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Herbal Essences Honey, I’m Strong Strengthening Shampoo 10.1 Fluid Ounce

Lush and exotic, our rejuvenating honey fragrance is fit for a queen, while the creamy formula helps repair damage to hair’s protective outer layer and replenish silkiness so you can reign on.

Key features

  • 10X Stronger in 1 Wash
  • With Honey Essences
  • Naturally Inspired: Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk and honey to preserve her youthful appearance
  • Intriguing ingredients; Incredible fragrances; Irresistibly touchable hair; Herbal Essences; Potent pleasure for all your senses
  • Honey, I’m Strong shampoo and conditioner strength against damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo

Honest reviews


Too many silicones, REALLY flat hair

I gave it 2 stars because it has a nicer smell that all the other too strong smelling HE shampoos and cond. although none really work for my hair anymore, their shampooe’s where better in the early 90’s now they weight your hair down. I was really disapointed I wanted to like this but ti didnt work out.Pros-smells ok, lathers wellCons-too many silicones, hair’s flat and weighted down. This is not for anyone with thin/fine hair.Come on HR I really want more shampoo choices but not with all the silicones and SUPER FLAT SAD HAIR 🙁

Dena Ayden, NC


I got this for my Daughter, she has curly hair and I thought I could use it also, we sometimes share, well, I had a nightmare experience when my daughter got out the shower and was trying to comb her hair is was matted and felt like the hair on a doll! she was crying, I had to put her back in the shower and re wash it using my Deep moister shampoo and had to use a deep conditioning treatment …I have used some of the lines and not had his happen perhaps it was a just weird reaction with my daughter, she has thick long wavy hair, so perhaps just not suited to that hair type.It does smell lovely though .

Hattie Port Carbon, PA

Doesn’t Work On My Hair

I was disappointed to find that this shampoo didn’t work well on my hair at all. It claims to be strengthening and nourishing, but nope…my hair was left extremely dry, brittle and coarse even after I applied a rich deep conditioner. I could hardly pull the comb through my hair afterwards. A waste of money and it is full of harsh chemicals.

Tracey Springboro, OH


Why are there so many low reviews? After using this shampoo and conditioner duo, my hair is shiny, strong, bouncy and beautiful. I love my hair SO much more after using this. My hair isn’t as flat anymore, and I feel more confident with my natural hair; I don’t feel like I have to straighten it or put it up every day. Used with Pantene BB creme, and Garnier Nutrisse Triple Moisture spray, your hair will be amazing in no time.

Loretta Grand River, OH

A Bottle of Wonderful

Saddened by the discontinue of Drama Clean. I have very difficult textured and natured hair. Most shampoos will actually remove hair along the hairline. Drama Clean is the only shampoo that won’t just keep hair on the head, but makes it really strong. I only imagine it’s because it’s purifying shampoo and keeps, at least my, hair folical clean so hair can grow and get strong. I ordered the Tea-Lightfully Clean in that I think it’s the upgrade to Drama Clean, but haven’t received it yet.So anyway, in the mean time, took a chance on Honey, I’m Strong. Worked!! If a shampoo will take out my hair, I know it within the first wash. Most of my hair is still intact, so I’m happy! Smells good and makes my temperamental hair manageable. I barely need hairspray. I also love the honey/apricot/cream, smell. 🙂 Showered hours ago and the shampoo smell is still lingering. This shampoo is a bottle of wonderful. 🙂

Freida Rice Lake, WI