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HM 500 FULL COVER False Nails, Clear

500 FULL COVER False Nails

Key features

  • 50 Tips in each size 0-9, 500 pcs totally. Full Well.
  • High standard ABS plastic for professional use.
  • Suitable for use with gel, acrylic or fibreglass applications.
  • Each size is separately packaed in pre-numbered bag
  • Color: Clear

Honest reviews


NOT full cover nails!

Don’t order this if expecting to be full cover nails to just glue, paint and wear. They are tips and very disappointed with the purchase.

Callie Mineral, IL

Fake nails 🙂

They are exactly what I expected.. 500 clear fake nails.. and they come in their own separate bags that are all numbered so you can easily find out what size you’ll need! I would deff recommend these to anyone, and will buy them again when I run out of nails 🙂

Terra Clark Mills, NY

well, not the right thing!

i ordered these to do amazing nail art without having to worry about my dominant hand looking like poop. if i did all 10 nails and glues them on, they’d be perfectly fine every time, right? Instead of giving me full cover nails, i got tips. i cant use tips because i don’t have acrylic to even out the bump it leaves… i’m really disappointed that i spent all that money on these when they sell REAL full cover nails at the drug store for just a little more. i will never buy from this seller again because they obviously don’t read what they’re supposed to ship before they just throw something random in the bag and send it overseas. DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU WANT FULL COVER NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonia Rushford, NY

Love it!

To clarify some confusion: these are full-cover nails. Not tips.Anyway, I’m actually quite pleased with these nails! They’re strong enough to endure, but also flexible enough to conform to your nail beds (comfortable). I couldn’t be happier with the quality and will certainly be purchasing them again.Please note: these are shipped from China and will take time to be delivered. With that said, mine arrived way before the estimated delivery date.

Annette Branchville, VA

Decent, but Color Issues

The nails are fair quality, but I had expected it to be less “white” and more “natural” in color. It’s pretty opaque for me, so I can only use it by coloring the entire fake-nail – unless I want the “nail bed” to be milky white.Overall, not bad for what it is.UPDATEI went back and ordered a set of clear nails, but it came from a different seller. I’m rather dissatisfied, as my order states that I chose CLEAR, but I received vibrant white nails. I have contacted the seller and I hope to get this issue resolved.The quality is as decent as the previous order, but buyers should keep in mind: nail color issues seem to be a trend when buying fake nails online.

Josefa Tunica, LA


Not sure. If what I get, is what is what is pictured, I will be extremely happy and will change rrating to reflect this.

Lara Wanamingo, MN

These nails are not natural

These nails are WHITE, not natural like in the picture. But I use them as my display nails for my nail art designs.

Maude Brevard, NC

A lot for a little

All I can say is wow all these nails for such a small cost and the shipping was like a day! I love that. Others said these nails were tips but I don’t get why they r full cover nails. Very pleased and will order again

Katrina Hundred, WV

Go acrylic

I thought these would be an easy way to do my nails but they only last a few days before they start splitting down the middle.

Sherri Lyons, NY


I ordered these in hopes of getting 500 FULL COVER nails. No, I got 500 NAIL TIPS! Not only that but I got #0-#8 (two bags of number 8, NO NUMBER 9!!!) I’m so disappointed. If you are looking for FULL cover nails DO NOT BUY THESE.

Maude Maricopa, AZ

I love it

AMAZING, clear perfect for france nails, nice material, i love it ( las recomiendo económicas y muy buenas, ideales para uñas francesas)

Millicent Mottville, NY


There are so many nails and they are greatly organized! So worth the money!. I use these so much now!

Willie Lower Waterford, VT

Opaque Nails

These nails are incredibly sturdy, they are very long which I understand is how similar products come as well, but the shape is way too off, and they are extremely thick. Only use if your are a professional.

Odessa Calvin, ND

Good buy.

Good quality. Super long so if your into that their good. I recommend using super glue rather than nail glue. They stay on longer. (;

Elma Damon, TX

Great for the price!

these nails are awesome! they are long, just how I like them. I don’t cut them since I like my fake nails long. These are the perfect nails to buy if you are a new fake nail user so you can practice. They do take long to arrive since they come from China. These are not tips, these are the type of nails that are full coverage. So you glue these as close as possible to your cuticle.

Adela Gould City, MI


when i got these i was excited…untill i tried them….out of all of the nails i got only 3 sizes fit me. waste of money.

Holly Potosi, WI

Not whats in the picture!

The nails I ordered are the clearish white nails, but what I received are these White-Yellow non transparent nails. They also had these little black pieces of I-Don’t-Even-Know-What on some of them. That was really weird to me and I probably wont be making more purchases from them anymore.

Lee Larwill, IN

Like the clear nails.

LIKE T Like clear much more than white.HIS PRODUCT< Wish the nails were more shaped like my nail beds, bit not bad, would buy again. Like clear much more than white.

Florence Siluria, AL


So many nails in great condition!Good quality, came earlier then expected, and I’m very pleased!Thanks so much, and I recommend this product!

Harriett Sandston, VA

They do the job.

So many sizes. They look great. For the price, it honestly can not be beat. They fall off after like 3 days, but that’s probably just the glue. Honestly, I think this will last me a long long time! My friends come over, and we do eachothers nails. The biggest size is waaaay to big for me, and the smallest size is waaaay to small for me. But that doesn’t matter, because I did an 11 year old’s nails, and they used the smaller sizes! So all in all, this is great. Especially for sharing.

Katelyn Hermosa, SD

Love them!

Exactly what I wanted…clear full cover nails, long but easily trimmed, sturdy enough for daily wear and all in nice little bags that are numbered. Wonderful nails

Consuelo Norwalk, OH

Love These

For the price I can do my nails as much as I want. Since I am allergic to acrylic nails all of a sudden, I was missing having nice nails . The only thing I have noticed is if you use acetone on them to remove polish they get weak , but I keep mine on the shorter side so it is no big deal.

Marjorie Bonnots Mill, MO


these are what i was looking for. they came in little bags with the numbers on then and they are great must buy.

Pamala Erieville, NY

wonderful product

cant say enough great things about the overall satisfaction and quality of this product. I bought for my 14 yr old daughter. very happy and will do business again!

Carol Clermont, GA

Clear! Great!

I don’t know what I will do with 500 nails, as I use my hands in such a way that artificial nails will pop off, but this was such a great buy. They are perfect for the prop I will be creating. Love it!

Ebony Wapwallopen, PA

Great tips

These are great tips. Great price. They work well and are strong. I prefer these over other styles of tips I have used. I am very satisfied.

Cleo Laotto, IN

Very square

The corners (that go at your nail base) are very square, but with a little filing they fit just fine.They don’t hold up that well, but for the price & quantity, I can’t knock them that much!I use them a lot, it’s nice to be able to change my nails frequently.Great for pre-painting & gluing on (I add several coats of nail resin, set with activator spray, to strengthen them after gluing them to my natural nail).

Melody Alexandria, PA


The amount of false nails you get and for the price, come on, it’s a no brainer! I love them!

Louise Northport, WA

great nails

Thankyou for these amazing nails I love them so much and now have have nails to do my designs on (: thanks

Mollie Lake Nebagamon, WI


At first there was a little issue, but the seller immediately fixed everything. These fit very well. I love them. I got all the correct sizes, and they came ahead of time.

Roberta White River, SD