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High Frequency D’arsonval Professional Grade Device with Argon Electrodes

The device working principle is high frequency alternative current 200000 cycles per second. It is so rapid it does not stimulate motor or sensory nerves. Professional Grade High Frequency D’Arsonval device allows to perform two methods of HF applications: direct and indirect. Professinal High Frequency Portable device has on/off intensity regulator, a plastic handle and a selection of 7 glass electrodes which fit into the handle and come in different shapes and sizes: saturator electrode (this electrode is used for indirect high frequency and is held by client to complete the circuit), mushroom shaped electrode (the most frequently used electrode), horse shoe-shaped electrode (shaped to fit the neck and large areas), fulgulator electrode (rod shaped and used to spark pustules), the roller electrode (used over a special cream and gauze in direct high frequency).

Key features

  • Increase in circulation. Produces heat in the tissues, bringing nutrients to the area and removing waste.
  • Aids desquamation. Refines the skin. Produces an erythema. Improves skin colour.
  • Dries the skin. Helps to heal pustules.
  • Cleansing – due to the increase on sebum flow and perspiration. Germicidal – due to ozone formation which kills bacteria.

Honest reviews


Very Satisfied

Received item in 1 week, nothing missing, nothing broken.I love all the different electrodes I get. Here are my favorite ones:Mushroom: great for all around treatment.Spoon: for use around eyesRoller: works great on chest and up neckAngled Ballpoint: zit zapperRake: love to brush my hair/scalp with this. Hopefully I will notice a difference in hair length..Remember to always use an upward or circular motions. Remove all metal jewelry. Keep one finger on the electrode before coming in contact with the skin to neutralize the initial shock. Start on a low level before increasing strength. I turn it up until I hear a light electric sound. There is no need to be so aggressive at first, so see how your skin responds before increasing level. A low level goes a long way with this device.I spend no more than 5 minutes using it. Within a couple hours I notice a slight tightening, and my pimples looked less red. How much should you use it? Everyone is different, but as a general rule, the skin doesn’t like an excess of anything. I would say 2-3x a week at the most.There aren’t many instructional videos on youtube, but I enjoyed the video by BeautybyBernadette called "High Frequency Machine Review." It’s very basic but it gives you the low down.Enjoy and hope this review helps 🙂

Tommie Albia, IA

love it

This item is easy to use. I watched a couple youtube videos on how to perform the treatment. I just used it for the first time. I used a tissue to apply indirect current. You can definitely feel the current at the touch of the finger. I keep a finger on the glass when placing it on my face. the transfer is nice that way. This treatment is comfortable and doesn’t hurt at all. E packaged booklet helps determine what to use the electrode attachments for, but not really how long on each area. This comes in two plastic clip close containers. Arrived ion time.y fashiion and in tact.

Latisha Dedham, MA

Good product, it really does work

I actually have noticed my wife’s face being softer and less puffy and less wrinkley since using this product. I am always discouraging her from using chemical-laden cr*p on her face and body, so this was something she wanted to try, having seen the Dermawand ads on tv. My research indicated it might work so I bought it for her.She has used it for a couple months now and we are convinced it does work to make her face smoother, softer and more young looking (she’s 50 but looks like late 30’s; part of this is apparently genetics and good living but as I said, we have noticed an improvement since using this).The one thing she has said though, that does concern me, is that sometimes the unit has not worked at full power, that is it has acted as if it is failing. However next time she used it (each time) it was fine. I think it has a 6 month warranty though I’m not sure. I would hope to get at least a solid year out of it, for this price. We bought the professional one hoping it might last for years. However now we are worried that it might not last even a year. Time will tell.I will update this review if it does fail, and I will update it if it doesn’t, as well. You can assume if we have not updated this review, that it did not fail. We bought it around February of 2013.At this point my advice is to buy this if you want to make your face younger looking (and it is said that it also works wonders on acne).06/25/13Still going strong after 4 months or so… and my wife’s face does look younger.I might say that she (and I) is also using Watts natural hyarlaronic acid – available here at amazon – and I am using only that and I have noticed a difference in my face – younger looking (I’m 60). So I can’t be 100% sure her results aren’t just from that, but my sense is that it’s a combination of the two.

Keri Kent City, MI

Short cord

This is just what I needed, the only thing I would change is the cord, it is a little too short and all us professionals will need an extension cord, other than that is a perfect buy and great experience overall!

Aileen Gilberton, PA


I have been plagued with breakouts for more years than not. I’ve tried every cream, medication out there. I’ve spent thousands on facials and treatments. This machine works. I use it everyday and when I do breakout, the pimple is gone in a day or two instead of a week or two. It also helps control my oily skin and my skin texture has improved. I pick less because I have little to pick at. This is defiantly worth trying. I plan on taking it with me when I travel too. I will also cut back on facials at the salon. A real money saver.

Lenora Downingtown, PA

Great for acne!

I get hormonal acne that manifests in a miserably huge zit on my chin once a month that will stay for 2-3 weeks! Now, the moment I notice one coming, I grab the attachment that has the little ball on the end and zap it. I let it zap on there (yes it hurts, but only for a few seconds) for about 5-10 seconds. I give it a good look over, and zap it some more if I think it needs it. It is amazing how fast it works if I get on it early enough. Sometimes I get complete resolution within a day! As for skin tightening, I believe it works for that too, but I am not diligent enough to say for sure. When I use it once a day for a week or more I think I can see the difference.

Ashleigh Keene, ND

Amazing, skincare that actually does something!

Working very well and I can’t believe all the junk that is coming our of my congested skin. Easy enough to use for 5 minutes am & pm; will see how long the attachments last. Enjoy the treatments, relaxing, but I used to go to the beauty college for scalp massages years ago and now I can do them myself. Really cleans, warms so circulation is definitively increased. Have to get back for longer term results.

Elvira Machiasport, ME


The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because it didn’t come with any instructions. The best part is being able to lift my top lip. It stings a little, but you can always turn it down. I also love how you can zap a zit with it. Just remember to hold it above and not directly on the place. Depending upon the size and if it is cystic, it eliminates the lesion or reduces it significantly. The most exciting thing about this product is how you can stop cold sores. If you treat it like a zit, it is amazing how quickly I have been able to rid myself of a cold sore. Make sure you don’t irritate the zit or cold sore or it won’t work nearly as well.Now that I have said all that I am changing my score to 5 stars. All of the above is worth it even without instructions!

Chris Kelseyville, CA