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Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Shampoo 13.5 Fl Oz

Go back to that Amazing Hair Day. Enter a world of botanical bliss. Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Shampoo’s formula will unleash the power of your naturally beautiful hair. Embracing you like a meadow of fresh flowers, this luxurious shampoo has a blend of rose hips, jojoba and vitamin E extracts. This shampoo cleans to reveal natural shine and takes your hair to a place its never been before. Herbal Lore: Ancient Greeks believed roses became red from the blood of Aphrodite, who pricked her foot on a thorn trying to save her beloved Adonis.

Key features

  • An infused blend of Rose Hips, Vitamin E and Jojoba Extracts.
  • 0% Silicone.
  • Smooth hair as nature intended.
  • Shampoo cleans to reveal natural shine.
  • Unleash the power of your naturally beautiful hair

Honest reviews


False Advertisement!! So disappointed…

To start with, I’ve never been a big fan of P&G products. But when this line was brought back I was so excited to try it out because it’s affordable and advertised as silicone free and sulfate free. I’ve been doing a lot of research on healthy hair products and have always avoided shampoos with those nasty ingredients in it. After I’ve gone through an ENTIRE bottle of this shampoo, and was about to throw away the empty bottle, I saw it was labeled “SILICONE-FREE”, then I came back to grab the conditioner and of course it’s labeled “sulfate-free”. As another reviewer mentioned, this is really unethical of any company to mislead customers to believe that they’re paying more to have healthier hair, which turns out just a trick and we’ve all been fooled. It is obvious that P&G does not care enough to eliminate sulfate from shampoos and silicone from conditioners, and they think customers are simply morons.

Minerva Edgewood, MD

The ultimate throwback!

I remember this from my childhood – the late 90s were a great time! My mom used this collection and like a lot of little girls, I thought that everything about her was the best. It smelled so good, and when she let me use it before bed I was in heaven! Fast forward 15 years and seeing this on the shelf at the drugstore made me grab it instantly. This stuff is even better than I remember! It leaves my hair soft but not weighed down and I can still smell it at the end of the day. It turns out this is another thing my mom got right! You can never go wrong with a classic.

Keri Rural Hall, NC

Smells Great AND Works!

I love shampoo and conditioners that smell good but for some reason, my hair doesn’t! It seems like whenever I buy something just because of the scent it makes my hair feel rough and have lots of fly-aways sticking out everywhere. For this reason I’ve never tried Herbal Essences. I figured it smells way too good to actually work! When I saw there was a new smooth collection I was willing to give it a shot!I am so impressed with this product line! I LOVE the smell. It smells feminine and clean at the same time but best of all, actually makes my hair feel smoother! It felt good when I was using it and seemed to get my hair really clean but the true test is the hairdryer! At this point when I dry my hair, that’s when the bad shampoo and conditioners show their true worth and my hair feels rough and sticks out. With the Smooth collection, my hair actually felt soft AND smooth!I tried it on my three year old daughter Paige because her hair seems to get tangled really easily so I need a really good conditioner! I was able to comb the tangles right out and I loved the way her hair smelled! When she cuddled up to me after her bath, the smell was as good as that baby smell I have been missing!I am thrilled to have found Herbal Essences smooth collection to use because it’s actually affordable, smells great and works!

Marlene Gallipolis Ferry, WV

Regular Shampoo

Well, it’s Herbal Essences. What do you expect? It will clean your hair and in my opinion leave it dry as hell. It smells good but for a cheap shampoo it is what it is. I only ordered this to get free super saver shipping.

Margo Clymer, PA

works best with the conditioner

This shampoo lathers up soooo thick and luxuriously. I loved the conditioner and thought I would buy the shampoo as well. In my experience, the shampoo works best with the conditioner. It does make my hair feel less weighed down, but it seems to make my hair a tad bit frizzy. When I used it in pair with the conditioner I didn’t have this problem, but I’ve tried it with two other conditioners and it isn’t as ideal. It feels like it really cleans your hair and washes free of residue. The shampoo smells amazing and the packaging of course is nostalgic and GREAT. My only suggestion is to make sure you buy this as a pair.

Queen Dell Rapids, SD

Reminds me of my youth, love this product

This review is on the product, not the seller. I used this shampoo/conditioning set when I was younger (and less picky about my hair) and I remember loving the smell. I didn’t notice that it went off the shelves as I’m ALWAYS switching up my hair care regime. I was reintroduced to the product this past summer at my parent’s vacation home and I got excited “I remember this stuff, it smells so good.” I used it throughout the vacation and remembered why I liked using it so much. When I ran out of my salon shampoo and conditioner this last time I decided to go the drug store route, like I said, I’m always switching it up, I got this product and I’ve been using it and love it! It’s a very light and gentle shampoo and conditioning set, smells good, and I love the way my hair feels afterward.

Michele Zionsville, IN

AHHH!! It’s back!!!

This is my most favorite shampoo/scent EVER! I look forward to washing my hair just so I can stand there in sniff the air haha.

Jasmine Atwood, TN

A great shampoo ive used this almost all my years 16-25

A great shampoo ive used this almost all my years 16-25 ! ! ,still love this in my shower my hair feels so clean.

Fern Callands, VA

Leaves hair like straw, nice scent.

This shampoo made my hair very dry and tangled. I got this because I remember using it as a kid, and really like the smell.

Angel Cross, SC

Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Shampoo

Doesn’t bother my allergies and smells good. Cleans hair fairly well and holds up all day, although you can tell its natural and not chemically fortified so you get what you get with natural shampoos.

Lakisha Loogootee, IL