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Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Iron, Purple

Herstyler’s tourmaline/Ceramic barrel easily creates silky, smooth curls. Far infrared heat penetrates hair from within, result in faster styling with less damage. One iron for all hair types, fragile, thin hair to wavy, thick hair.

Key features

  • Negative ions renew hair with softness and shine
  • Faster heat-up time than conventional hair curling
  • Ergonomic design is easier to handle
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Swivel cord prevents tangling

Honest reviews


One of my favorite new curling irons!

I have an enzo milano 25mm and I love it. I wanted a 13mm for awhile, but I was little apprehensive because I thought it would create really tight curls. I decided to go with a Herstyler instead of an enzo because of the price.I was pleasantly surprised by this iron. This iron can create really tight curls, but it can also create beautiful waves and loose curls. The curls lasts all day.My only complaint is that I wish the iron had a on/off light indicator.Otherwise, I love this iron!

Lenora Rillito, AZ

Best curling iron ever

My roommate had this curling iron and when she moved I was so utterly heartbroken, not because she left but because she took it with her that I had to buy one asap. It makes the most perfect curls as long as you practice with it and figure out the correct amount of hair to use for your hair type – too little and you have frizzy curls and too much and it doesn’t curl completely. The only drawback I can see to this is that the glove is way too large (and I have large hands) so you have to use your fingers and that can lead to some burning.Some nice things about the rod are one, it doesn’t an arm on the rod so you don’t have those unsightly shelves that can be caused by the curling iron arm. Another is you can create barrel curls as well as spiral curls by just adjusting how you lay out your hair. The final thing I appreciate is how fast it works. it heats up in about a minute and for curling, if you’re using a small piece, it’s done in about 10 seconds.I highly recommend this product.

Candy Achille, OK

I adore this – easy for tomboys!

I am not a girly girl at all. I wish I was, but I have never seen the value in investing great amounts of time in hairstyling when I could be doing more productive and pleasurable, such as sleeping later in the mornings. Usually I just wash, condition, dry, and I’m on my way, the most effort I put into my hair is pulling it up into a ponytail or making one of those nifty buns with an office pen stuck in the back, so I look studious.Lately though, I’ve wanted to play around with my hair more often, and was toying with the idea of a perm. My best friend/stylist suggested that I try using a curling iron first, to see if I liked the idea. I bought many standard curling irons – I have like 5 now, languishing in my junk drawer – but never had any luck. My hair would not hold a curl regardless of the amount of product I used. I finally had my friend come over and try as well, but even with her expertise and professional tools, my hair is so fine it would only limply hold curls, and looked pretty pathetic.So, I figured I’d try one last time. I spent quite a bit of time on Amazon reading reviews, watching tutorials on Youtube, etc, and finally decided on the HerStyler. My main deciding factor – I could get it in purple.I am SO glad I got it, as well! Used prime shipping, so of course it was at my door in two days. I immediately began playing with it, and was shocked when I was able to create beautiful soft tendrils WITHOUT product in my hair. And they stayed until I washed my hair the next morning. It’s an awesome way for someone to quickly do their hair – I just put a few messy beachy looking curls in and call it good. It looks amazing, my hair is shinier than ever, and it barely takes any time.My only complaint about the HerStyler is the glove. It’s not heat resistant at all, I found myself burning my fingers by the time I’d done about 3/4 of my head. I ended up using an Ov-Glove, and while ugly, it works much better.

Bonita Catherine, AL

Makes small curls

I have not tried this on my hair but I have used this on my daughter’s hair and it makes beautiful curls. It is extremely hot so as soon as I was done wrapping the hair around it, immediately I would release it and the curl was done. I was also sure to use the glove that came in the box which is also surprisingly effective. These curls tend to be smaller, but my daughter looks so cute when I curl her. I will update this when I finally have the time to use it on my hair (I have a lot of thick hair). My daughter’s hair is thin, so it was fast and easy. I would recommend this product.

Nelly Waldron, WA

curls like crazy!

