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Holika Holika Aqua Petit jelly BB Cream 40ml #1

Fully water-charged Aqua Petite Jelly! Jelly BB Makes moist and bouncy jelly skin Has jelly texture that helps apread evenly and perfect for covering up facial blemishes. Mint water hydrates facial skin, and marine jelly complex makes soft and bouncy skin.

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  • Holika Holika Aqua Petti jelly BB Cream 40ml #1

Honest reviews


OMG I love it!

I am in love with this bb cream!I purchased this on Sep. 2012 and I have been using this bb cream about almost two months and here are my honest review.Please enjoy!- Cute bottle- color #2 and only come with one size which is 40ml- Little goes long way- Water based- Can use as make up base- No gray or white cast- Yellow undertone- Matte finish- Great for NC 15~25 ( If you are NC 30 up you can use this bb cream as make up base)- Wont dry up the skin- SPF 20!- Light to medium coverage- 4~6 hours without oily-shine on face- won’t clog the pores- I feel my skin can breath!And OMG I really love love it!

Socorro Port Hueneme, CA

This is the neutral beige one.

I was sent the wrong color and had to reorder the right color. I will say this BB offers nice coverage, a little goes a long way. It’s light and doesn’t have a crazy smell! Cute packaging. Tons of product! Nice heavy glass container. I don’t know how this would do travel wise but I’m sure I will reorder when I run out. Three start rating for receive the pink based color instead of the Yellow based one I need!

Bernadine Ormond Beach, FL

No Problems With My Allergies

I am allergic to most things. The majority of BB creams I’ve tried have an odd odor that bothers me. This one has almost no odor and doesn’t set off my allergies at all. It has a nice smooth coverage, is a lot of product for the money, and doesn’t bother my rosacea. I also like the fact that the first ingredient is titanium dioxide, a non-chemical sunscreen that, according to, is not absorbed into the skin. AND the bottle is cute- icing on the cake!

Hallie Martelle, IA

Do you hate foundations? Then, use this.

This product, I’ve using many BB creams and foundations, but this is the perfect I ever used. I also using Etude Precious Mineral BB cream too, but this product is just good as Etude House’s BB cream. The cool feeling after I apply this cream onto my face is so great too. It covers most of your pores, and other troubles. It stays on your face about 4-5 hours. I have oily face, have some pimples but this BB Cream hides those acnes perfectly.

Fanny Surry, ME

Cakes Up

I heard so many good reviews on this from youtube beauty gurus. However, I found it too light for my skin tone and it caked up on my face.

Anastasia Thetford, VT

Summery color!

I have pale skin and this is a very cute color! It’s a little bit dark for my skin, but nothing a little bit of white foundation doesn’t fix. It dries very fast and is very matte. It holds even after I’ve exercised and sweat like crazy. I was really surprised!

Martina Bascom, OH


great coverage, good for your skin and keeps my skin matte all day long. It makes my skin look flawless! I love this stuff! I tried it and then went and bought three more bottles so that I don’t run out. Its better for your skin and cheaper than these overpriced american brands. You really can’t go wrong.

Carey Carthage, MS

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

This is a great BB cream. I’ve tried many kinds and the Holika Holika Aqua Jelly has become my new favorite. Using a brush, or wet sponge/beauty blender is probably the easiest way to apply this BB cream unless you can move quickly with your fingers. I would compare the cream to Lioele Water Drop Blemish Balm Cream because both creams feel so lightweight that you can’t feel it on your skin. However, Lioele has almost no coverage; it can only help cover pores and minimize minor blemishes. The Aqua Jelly has decent coverage for pores, acne scars and redness but you will still need a concealer if you have pimples you want to hide completely. The only cons I found is that the texture is not easy to spread and dries extremely fast. Also, you must moisturize well especially if you have dry skin or you risk looking chalky or having dry patches highlighted. I still like this BB cream even with these cons because it feels more like a skin care product than other BB creams out there. It works well on top of a moisturizing makeup base.Update: I experimented with different ways to use this BB cream; I found that mixing this with Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer yields the best results. The Nymph Aura Volumer is oily and it worked great with the Aqua Jelly. The mixture creates a more dewy finish. I used a ratio of 1:4 (Aura Volumer to Aqua Jelly).

