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Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil, 16 Ounce

For over 41 years the heritage has offered quality products for your health, beauty and wellness at affordable prices. Our unique holistic approach to wellness provides natural solutions to your health, skin and hair care needs. Many of our heritage labeled products are gluten free.

Key features

  • Cold pressed castor oil
  • Pure castor oil tested to be free of solvents and chemicals
  • Hexane free
  • Soothes and softens the skin
  • Castor oil has been used in many cultures around the world for over 3,000 years

Honest reviews



Bought this because it is in a glass bottle. Always choose glass over plastic! 6 more words required. 2 more

Tameka Tucson, AZ

It actually works!

It works short-term pain but not for hours; some relief is still gratification nevertheless.I tried swallowing a tsp for two days, taste like death but has many good benefits to ingest it if you can tolerate its taste.

Stella Quail, TX

Almost USDA…

Heritage probably the highest selling quantity producer of castor oil in organic form as well as conventional form based in Virginia was sold few years ago to a Utah company with many lines of beauty products. Heritage claims organic castor oil but not USDA organic castor oil since its castor oil is organic when shipped from India just like majority of castor oils which are produced and shipped from India regardless of conventional or organic but Heritage’s manufacturing in Virginia does not have the USDA organic approval so Heritage sells it as organic but not USDA organic. It is priced higher than Heritage’s conventional castor oil since organic is more expensive to produce. It is a refined oil, cold-pressed not expeller pressed, without hexane gas and probably the only ORGANIC castor oil brand which specifies NO HEXANE where others fail regardless.CO is the most important oil out of handful of oils that I daily as beauty mix. I just put half the amount of shampoo, rub it in my palm to mix the shampoo and the CO, apply it as shampoo every single time. I place some CO directly on my head, scrub the scalp for removal of any residue on hair. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil helps to protect hair and stimulates circulation of nutrient rich blood to scalp. Dry scalp can lead to dandruff but CO’s omega-9 fatty acids can help. I leave it for few hours and then wash it off. I place CO directly on my eye brows for hair growth. I mix with VCO since it keeps the mix not only liquid but runny. It is the best mix after shaving. I apply the mix to my whole body before mountain biking without any shirt or pumping iron at the gym. The mix keeps the bees and flies away. I mix CO with AO to remove dark spots on my skin because of the scabs that I get from mountain biking. I blend CO with few more ingredients to make scrub, shaving cream and sunscreen.Any oil from any nut, seed or grain will go rancid, having no nutritional value shortly after production so I keep all my oils in dark containers, away from any light, air and moisture and use it quickly.

Ila Vienna, IL

a very very good product

this product is amazing. it helped grow my eyebrow and eyelashes so fast. I will keep using this forever. And the bottle is HUGE, so you’ll only need to buy it once and it will last for life

Melba Argillite, KY

We’re fans!

My husband has been rubbing Castor Oil on either side of his nose for sinus issues when he goes to bed and this really seems to help with that. And, this is after he has spent a fortune on Advil Cold & Sinus (with pseudoephedrine) trying to eliminate the problem. We like the naturalness of this remedy, vs. drugs that are hard on the liver or kidneys.

Shauna New Sarpy, LA

looks like a castor oil from my childhood

I got this to use for oil packs and for eyebrows/eyelashes. for the latter I mix it with vit E oil and apply on brows and lashes. for oil packs you soak flannel wool with the oil. it smells and looks right, like I remember from my childhood. consistency seems right too.ingredients: pure, cold pressed ricinus communis (castor) oil.cold pressed, hexane free. 16 oz glass bottle

Essie Klamath Falls, OR


Although this I ordered this for a friend, I had bought it previously for me. I thinks it is great, and have found many uses for it.

Dawn Moscow, KS