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Herbal Essences Drama Clean Refreshing Hair Shampoo 23.7 Fl Oz

It’s so refreshing to meet someone like you! Come clean with Drama Clean normal hair Shampoo, fused with a combination of Citrus blossom and Green Tea for hair that is renewed, refreshed and ready to go. Get light, lush locks with all the lather, but none of the gunk. This little soap opera isn’t over yet! After lathering up with this normal hair Shampoo, try the equally fresh-headed Conditioner.

Key features

  • Why we love it: With Botanical Silk. Shampoo cleans to reveal natural shine.
  • We’re ready to come clean Want us to let you in on a little secret? Lather up with this light formula and a daily dirt build-up is as good as gone.
  • School the drama. Put oil and dirt in its place. After Shampooing, try Drama Clean Refreshing Conditioner to keep your hair smooth all day long, without the extra weight.
  • 0% Heavy Buildup.
  • With Citrus Extract
  • The makers of Clairol Herbal Essences do not manufacture private label brands.

Honest reviews


Good Shampoo

I must have weak hair shafts because almost any shampoo will make my hair fall out around the top of the hairline. It’s become so predictable that I cringe before I buy shampoo because I never know which one is going to make my hair fall out in hunks. Thank God, mercifully, it always grows back, but it’s a bit frightening.So in a search to make my hair stop doing that, I tried this one. To be honest, I didn’t expect much, it was just on sale and I noticed that it said that it does not have the same ingredients as the other shampoos – that it is more green.So I tried it. And it worked. It worked darned good, actually. So I continued to buy it for months and my hair started growing back in and stayed in.Then, CVS and Walgreens stopped carrying it. In it’s place, was some Fructis stuff that had a like colored bottle, and claimed to be CLEAN, but it does not work the same as I began to lose hair again.So I found it on Amazon, thank God, AGAIN 🙂 LOL, and this time, I bought the big bottle and I pray to God that Amazon won’t stop carrying this stuff because it really the only shampoo I can use.The only con I can say is that for people who don’t wash their hair every day, this can pull your hair down and make it look downright “grungy” on the third day. It might be the lack of the stuff in other shampoos that keep your looking clean, otherwise. So, with some people, if you usually only wash your hair every other day, this will be fine – your won’t forget I can tell you, your hair will look dirty enough to grow a pound of turnips! 🙂 But until then, it works really good. It just won’t be possible for those who shower daily, but only wash their hair once or twice a week. Your friends will stop hanging out with you. Your boyfriend will leave you and the Safety Officer at your work will have a very “delicately phrased” meeting with you. Your mother will hold your down and scrub your head again like she did when you were 11!! 🙂 :)So as long as you remember that, I say it beats most brands hands down.

Bernadette Tridell, UT

Not my favorite Herbal Essences shampoo

While I expect a clerifying shampoo to be a little harder than other shampoos, I found this to be very harsh on my hair. My hair is actually on the oily side and still I found even using a conditioner along side, my hair felt drier than usual. I also did not enjoy the scent at all. Which says a lot because usually Herbal Essence is known for their nice smelling products. This one is actually rather gross!

Ana Omaha, TX


Ok…so I tried this one. I read a review saying it cleans better than prell. I still use my prell but this stuff is awesome! Smells great, clarifies and lathers well. I can’t find it in that many stores. I don’t know why. Next order is going to be this one because it’s sensational and, for some reason, hard to locate. I hope they don’t change the formula because it cleans so well! Go Herbal Essences! Nice product.

Susie Finland, MN

Very good clarifying shampoo with a great scent

I think this has become my new favorite clarifying shampoo. Works very well, gets all the crap out of my hair (squeaky clean), cleans my oily scalp and has a great but not overpowering scent.

Angeline Langley, KY

Really gets rid of the build-up!

Drama Clean is the best clarifying shampoo on the market right now, in my opinion. It does a marvelous job at getting rid of any product build-up and excess oils in my hair. I don’t use it daily; just a few times a week, depending on how many days I put mousse in my hair.

Jaclyn Leighton, IA

Good clarifying shampoo that didn’t dry out my hair

I have been looking for a clarifying shampoo for quite some time. I try not to use any shampoos with sulfates and of course this has sulfates in it. I wear my hair natural and the texture is tightly kinky/curly. So I was concerned that this shampoo may strip my natural hair and make it bone dry. Since I haven’t used sulfate shampoos in over a year, I prepped my hair by doing a pretreatment consisting of Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil for 30 minutes and then I proceeded to use this product. I was happy with my purchase of this product. My hair felt clean but not dry. My hair was soft and the scent is wonderful light fruity smell. Although I don’t use sulfate shampoos, this was worth the try and I will use this once a month from now on. I also cowash my hair with the Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship conditioner and I have good results with that product as well.

Lidia Fowler, CO