Mildred Grass Valley, CA

drying, abnormally white

I had higher expectations for this product. I have very, very fair skin (I have trouble finding foundation pale enough to match my skin tone) that is sensitive and usually oily in the T-zone, and after reading the reviews I thought this would be the product I had been searching for. After applying, my skin began to flake and looked like I had painted my face with white paint. Also, I know the texture is supposed to be "jelly-like," but it much more resembled curdled milk (ick). I definitely would not recommend this product unless you have extremely oily skin and are actually Casper the Ghost.

Constance Lawton, OK

Natural blendable light

Very fast shipping and delivery, product arrived with box crushed, but doesn’t matter since the bottle and sponge are ok. Well at least I don’t mind. Very light shade with easy blending texture, medium coverage ideal for natural nude makeup, non greasy and matches skin. I have tried Dior BB cream, smash box CC cream… but I can see myself using this one for a long time since I decided to give my skin a break : )

Leona Davis Wharf, VA

Feels good

I had been looking for something that feels lighter and better than foundation, but stills gives a good level of coverage, and I found it with this.It feels neat when you put it on your skin; it’s like it turns into water as you rub it on! It was a little tricky to figure out how to put it on at first. I tried to use a brush, then a makeup sponge, but hands are definitely the best tools for this stuff (just be sure to wash your hands before AND after if you decide to do this as well). I was actually surprised by the level of coverage this has. I still need to use a little bit of concealer in places where I am very red or have a breakout here or there, but not very much.The only con I have is that it does smell a bit perfumey, so if that is something that irritates your skin then I suggest you try something else. Overall though I really dig it. 🙂

Jana Lorentz, WV

made me look undead

I have oil prone very fair porcelain skin. I ordered This product in #2; It dries very very quickly and is very hard to spread out. I enjoyed the way it made my skin a little bit lighter, but in certain lights it seriously looked like I was wearing clown makeup. This product also settled into my fine lines.The benefits here were that it did a fairly good job at controlling oil, and there is a TON of product. I used it for a few weeks and it looked completely untouched. While I did not like it, I gave it to my also fair/oily skinned bf and she loves it.I also tried the Holika Holika Clearing BB alongside this one and I enjoy it much more. It’s way easier to apply, the oil control is better, it doesn’t make me look like I’m dead, and it does not settle into my fine lines. It does not come with near as much product, but it is usually a little cheaper so that’s not a big deal.

Sharlene Chatawa, MS

Very light

I have oily, NC 25 ish skin and this gives me a pale cast. It applies dry and patchy so I can’t even use it as a highlight/contour color. It is jelly like in texture but feels cornstarch-like on my skin. It does have a mild cooling feel. I just wish that it worked on me. Lighter, very oily skinned girls may fare better. For now I will stick to my Missha Perfect Cover

Karina Geneva, GA

Light feel, great coverage

This BB is light as air, smells fantastic and covers my skin perfectly. It doesn’t take a lot to cover, especially if you use the sponge it comes with (or your favorite beauty sponge). To get the most out of your makeup, you should make sure that you have a great skincare regimen in the first place. If you’re not using the right cleanser, and moisturizer you’re not going to be as pleased with ANY makeup you pick. Take care of your skin and use quality products that are appropriate for your skin type and you’ll have much better results with your makeup. I will definitely buy this BB cream again.

Julianne Whitestone, NY

Works well for dry skin.

I have extremely dry skin where foundation or even tinted moisturizer cause cakeyness and dry patches. I recently changed up my skincare so my skin is less dry and switching to using bb creams but I still get the occasional dry patch. This product however did not dry me out, it is light and Telly and went on smooth. I apply three 2 inches swatch on my forehead cheeks and two 2 inches swatch on my chin, then I use a small stippling brush to evenly distribute it on my entire face then use a wet sponge to pat it on. The end result is flawless skin. It will stay flawless for a good 4 hours then it gets sparse around the nose and settles in the crease but people don’t look at you that up close you just need a touch up.

Jimmie Barclay, MD

Great product!! Definitely Recommended!

This is the second BB cream I’ve purchased and I wore it only once but will definitely use again! This product is great, good coverage and best of all is this product feels very light/soft on the skin and it doesn’t have this caked-on layer that makes it seem overdone. It looks very natural on the face, which is why I love this product. I’m amazed how this product makes my face look so much prettier as a whole; I don’t have the best skin but I only have a few very tiny acne blemishes on my face, they are barely noticeable- the first BB cream I’ve used doesn’t seem to make much difference on my face, but this product is excellent! Highly recommended!

Georgina Hanover, MD