First off, i have to warn you, this iron gets really hot really fast, and it will burn you really fast too, so be very careful not to touch the barrel even for an instant, and wear gloves. That being said, this is the first curling iron I have EVER used that makes my hair curl and last!!! These curls don’t come out til I wash my hair, and second day touchups are so fast and easy! I can have really curly, bouncy hair any time I want, takes only about 5 minutes to do my whole head, then comb, spray a tiny bit, and go! Try it if you have hard to curl hair, it really works great.

Imelda Athol, KY

Worth My money

I bought this many years ago when ceramic hair equipment just came out in the malls.I was amazed!All the old ones that I had to use hairspray with I tossed out!Ceramic will curl your hair and it will stay in the same condition the next day after you sleep on it.Marvelous!and worth my money.

Willie Walloon Lake, MI


I bought this for my 14 year old daughter. She loves trying out new hair tools and experimenting with styles. When I first read the reviews about how this iron really makes the hair hold curls, I thought to my self – why? what makes it so different?I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know now that it is definitely true. The curls it creates are beautiful and they stay, period. I was worried at first that because the barrel is so skinny, the curls would be tight, but that is not the case. it actually makes larger sized curls. The curls are about the size you would get if you used a 1 inch regular barrel iron. My daughter’s hair looks amazing when she uses this.It seems to be well made. We have had no problems with it at all. The purple color is so pretty and the price here at Amazon was great. Definitely a wise investment. I have paid way more than this for other irons and hair tools and they did not perform as well as this Herstyler. I am very impressed with it and definitely recommend it.UPDATE 2/26/13 – I just wanted to come back and say that I am completely amazed by this curling iron! My hair is long, down to my butt and layered. It is a little on the thin side and does not hold curl well at all. With regular curling irons, even the expensive professional ones, the curl would fall out before I was even done curling all of my hair and that’s with using hairspray while curling and other hot tool styling aides.I was bored and having a bad hair day, so I had my 15 year old daughter do my hair with this Herstyler last night and I was absolutely amazed at how my hair turned out. The curls all stayed and I didn’t even use any extra styling products. The only thing that was in my hair was some mousse from when I blowdried my hair early in the morning. I could not believe how wonderful my hair looked. When my husband came home from work and saw me, he did a double take and said “Wow!”Even with my hair being so long, she had my whole head done in about 20 minutes. I had her do a lot of smaller sections too, so that I had a lot of volume and fullness. I was amazed at how quick it was to get done.You only leave the hair on the wand for a second or two, literally. When she first started and I noticed the hair was coming off the wand almost immediately, I asked my daughter if she was sure she was leaving it on there long enough. She said, “Yes, Mom. Trust me.” Well, she was right because every single strand she did held the curl perfectly. This is sooooo much faster than using a regular curling iron.I just woke up (the next day after she did my hair) and the curls are all still PERFECT. This is unbelievable. I am going to have my daughter do my hair more often with the Herstyler lol and wish I would have tried it sooner.Absolutely wonderful product and highly recommended!

Gretchen Port Alexander, AK


Finally my hair can hold curl! There is no light or temp control but given my curls lasted all day I can over look all of that. Love the pink color and mine came with a glove but I purchased a 2nd one because I’m worried about dropping the iron and catching it with the hand without the glove. LOLI have short hair and it is a little bit of a pain but I get a curl and I can’t wait to use this when my hair gets long. The barrel is long enough to use even with really long hair.

Sonia Loretto, PA

Two Stars

Burns hair and leaves your hair frizzy and hard to manage!

Adelaide Warner Springs, CA

A little hard to use

This iron is a little hard to use. I do have shorter hair so getting it to wind around the barrel is tricky. And if the ends of the hair are not secure around the barrel the curl does not look "complete". Probably takes a little more practice. The longer pieces of hair do curl pretty nice.

Karen West Union, MN

Ok so I ordered the solid purple one and got Black/purple 🙁

I love the curler just disappointed that I paid 5 dollars more to get the solid purple one and got a purple and black one. 🙁

Kimberly Romulus, MI