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Herstyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Herstyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner Set(4 oz for each bottle)

Key features

  • Herstyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Shampoo 4 oz
  • Herstyler Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner 4 oz

Honest reviews


My Daughter Loves this Stuff

My daughter was having hair issues and this product has really helped her alot. She had tried lots of other products but none of them have helped her hair as this one has.

Louisa Pocola, OK

Drys Out My Hair

This Shampoo and Consitioner set totally dried out my hair. It sisn’t provide any nourisment for my hair at all. I like the serum and will continue to use that, but never the shampoo and conditioner again.

Veronica West Haven, CT

Another just okay shampoo

I have heard a lot of good things about this shampoo and conditioner, well I feel they are all wrong. It is probably good if you are coming from something you get at the drug store but I don’t, I use a really good shampoo and conditioner and feel like this has done nothing special. This is made in china (ugh!) and it has sulfates which my current stuff does not. I would not order this again. The only thing redeeming about this is it came in a very timely manner. Save your money and buy some pravana

Constance Dexter, ME

Great at FIRST,but my hair got dry

The first time I used this I was amazed at how great my hair felt and how easy it was to straighten it after. But after a week of using it my hair started looking dry and felt like straw. Even my husband said did you color your hair cause it looks dry. RIGHT AWAY I new it was this shampoo and conditioner cause that’s the only thing I had changed. I now bought the new LOreal line and use 2 different styles shampoo for rebuilding and conditioner for moisture. My hair feels and looks great and STAYS that way.. I am still looking for something else but for now I do love the New Loreal line. My husband loves this line and his hair feels like a baby chicks fur, very soft.. SO I like it for him but I will never use it again for me..

Willie Arrow Rock, MO


I am happier with the shampoo than I am with the conditioner.. The conditioner is a litle weak in comparison to the hair mask

Keri Sherburn, MN

Amazing shampoo !!

I use the vitamin E serum in this brand – a must have !! I was skeptical about the shampoo and cond but I love this shampoo and conditioner! I loved how the shampoo lathers and a little goes a long way. Cleans like a clarifying shampoo and the conditioner left my hair feeling soft and moisturized.

Jody Palenville, NY

Makes your hair soft and shiny.

Love the shampoo. I once only used only the shampoo and it made my hair soft and shiny without conditioner too. Also like the nice smell it has. The Conditioner is really nice as well.

Faith Mastic, NY