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Herstyler Nourishing and Moisturizing Hair Mask, 18 Ounce

This nourishing mineral rich hair mask has been formulated from the beneficial ingredients of the Dead Sea

Key features

  • Promote incredible softness and enviable shine
  • Very rich and nourishing
  • Minerals penetrate the hair cuticle
  • Provide a nourishing drink for your hair
  • Tames frizzy ends

Honest reviews


Not the same

I agree with the other reviewer who said this product is not the same as the one she got from the mall. I have used it a couple of times now exactly the same way I did with the mall samples, and it leaves my hair feeling nowhere near as nice. It smells the same as the mall sample, looks the same as the mall sample, feels the same as the mall sample, but in terms of results, it’s nothing like the mall samples. It leaves my hair the same as a regular conditioner would–maybe even worse. Going back to Hask Henna&Placenta.

Hattie Penland, NC


I have been color treating my hair for years and years. I finally found a product where I just use this after my color, and it feels like soft, subtle hair again. I have very thick wiry hair, that needs a deep conditioner. This one is not too perfume smelling, and also keeps penetrating the hair long after others fail.I have never ever found a product I could use at home with the same results as a salon deep conditioner till now.I have purchased about three of these from amazon. One from the mall kiosk where they sell the herstyler products (beware they rip people off at the mall).LOVE IT

Roberta Matthews, MO


LOVE LOVE LOVE this conditioner. My mom bought it in the mall a long time ago with the straightener. Once I used that bottle, I just never bought anymore. I finally recently remembered this stuff and I still love it so much. It makes my hair so pretty and soft without weighing it down and it makes my hair smell really nice.

Ma Elmer, NJ

love it

Absolutely love this product. I mostly love the fresh clean smell that stays in your hair through out the day.

Sonja Cowdrey, CO

Love it!

I love the Her Styler line of Products, Makes hair soft and it smells divine! A little goes a long way, too, not only with this product, but, with the others that I have tried as well.

Christian Belmont, WI

Herstyler masque

I wrote a review not to long ago about this masque that I’d purchased from amazon. I realize now the product I received was not the same as original now, my friend bought me the real thing and the smell is completely different! The masque that she gave me smells like the serum, which I love, but the one I bought here at a discount price was not the same product, looked and smelled different. I don’t like buying products worrying if it’s real or not:(

Myrna Warwick, NY