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Hesh Brahmi Amla Herbal Hair Oil 200ml

Brahmi Amla Herbal Hair Oil has a unique formulation enriched with Brahmi, Amla and other trusted herbs which promotes hair growth, makes stronger from root, giving you long, dark and healthy hair. With blend of Refined Vegetable Oil, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil, it ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment for lustrous, soft and beautiful, problem free hair. Proper massaging on the scalp may induce sound sleep. It can also be used for bod massage.

Key features

  • Hesh Herbal Hair oils are excellent for maintenance and improvement of hair
  • Enriched with Brahmi, Amla, and other trusted herbs which promote hair growth
  • Makes hair stronger from the root giving you longer, darker, and lustrous hair

Honest reviews


great stuff, but use sparingly…

i started out using this product, a bit too is not greasy, thus, i felt, my hair/scalp wasn’t well has a light scent – almost like chammomile, and can be worn in hospital environments..if you use too much, you will notice an “oil halo” around the neck and shoulders of your clothes..if you’re wearing white, it will be a light green color..I was walking around the gym, and wondered why i was getting these strange looks…and was laughed at while i was one told me about this “halo” until i took off my lab coat at the end of the day to see this light green seepage..or this dark seepage on my favorite workout sweat shirt…otherwise, i use this, and the shikaki oil, intermittently, and they are definitely staples in my hair regimen..if used sparingly..

Natalia Glendale Springs, NC

Wonderful product

This oil makes my relaxed hair feel extremely smooth and soft. After reading about brahmi amla and the properties the herb has, I tried it on my son’s skin (he has a bit of exzema) and it’s healing it super fast. It’s working much better than his prescriptin cream from the doctor! This oil (and the powder also) is a gift. Try it…you’ll love it!

Sherri Satsuma, FL

Not what I expected

I was happy to find a oil, but I thought it would really moisturize my scalp and hair. It is oily but it absorbs and drys out the hair, my hair broke off instead of growing out which is what I was hoping for.

Casey Damar, KS

Beautiful Feeling

Hmmm, ever smell something that takes you to a calm place? This oil will do just that. It is a good scalp massage oil. Use sparingly, it has a light green tint that can seep down to your neckine and show on shirts. Very pleasant scent. Use sparingly.

Sharon New Augusta, MS

im relaxed

it made my hair shed like crazy and i dont like that. used it about three times. threw away the rest

Jana Laurel, IN

Great product!

I think that this product is fantastic. I love how this product makes my hair look and feel. This product is really great for growing hair and making it stronger. It really does stop hair from falling out and breaking off. Thank you so much for making such a great product!

Nona Oregon, MO