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Hesh Herbal Amla / Indian Gooseberry Powder For Dark & Healthy Hair Naturally – 100 gms hesg

Hesh Herbal Amla / Indian Gooseberry Powder For Dark & Healthy Hair

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  • Hesh Herbal Amla / Indian Gooseberry Powder For Dark & Healthy Hair

Honest reviews


Great Product

I am excited to use this on my hair soon for conditioning and for the health of my hair. Great item and will buy again. Awesome!!!

Queen Barbourville, KY

amla burns

I made up some amla for my hair even bought the amla line from CVS pharmacy that stuff burns my scalp I made some up with coconut milk /coconut cream &conditioner even before i did that put some amla oil on my hair noticed my hair was coming out where I applied the oil I mixed with oil wont be using that stuff any more .

Felecia Raymondville, NY

Don’t know what to think

I bought this because I read on some online forums that amla will restore loosened curls caused by using henna. I’ve used henna twice in as many months, the first was a full henna which loosened my curls, which is why I purchased amla and mixed it with henna and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner to make a henna gloss. My curls did not return but did not become straighter. I purchased Terraessentials mud wash and my springy coils returned. I believe the mud wash clarified my hair of the henna residue. I give this product a three because it was easy to use and it may or may not have prevented my curls from straightening. Don’t be discouraged from using it though it may work differently for someone else. Hope this helps.

Cleo Starbuck, MN


Gives the hair gloss and healthier ………… i use amla avery 2 week he make nice hair for me .

John Roxana, KY

Luxury conditioner

I feel that my hair is the sofest it has ever been after using this product. I use it once a week since my hair is natural and easy to use. I would recommend this product to all natural sisters out there.

Mona Haileyville, OK

I love Amla!!!!

I love this powder I use it for deep conditioner and I also added amla in my henna mixture it help with darkening my grey. I notice my hair is really strong and my growth has triple , I will use this product always in my natural hair journey.

Samantha Simla, CO


I was disappointed in this and didn’t feel like it did anything for my hair.It makes a mess out of your tub on top of it.

Alta Manorville, PA

Awesome Conditioning Agent

I love to mix this product with my coconut milk and Bramhi. I do this as a weekly treatment. The product is great but I would rather get it from the local store to save on the shipping.

Desiree Conyngham, PA