never bad to start with. It is rather a bit darker since I am really fair. The consistency was more smooth then watery. It applied really well to the skin. The smell is great. After a few hours of wearing it I noticed my oily nose and t-zone was under control. So I was really impressed. As for anything negative about this product I can’t really say it has one in my opinion.

Sophie New Kingstown, PA

Would be wonderful for medium skin tones.

This product was, like almost all BB creams for me, a very sad purchase: the things it does well, it does very, very well – but then it’ll have something that just absolutely doesn’t work.I got this one because the last one I got broke me out pretty badly, so I wanted one that…you know…wouldn’t do that. On that front, this cream is all aces. You wouldn’t think it’d be like that either, because it’s weirdly tacky; you could go swimming in this and your face wouldn’t get wet. Water just beads up on it and slides right off. But, again, it did improve my skin, so do with that what you will.But it’s also rather yellow. I have red hair and pale skin, and I loooove how most BB creams are whiteners, because that matches my skin better than any other makeup I’ve come across. This one has ample yellow undertones though, so I can’t really wear it without looking bizarre.

Annette Clemons, IA

Great, but not for oily skin

I really like this BB cream. I have dry-to-normal skin with more acne marks than I’d like right now, but this BB cream is thick enough to cover most acne scars and redness. It’s also yellow-based, so if your skin looks a bit pink, it will cancel out that pinkness. It’s also very small – it’s travel sized – so it’s good for lugging around in your purse.Coverage: Medium. While it won’t cover everything (it doesn’t cover my dark circles) it will cover most imperfections and even out your skin tone. It’s a thick cream, so you need to really warm it up and apply it in thin layers. I use a buffing brush to work it into my skin.How long it lasts: This lasts for several hours on my semi-dry skin. It has a tendency to oil up on my chin and forehead (I usually don’t get oily, so this is odd) after a few hours of wear, so it probably isn’t a good match for oily skin types. Just use a blotting sheet or use translucent powder to take away the shine and you’re good to go.Value: This is probably one of the cheapest BB creams around, and it actually outperforms BB creams I paid over $40 for. So…good buy!

Octavia Nondalton, AK

Great product, love it more than American BB creams

Great product, love it more than American BB creams–but it can be a little drying/lead to cracking once it sets so keep an eye on that when using powder.

Shelly Holliston, MA

It’s hard to find a good BB.

This is a very thick BB cream, medium coverage, a bit difficult to blend, a very light natural sweet fragrance, soft and doesn’t clog my pores, a light shade with yellow undertones but a cool hue. You will need a powder in your skin tone to even out any numbing hues. I got a free sample of etude house nymph aura volumer, blended it with this BB and it made it a tad better and hydrating.I also got a sample of the Lioele beyond the solution, it was actually pretty good and what I may try next! I already tried triple the solution (not so great.) Overall this is a nice BB cream to try!

Gina Moundsville, WV


This is a good color for pale skin. It feels good. I don’t know about the pore clearing, but I think I prefer this to my MISSHA and Dr. Jart BB creams, and this is cheaper.

Jessie Jefferson, MD

Moderate coverage

This provides moderate coverage — it’s not as thick as the "Clearing" version of the same brand, and doesn’t cover redness as well. It does smell pretty good, with a light floral scent. Overall, not a bad product, and I enjoy it for light everyday coverage.

Arlene Fullerton, NE

loved it!

my bottle is half gone, and i decided to wait a little to write a review to see how my skin would react to this bb cream. i had no break outs whatsoever and i love the smell of this bb cream!! smells fruity. i have to say that it was a bit paler than my skin tone but since winter has started, it’s starting to match it. thank you! will purchase again in the future.

Colette Bybee, TN

Pretty good, kinda cakey and takes a while to oxidize.

