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Herstyler Easy Comb Colors May Vary

This tool is the perfect companion to your straightening iron. By using a straightening comb, you will see a smoother, straighter result. The comb untangles knots while beginning the straightening process. It can be used with any flat iron, as it is heat resistant and prevents static.

Key features

  • Herstyler EasyComb Easy Professional Hair Salon Straightener Comb
  • Professional Series
  • Heat Resistant and Anti Static
  • Superior strength with just the right flexibility

Honest reviews


Not really useful.

I gave this item a middle of the road star rating simply because there is nothing wrong with the product itself. However, I purchased it to use for straightening natural hair, and it was just useless. If you want to smoothly straighten natural hair without frizzy ends, simply use a rat tail comb instead of this one. You will definitely get a better result!

Kelley Hooper, NE

A great help

I’m new to hair ironing, and this doohickey helps a lot. I can separate the hair and hold the specific parts I want to iron. But it’s not an expensive gadget; I bought it for $8.99 on Amazon, and I thought that was too much. But my hair looks fabulous with using it, while I had all sorts of dents in my hair beforehand.

Jewell Robinson, ND


This comb is a blessing if your hair does not have a relaxer. Makes blow drying easy, quick and manageable.

Betty Godley, TX

It works!

It works just as expected, and made it easier to style. I did not have weird crimp marks when flat ironing my hair. It feels a little cheap, but works just as well as the more expensive ones. Highly recommend.

Angelina Gregory, AR

Cheap but effective

This feels pretty cheap but it does the job. It is very easy to use and makes a big difference when flat ironing my hair. I highly recommend it.

Grace Alden, IL

What out for pinching

Okay I love this comb it works great and helps save my hands from my straight iron. The only problem is I have pinched my hand multiple times and it really hurts! It happens at the end by the hinge, other than that it works great!

Gilda Castlewood, SD

I wish I’d known about this product earlier!

I applied a keratin treatment recently and the instructions recommended using this item. I had never heard of it. After I applied the treatment and flat ironed my hair, this comb really helped keep my hair straight and flat. I think it’ll take a little practice, but I was able to do it, and from now on I’m going to use it every time I flat iron my hair. I think it helps achieve that pin-straight look. I think the construction of the item is fairly sturdy too.

Ester Francesville, IN