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Heritage Products Rosewater, Rose Petals, 8-Ounces

Pure, natural essence. From European roses. Popular gourmet flavoring. Use as a perfume or body splash, add to your hair rinse or bath water, or try as a gourmet flavoring. You can also combine with therapeutic oils to make your own unique complexion formula. Certified by periodic laboratory test to be free of pesticide residues. More information on request. Seal of Approval: Not tested on animals. Atomizer mist sprayer. Experience the delicate floral scent of real roses any time of the year! Recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings.

Key features

  • Rose Petals Rose Water
  • Pure, Natural Essence
  • From European Roses
  • Labels may vary
  • A popular gourmet flavoring
  • Pure and natural essence from European roses
  • Transmits aromatherapeutic qualities to enhance and revitalize daily life
  • Can be used on face, hair or linens
  • Certified food grade rosewater

Honest reviews


Fresh and Simple

This is so fresh and simple, two ingredients. I use it to spray in my hair and as a light perfume that won’t make all the people around me gag.

Dena Parlin, NJ

Amazing spray, amazing result, amazing price

[…]Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin spray is like magic! For the price you cannot do better. Its a great moisturizer, refresher, skin astringent, emollient, body spray or perfume. Glycerin and rosewater have been valuable skin ingredients to women for centuries. This combination of rosewater AND glycerin is also used in various cosmetic lotions and creams. It is supposed to conduce glowing and soft skin. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic properties making it great for facial cleansing and toning. Glycerin on its own is a wonderful oil-free moisturizer and rosewater has skin nourishing properties. What’s great about this spray versus other rosewater sprays is that it combines both into one (not to mention how great the price is).I picked up this brand in a small whole foods store on a small street in Kauai in Hawaii over this past holiday season while on vacation and I was instantly impressed. It is now one of my must have products. Then I realized I can easily order it on Amazon for just about $7-$8 a bottle.I have tried many grades and many price levels of rose spray and rose oils (I do love REN rose oil but it is pricey and I usually only use it in the winter, and not everyday). This spray is the best there is for the price in my opinion. While I am a fan of Mario Badescu’s rosewater facial spray, since I have tried this one, I don’t think I will go back to Mario’s. Mario’s spray is a little milder and not as moisturizing. It is also doesn’t contain glycerin. So if you have very oily skin you may prefer Mario’s version.I suggest spraying this on your face and body when you get out of the shower and then applying your moisturizer. The rosewater and glycerin will add extra hydration and you will love the scent.[…]

Thelma San Acacia, NM


cook with, refreshen yourself and spray on your hair. Mix butters like cocoa, shea and mango with it, for whipping action.

Winifred Punta Gorda, FL

Happy Dream Magic Spray

I love this for toning my skin-my grandmother swore by rosewater. I use them after a bath and in the clothes dryer as well.However I’ve also used this for years for grandkid sleepovers. I altered the label to read “Happy Dream Magic Spray”. All you need is a little puff dramatically sprayed into a dark corner or under the bed. “Oh! Look! It’s working already!!! No more bad dreams or scary things! I only use Cayce waters as they are not a perfume but a pure floral infusion.Lasts a long time and the placebo effect plus the calming florals work like a charm.

Rosella Clarkia, ID

fresh lite and natural

I love this rose water, I get it at wholefoods but you can get it from any health food store.I love the way it smells on me after a clean shower.Its nice not too strong but a natural smell and its water based

Eleanor Fisher, IL

The BEST product for soothing my ultra sensitive skin!!!

I have eczema, and lately nothing — and I mean nothing — would soothe my dry itchy skin. I remembered buying some Heritage Products Rosewater about two years ago (during another flare-up), and desparately searched through the house to see if I still had some left. I found my bottle, sprayed all over my body, and hoped for the best. Ahhhhh! Relief came immediately. I have to spray ever few hours. But when nothing else works, it’s well worth the effort. I’ve got less than an inch of this precious liquid left in the bottle, so I’m ordering some more. Hopefully, it’ll get to me before I run out.To somebody like me, who (during a flare) will itch so badly I wake up with bloody sheets, this rosewater is worth its weight in gold. In the future, I’ll always keep enough on hand that I never run out again.Oh, there’s an added benefit too. It smells divine!

Alicia Black Canyon City, AZ

Wonderful stuff

I bought this at a health food store a few years ago. Rose is my absolute favorite scent and I am a big believer in Edgar Cayce so that just sealed the deal. I love this stuff. It’s got a lovely, light smell and when you spritz it on your face it’s almost like your face sighs. Very refreshing.

Virginia Oxon Hill, MD

Like it – wonderful rose scent – scent doesn’t last long though…

I like to use this in my Witch Hazel (love Witch Hazel for pores and face cleaning with cotton pad AFTER I’ve washed my face). I saw a Witch Hazel product that already had this rosewater in it, but wanted to keep the cost down so I just add my own. I mix about 5:1 ratio – 5 parts Witch Hazel; 1 part Rosewater.I know there are many other uses for Rosewater – spraying on towel-dried hair, a light spritz on face after makeup application. So I don’t know a lot about it, just like the fact that it adds something good & healthy to Witch Hazel

Becky Boyers, PA

Unbelievable, I’m shocked.