I am a guy and I wanted something that would control oil production, reduce blotchiness and redness, hide acne, and most importantly look unnoticeable. This did some of that:Pros:-Covered all blemishes-Controlled oil/sebum production, especially when paired with the Skindinavia No More Shine setting spray-Matched my skin tone after oxidation-Easily applied with hands (make sure to press with palms–the warmth sets it better)Cons:-Takes like 1 hour – 1.5 hours to oxidize (set in/match skin tone/get rid of gray cast)-If my skin is not the perfect balance between damp and dry, this begins to cake-Inconvenient: I can’t wake up 1-2 hours earlier than usual just to wait for it to set-Too much coverage, and I have tried putting just a little, but it’s hard to spread/blend (maybe I’m just inexperienced)-I look kind of weird with this on because it looks like powder foundation after like 5 hours and that is REALLY embarrassing (it shouldn’t be but it is…)I’m going to instead try tinted moisturizer, since that is supposed to be a step down in terms of coverage. I didn’t know if I should rate it good or bad since it’s just not right for me, but I think it did its job *almost* perfectly.Um tips I guess:-Set with setting spray-Mist throughout the day to avoid cakiness-Blot with Clean & Clear blotting sheets (the only ones that work–seriously)-Maybe switch those last 2 steps-If you’re a guy, just know that ***it is noticeable.***-If it looks great in fluorescent lighting and incandescent lighting… just wait until that sun hits you (JUST TOP ME WITH FROSTING BECAUSE THIS CAKE IS CAKEY)-I mean it’s not super cakey it’s just that, since I wanted it to be invisible, but it wasn’t, so I was sad, but if you’re a girl I wouldn’t blink twice at something like this, but if you’re a guy I would just get excited that you’re brave enough to try that out but I would definitely notice it on you and be scared that people would bully/make fun of you, not that I was made fun of but three people said something like "For a second I thought you were wearing makeup" or like "Are you wearing foundation" and that essentially just made me cry internally and sulk for the whole day-remove with those Pond’s wipes because those are totally cool-don’t use so much omg

Eddie Babson Park, FL


It is a sorta greyish color and makes my skin appear darker. Overall not a big fan at all really.

Angelica Narragansett, RI

The best BB cream for oil skin

I have fair skin and it is the perfect shade for me. I really love the fact that it is for oily, acne prone skin. Since I’ve started using it, my breakouts have decreased tremendously. The bottles are very small, but a little goes a long way. You only need about a pea size amount to give ample coverage. I just ordered two more bottles!

Tameka Converse, LA

Perfect color and texture for me.

I’m of Scots-Irish decent and have the kind of pale complexion that goes directly to burned and peeling in the sun and doesn’t tan even a little bit on the way. I tried half a dozen US BB creams in their lightest shade and I looked orange. This BB is actually light enough to match my skin tone.I really like the higher SPF. It’s sufficient for everyday and I only have to put on a dedicated sunscreen if I’m going to be outside for awhile. If it were only a 15 SPF, like some other BBs, I’d have to double up everyday.It’s got a good level of coverage. For me it’s enough to reduce my dark circles, even out my redness, and make my acne scar less noticeable–but you can still see some color through it so it looks natural without additional blush/highlighting–like you’d need to make heavy foundation look natural.Texture-wise, I like it. It’s moisturizing enough to go on smoothly but not so much to be oily or make me break out. I have combination skin that leans a little more toward the oily side (and I live in a humid climate), and for me this product dries matte, lasts all day, and I can’t feel it at all. If you have dry or very oily skin, you may want a different formula. Everyone is different for their level of moisture needs. I also tried the orange label of this brand and it was too oily and gave me zits at home, but when I visited a friend in Colorado the weather was really dry, I needed a heavier moisturizer, and it was perfect.

Amalia Covington, OK

My favorite BB cream

This smells so good and only a dab actually covers all the imperfections to you face. I don’t wear that much make up and this BB cream works wonders. I highly recommended it.

Justine Kent, OH

Best BB cream I have tried

Stop buying American BB and CC creams.. it’s such a waste of money and time. You can spend a few minutes on the internet researching what kind of BB cream is suitable for your skin and buy a Korean cream that is 10x better than anything at a Walgreens or Walmart. This cream took a while to be delivered, which is understandable it had to be shipped from across the world. I am olive complected and this color is perfect for me. When you first put it on the skin it looks very light, but that is only because there is SPF in the cream 🙂 After you blend it in with your fingers, a sponge or a brush it should look much better. This stuff feels SO light on the skin and it smells nice. It has great coverage for a BB and it’s super smooth on the skin. It’s not too oily like some of the creams I have tried in the past and it blends easily with other makeup. I have super sensitive skin and this does not give me any flare ups or rashes. Over all great product and I will purchase from this seller again!

Jodie Sun Valley, ID

A bit darker than I expected

I’m fairly pale and I expected this asian BB cream to be pretty light, but unfortunately it was a bit too dark for me. I enjoyed the consistency and the fact that it has tea tree oil in it. It lasted fairly well on me, but I used a powder with it to make it set for longer.I wound up giving it to a friend who is a couple shades darker than I.

Dorothy Pollock Pines, CA