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Herstyler 3p Ceramic Curler Iron Set

The ceramic technology provides you with the best styling results by producing negative ions to seal the cuticles and repel humidity. The ceramic heat will also ensure a quick heat recovery without sudden increase of heat. 3P allows you to get the temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius; the digital temperature display lets you know what temperature is right for you every time, no more guess work no matter what type of hair you-re curling. HerStyler protects your safety as a first value; you can now enjoy a safe, easy and fast hair curling experience by using the thermal glove. The thermal glove will prevent burning and help you to get the best results by enabling you to touch the ceramic barrel and curl your hair around it. Glove sold separately.

Key features

  • Utilizes the latest ceramic and digital technology
  • Designed for professional use
  • Safe, easy and fast hair curling experience
  • One year full warranty

Honest reviews



I guess I bought this product just to have because I have the flat irons. I have not yet used this so I can’t say how it is, but it looks cool. Right now I’m on a journey of not using heat on my hair until it gets back healthy. You women understand what I’m saying right?

Stacie Elkfork, KY

Great quality — just perfect for curly hair

I’m Hispanic and have long, naturally curly hair that is very fine and lacks volume but is also super, super frizzy. I wanted something to give some life to my curls after I read some tips about curling curly hair for the best results — I would have NEVER thought of that. Anyway, I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he gave me this as a gift a few months ago and it is really one of the best gifts I have ever received.I’ve used it quite a few times and the result is noticeably smoother, shinier hair with gorgeous flowing curls that actually look like what you’ve probably always wanted your curls to look like. I usually use either the smallest attachment or the largest. The largest creates a curly/wavy look that is very trendy/stylish and the smallest creates lots of little curls for a bouncy, fun look. Honestly, the first time I used it I couldn’t believe how nice my hair looked. Before using it I apply a bit of anti-frizz serum and let my hair air dry, and when I’m done I spray lightly with anti-frizz hair spray. The curls last all day and through the next day this way. The whole process never takes me more than half an hour and I have A LOT of hair.The quality and packaging are also very nice. I like that it comes in a big can that I can just store everything in and ago, it’s perfect for travel. The glove included is great and I’m sure it’s saved me from several burns so far. I would say overall it’s almost the kind of quality you’d expect to see in a salon curling iron, not at all like the ones you get at the drugstore for 20 bucks that feel like they’re about to fall apart in your hand.I really can’t recommend this enough to other curly haired girls, and for the price it’s well worth it.

Cherry Cecil, AR

Cheap and works really good

I really love this curling wand they work so good I have no regrets on buying this wand it was a good price and the cuality is really good am really happy with my purchace

Catalina Cottage Grove, TN

Great Product, Easy To Use!

Great Styler! I bought this about a month ago. When I got it, I took it out of the box and tried it. I got super discouraged after two strands and put it back in the drawer.This morning I decided to give it another try. My hair looks AMAZING! This was only my second time trying it and it came out great, I love it! I didn’t use the glove, because it makes it kind of difficult to my hair. The glove is just a regular knit glove, not heat resistant or anything special. I did burn myself a couple of times, but I just have to learn how to maneuver around it!My hair falls below my shoulder, just above the back of my bra strap and I used the mid-sized barrelUsing it takes some getting used to, and I’m sure the more I use it the faster I’ll get.It’s very light, and kind feels like it’s cheap, but it did the job, we’ll see how it goes!I would recommend this product!

Coleen Norcross, MN

Best curling iron I’ve ever owned

I bought this on the recommendation of a friend.I have really fine blond hair that doesn’t respond well to being tamed. It won’t be straightened and when I try to curl it, it falls within an hour. Somehow this curling iron manages to curl my hair in a way that will stay all day. The curls last until I wash my hair which is a result I’ve never been able to manage with any other tool.I will say that it takes a little while to learn – it comes with a glove, but it’s too hard to use while wearing the glove, so I’ve had to get used to using it with my bare hands. I’ve had a few good burns both on my hands and neck – it gets really hot.I only use the medium and large barrels – the small barrel winds my hair so small and tight it looks bizarre.

Elena Bevinsville, KY


I love this thing! although it makes my hair super frizzy i have thick shoulder length hair but i have only used it one time so far hopefully i can find some products to reduce the frizzys…. if anyone knows of anything to use let me know please

Alana Broad Brook, CT

Loved the product, but not the service!

When this curling iron arrived, it was missing one of the rods. Unfortunately, the company would not just send the missing piece. I had to return it, and then reorder it on Amazon. I wish all exchanges/returns could be done through Amazon because that would be so much easier. Having said that, my daughter absolutely loves this curling iron! Many of her friends have ordered it after seeing how nice it curls her hair.

Kelly Hampton, TN

Nice curling iron!!!

This curling iron heats up quickly and works well. Although it doesn’t come with instructions, it is simple in design and only takes a few minutes to learn how to use.It seems to be sturdy in construction too.

Beatrice Terry, MT

Perfect for creating beachy hair

I love to wear beachy waves in my hair and this iron set is absolutely perfect. Before I got this set, I was wrapping my hair around the outside of a cheap curling iron. This iron set really does make my hair look more shiney, smoother and the waves are more consistent. Interchanging the 3 different irons was a little bit tricky at first, but after doing it a couple times I have no problems. The glove it comes with is very useful, but do not forget that you still should take every precaution to NOT TOUCH this iron. Unless you can do your hair with oven mits on, do not expect a thin glove to totally protect you. I would have given this iron set 5 starts, however the first one I received stopped working after 5 minutes of use. This second one appears to work perfectly fine.UPDATE:I’ve had this curling iron for 3 years now and it’s still going strong. I use it 2-3 times per month on average. Sometimes more if I have time. Still really pleased with this product!

Elvia Artemus, KY

Five Stars

Awesome!! I love the curls the it gives my hair.

Madeleine Ringtown, PA

Hot Curling Iron

The Herstyler ceramic curling iron curls hair within seconds, but gets really hot and when I began using it, I burnt my skin on several occasions, even with using the glove. If I continue to use it, I’m sure the condition of my hair will be very poor, not mentioning the burns I’ve gotton so far!

Mae Dover, MN


Very easy to use. Comes in an awesome box to store it AND the three different sizes! The curls last for DAYS!! Absolutely more than I could have ever asked for. Great price too! FABULOUS!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Rowena Canton, MA