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Herstyler Nourishing and Moisturizing Conditioner,4.0 Ounce

Herstyler Hair Shampoo HerStylers Mineral rich shampoo will sooth the hair fiber. Hair will become silky, shiny and easier to untangle. Enriched with plant extracts and proteins as well as olive oil this concentrated treatment nourishes the scalp to activate epidermis cells. Hydrates from root to tip to repel dehydration and calms frizz and prevents static and tangling

Key features

  • Enriched with plants protein and olive oil
  • Nourishes scalp and activates epidermis cells
  • Hydrates roots to prevent dehydration
  • Calms frizz and prevents static
  • Perfect for those who use hot styling tools

Honest reviews


Highly recommended

Love this product. The scent is amazing!

Traci Tybee Island, GA

very good quality-shiny healthy hair

i bought this product in hair salon first and then online.i use it constantly,the result is like using salon product, sleak, shiny,smooth hair.recommend it.

Claudia Poughkeepsie, AR

Works Great!

I have straight, color treated long hair (almost to my butt)and I HAVE to use conditioner or I will not be able to get a brush or comb through it, actually I have to use the thicker conditioners.I decided to try this and it works great- The smell of it is ok- it does smell a lot like perfume but kind of like a perfume – I would prefer it to have a lighter or fresher scent, but this is ok, at least it doesnt smell bad.But the conditioner over all made it easy to brush my hair and made my hair look healthier and added a fragrance!

Mia Southside, WV

Smells great, works pretty well!

I like this conditioner (and the shampoo) a lot. I have extremley tangly hair, medium long, and this does a pretty good job of detangling, though not perfect. I would recommend this conditioner (and the shampoo). It smells great, too!

Cassie Three Springs, PA


I love the Her Styler products! They work great and make your soft and they smell incredible. Would love to have a body soap in this scent as well. lol 🙂

Johnnie Needham Heights, MA


Okay, now I think this conditioner is very good. It give my hair this very soft feeling after rinsing out. This was also a recommended product to have with the flat iron. I use the shampoo and conditioner together and my hair feels great after use. I would recommend this and the shampoo to anyone.

Deidre Country Club Hills, IL