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Herstyler Colorful Seasons Hot Pink Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Hair Straightener

Colorful Seasons is the ideal fashion product based on our Classic Forever Ceramic straightener. Solid ceramic plates guarantee fast and smooth straightening results without pulling or breaking hair. Hair will be three times smoother and silkier than with ordinary ceramic straightening irons. Our ceramic plates generate six times more energy than an ordinary ceramic straightening iron Negative ions renew your hair’s natural softness and shine while eliminating frizziness Ultra-light: The body of the straightener is constructed using light-weight, high-strength composite materials, commonly used in the aerospace industry. Ultra-fast: Achieve the desired temperature in less than 25 seconds (half the time of conventional models). This in turn saves electricity and prolongs the lifespan of the product. On/Off switch on the temperature control thermostat. Hotter and more consistent heat on all adjustable temperature settings Adjustable temperature controls suitable for every hair type (240°C/460°F, 120°C/200°F). Ergonomic design making it more comfortable to use.

Key features

  • Solid ceramic plates heat up fast
  • Hair becomes up to 3 times smoother
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Adjustable temperature

Honest reviews


Bounce, bounce, baby!!!!!!!

Bought flat iron & hair serum together after seeing products at the local shopping mall & refusing to pay that much. I have virgin(13 yrs) african american hair,that I usually press & flat iron. After using the HerStyler I have no need to press & flat iron ever and its so shiny and bouncy. So amazing!! Where have u been all my life??

Taylor Chateaugay, NY

“Quality, Trending, and Perfect”

Have you ever found yourself unsatisfied with your flat iron, or running out of time making your hair flawless?, Well I have the perfect solution for you and proud to present the “Herstyler”, colorful seasons 1.5. Something so small compared to other flat irons, but you know what they say sometimes small things can cause or do something bigger than what you have imagined. Well this is the case with this flat iron the Herstyler , does not only have good qualities and satisfying but it is something that can be handled easily and if your someone that likes to trend well luckily this product is now on style. With many different colors you can imagine including hot pink. There are so many amazing things that this product has that you just have to read on and find out more.As mentioned earlier that the Herstyler contains many good qualities. Qualities that you won’t be able to find in any other plain flat iron. One, for example is this flat iron leaves your hair not 3x like any regular flat iron but it gives 6x more energy. Leaving your hair 6x more softer and shine while eliminating frizziness. With ceramic iron plates on both sides allows your hair to not just be perfect but have good results in no time. Unlike most flat irons the Herstyler is known to leave the best results in no time. Unlike most flat irons that take forever to heat up, it takes the Herstyler only 25 seconds or less to be ready to use. So you have extra good looking results in no time even if your one of those people that have thick hair, the Herstyler is able to straighten all kinds of hair. My hair is thick and would take me an hour to straighten my hair daily but with the Herstyler I am ready and about to go in 10 minuets!Saving the best for last, but the Herstyler is durable and lasts for more than one year and if you’re wondering if I was to use it every day each year how much electricity will that be right? Well you won’t have to worry because the creators of the Herstyler created this flat iron it to use less electricity than other flat irons. Using a little electricity will be least of you’re problems that you will be so amazed that you will want to use it a lot to show it off to your friends, because the flat iron can be easily taken to places such as school or dances or when you feel like you might need it. It is made to be easy to use with no long wires, huge flat irons, or weighing a ton.Yet I have run out of time to brag about how good this Herstyler works. In such short words I have explained and can’t stop saying how this flat iron is the best friend to every girl’s hair I mean it leaves it smooth and shiny, saves electricity, transportable, trendy, and quick to heat up. If you’re thinking though, “so many good qualities and sounds like a good flat iron, it must be expensive.” There is a reason why the price was not mentioned earlier and it is because this flat iron is just $22! So the price was the least important to introducing this product to you! Don’t think twice and before it goes off stock be one of the customers to get your hands on one. Don’t wait to be unsatisfied with the results you get now with the plain, untrendy, and useless flat iron and get the “Herstyler” now to get good results soon. What are you waiting for go on Amazon and find the product so you can shine off that smooth hair that has been waiting to show

Maura Oakville, IA

$200 straightener I got for $24.99

Never Been Happier with a purchase! I paid $24.99 for a straightener that has a retail price of $200. This is the best straightening product I’ve ever used. I’ve been hearing wet2straights are the worst for your hair which is so incredibly true. They’ve damaged my hair so badly in the past. I have started using my new product, and I’m in LOVE!!! 😀

Genevieve Bath, NC

Herstyler is great!

I love the pink Herstyler. It was debating whether to get this one or a pink CHI to replace the five-year old one that had finally given out on me. I am so happy with my choice. The one thing that I can say I don’t like is the width– it is a bit wider than the flat-irons I am used to using, so it has taken time and practice to get used to this one. As fas as performance, I do not have one single complaint. It has a dial to select the heat temp you want and the on/off switch is in a good place so you do not turn it off by mistake while using it. Of course I’m also very pleased with the PINK color (very true to the photo). Adorbs! Get it, you will love it!

Lena Ono, PA

LOVE it!

I love this straightener and everything that I have tried from the HerStyoer brand….shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, etc…I have just recently order the 3-in-1 curling wand….haven’t received it, yet….but, I should be getting it this week….I hope I love it just as much!

Inez Leburn, KY

Great Iron

Great iron. Hair is shiney and smooth and I don’t burn myself as often with this iron as with other irons.

Manuela Rush Hill, MO

Does a great job!

This straightener works great on my hair, I like that it has different temps and the pink color is fun too.I use this every day, also does some nice curls too with the rounded edge..

Mavis Fosters, AL

Poor quality.

Doesn’t do such a great job of straightening hair. I would not recommend it. I also purchased one for my daughter and the plug burned her outlet. Be careful of where electrical appliances are manufactured. Other countries are oftentimes not held to American safety standards.

Adrienne Farnsworth, TX

A Great Flat Iron!

I love my new flat iron! I have had it for more than a month, and it has been great! The temperature control is perfect, it heats quick, and it doesn’t burn my hair! I was a little skeptical at first, because I didn’t think this was going to be the right choice for me. I have always had a chi, but I am so happy with this purchase. This was a great price! The shipping time was fast. I am very happy with my purchase. I have high hopes for this flat iron to continue strong!

Lisa Haven, KS

my favorite flat iron ever

i love this flatiron i have bought a new one 2 years in a row and it’s not cause they have stopped work just cuz i chang e the color of my bathroom ever year this year i will get a black one

Iva Manton, CA