Hobe Naturals Vitamin E Oil, 7,500 IU, 4 Ounce

Our 100% pure enriched vitamin E oil helps provide anti-aging protection against fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. Infused with hydrating safflower oil and lemon oil, Hobe Naturals Vitamin E Oil improves skin elasticity and fights against free radical damage, leaving skin looking healthier and more youthful.

Key features

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Antioxidant protection against fine lines and wrinkles
  • Non-sticky formula

Honest reviews


Great additive to lotion!

I am one who likes to tinker and tweak with my skin care products depending on the weather and condition of my skin. In winter I’ve been adding 3-4 drops of this and a dime size dribble of glycerine to my regular body lotion and I love it. The bottle drips from the cap a bit so I transferred some into an empty eye drops bottle and now it dispenses easily and drip free.

Staci Elmwood, MA

Great preservative!

Use as a preservative in homemade mixes. No issues. None of my mixes have gone bad, but I only mix as needed and use them pretty fast.

Brandie Colome, SD

I Like Vitamin E Oil!

Great for adding to your own oil formularies or/and naturally extending the life of your homemade products containing aloe vera or water…Natural Vitamin E Oil stimulates collagen, helps to fade dark spots and blemish marks (over time) and even softens fine lines and wrinkles. And layered under Jojoba or Coconut oil leaves skin O-So-Soft!!It is an awesome product, but make sure you buy real vitamin E oil and not the synthetic..I really like this natural vitamin E oil a lot, but I hate the teensy-weensy sizes of the bottles.(On a side note, if you are in need of bulk oils you can try:Fromnaturewithlove.com or Mountainroseherbs.com )Hope this helps!Overall a really nice product.Grade: B+ or Four Stars!

Rachael Kelton, PA

I love this oil!

I use this oil for skin care and lotion making. It has a nice feel on the skin, and has a faint citrus smell (orange? lemon?). Not enough to mess up my lotions, but enough to smell nice when you put it on your skin directly.

Terry Flora, MS

Great product for the price!

Not as thick as some more expensive brands, but works well and the price is right. Gave it a four because my bottle fell over sideways, and it leaked out of the top, so be sure to keep it upright at all times.

Liza Whiteland, IN

Thumbs up

I love vitamin e oil and this item is great. I have no complaints at all and it has lasted for a while.

Bridget Tavares, FL

All i smell is lemons tho

product says 100% vitamin e oil, but i smelled lemons. saw that the ingredients had vitamin e oil, lemon oil, and sunflower oil.It does absorb fast and surprisingly it does not leave a greasy feeling. it feels lightweight. I like it, however, I had to give it four stars bc I thought the ingredients contained only vitamin e.

Candice Amelia, NE

Good Stuff!

Works for what I need it to. Moisturing in other carrier oils for the hair and body, but I use it as a preservative in my body butters. So far so good!

Cheri East Liberty, OH

Great product!!!

Fast Shipment!!! Works great combine with other products !!!! I would defininely recommend.to friends and family to use for any at home remedies !! Is great in making at home lotions, hair treatments, or facial treaments!!!

Candy Bronxville, NY