I have known for some time that Rose, good quality rose products are the best. I bought this on a whim at whole foods, and I started using it as a body mist. Then as a face toner and refreshening mist. Then one day I was running late and I forgot to put all the usual hair treatments that I would usually put on. I only sprayed this onto my damp, not wet, hair and managed to put frutics silky smooth anti humidity serum. I started drying my hair and it felt so much smoother and lighter. I have puffy hair. Not curly or straight, just damaged. Well with this rose water my hair dried straight without even using a straightener. I am in shock and delight. My skin has less blemishes, and some scars are healing and disappearing. I am so glad I bought this. I also bought the oil and I remove my makeup with it. I also use it for my hair and body. This Rose water is high quality and you should definitely give it a try.

Edna Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I use it as a toner

I use this product as a toner and I love that I got a 3 pack for the price I got. I wanted to finish at least one bottle before reviewing now that the first bottle is over I can say I can’t find any complaints so if you’re in the market for rosewater this is perfect!

Laurel Sikes, LA

Love the scent but no mist spray included to my surprise

I have only been using the rosewater for a few days, because I had to find an atomizer to use. I thought I had read that it came with it, but evidently not. I have already done a full spray in the linen closet and every time I change sheets I plan to spray the sheets. The rose scent is really amazing; I just hope it has staying power. I have a lot of roses, but just don’t have time to make anything but potpourri. When I was younger I used to buy a rose-scented powder sachet, but I can’t find that anymore, darn it. Hopefully, this will be a good substitute.

Marilyn Plant City, FL

Body Spray!

I use this after showers as a body freshening spray. My husband likes the smell. So, I’ll be purchasing more in the future.

Becky Mud Butte, SD

Use all year round, great product

I usually buy at Whole Foods and very expensive… running out and saw in the subscribe and save section and is a great buy for three! I have very sensitive skin and literally have my skin peeling from other product that literally dry out my skin until it cracks!!… can’t have any shea butter in any product and it is out there in everything!I use this a lot and have been using a long time!I spray this after shower on dry areas and use every day in the summer after sweating because skin is so irritated. (Yes, I use on my face as a toner, but I close my eyes and don’t spray so much that it is dripping.) This stuff soothes and has a very light, mild rose fragrance but is okay for sensitive skin… like with any new skin product try a little at first!But, have used for years and will continue to use and now that it is a subscribe product will save a bundle…(Personally, most of my reviews are positive because I don’t buy products I don’t like and I do a lot of research and checking if I try a new product….now I am using Amazon a lot for all kinds of purchases,especially things I have been using and now can save by buying at Amazon!!! Thanks, Amazon!!!)

Tricia Hostetter, PA

Good product!

I have been using this toner for a long time.. I usually use this as not only a toner but also a hair spray and body spray. It works in both ways..

Francine Marion, NC

I LOVE the scent!!!

This is by FAR the best smelling rose water currently available. I used to buy Home Health brand, but can’t find t any more. I think this is about the same (thankfully!). Very light & fresh. It smells just like roses, but it’s not overwhelming. Perfect is the word.Highly recommended!

James Republican Grove, VA

For hair, face, me

well, I haven’t tried other brands but this smells great and feels great. I bought it to add to a hair spritz recipe. In the meantime I notice my face and neck are ..nicer, softer. This is a great price – I paid over 8 dollars for 1 at a local health store. So the recipe is veggie glycerin, rosewater and aloe vera juice (not gel). The rosewater makes the spritz pleasant to use – far better than using water as I had been. My hair – and face – really like this spritz. I see no down sides.

Jenifer Fairbank, PA

Supple Skin

I was sceptical about this product when I first got it but it turns out to work really well for me. I find it works best when my face is still damp. It smells nice, not heavily perfumed. I have the smaller size and it will travel well. Its summer now but I can imagine it being handy in the harsh winter cold. a pritz of moisture to combat dry winter skin!!

Corine Silver Beach, MA

great toner

can be used for many purpose, toner, body splash or linen spray….smells great and i love it, get it you will love it too!

Jeanine Townsend, DE

Nice value!

This water is exactly as described and an amazing value. I use it with witch hazel for a facial toner.

Simone Hinckley, OH

Smells like roses!

The fragrance is definitely roses. The scent is light and not overpowering. I like to keep it in the fridge and use it as a face pick me up. I like to spray my natural hair with in as a morning refresher.

Claudine Gilmer, TX

Love this!

It smells wonderful, like real roses! Helps skin with irritations. Tastes good in food. I mix with a little glycerin in a spray bottle for skin and clothes.

Janell Bunola, PA

From head to Toe

I use this literally from head to toe: here’s now.1. As a toner after cleansing.2. As a cleanser in the morning to freshen my face after sleep.3. In my hair before coconut oil (light spritz then seal it in).4. Pre-deodorant, as an anti-perspirant (2-3 sprays then allow to dry, follow up with a natural deo like soapwalla or coconut oil).5. Decant some into a mini spray bottle and keep with me for when I feel a bit sick or if something in the office smells.Ok, well maybe not to toe, but it has may uses in my bathroom.

Cora Mays, IN