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Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Color Safe Shampoo 33.8 Fluid Ounce

Color Me Happy Shampoo for color-treated hair wants to keep your color radiant. Your color-treated hair will love this replenishing shampoo, infused with Moroccan rose and Passion Fruit nectar. This shampoo for color-treated hair will protect your locks and keep your hair healthy and truly radiant and that’s a sign of happiness.

Key features

  • Why we love it: With Botanical Silk. Shampoo cleans to reveal natural shine.
  • Come on get happy: Bring a smile to your face with a luscious does of radiance that helps protect your color-treated hair.
  • The makers of Clairol Herbal Essences do not manufacture private label brands.
  • With Rose Extract
  • 50% More Shine* Vibrant Color

Honest reviews



When I got this I was surprised…the shampoo is clear and smells (to me) like mildew in a way. The Color Me Happy that I buy at the grocery store is not clear (more opalescent) and smells so awesome. I dont know if this was a bad batch…but I am probably not going to chance buying another ever again. My hair smells ghetto. Awesome.

Shelly Brainerd, MN

Lovely smell, excellent price

This is good shampoo. I use shampoo for hand washing clothing and for bathing – body wash hurts my skin but not shampoo. The price is excellent with subscribe and save.

Glenda Farnsworth, TX


This smells sooo good and washes nice leaving your hair clean and shiny and your highlights looking great and holding the color longer than a regular shampoo! Shipped very fast and love it has a pump!

Sondra Mc Neil, AR

This is my ish!!

I truly love this conditioner and I used to only use Paul Mitchell conditioner and when I was feeling cheap Pantene. Once I tried this it not only left its scent in my hair for two days but it left it soft and manageable. I use this as a conditioner and a leave in. I will admit that I dont use the shampoo but that is because I only co-wash my because I have a lot of curly unruly hair. It kind of even gives a soft hold to my hair with minimal frizz no this is not a magical product or even a miracle in a bottle but it does give great results. It however does promote hair color to last longer lol or at least mine. I dye my hair red and I still have to dye my hair every two to three months, but anyone with red dyed hair knows that red dyes bleed and fade quicker than any other color. I will only use this conditioner from here on and out and have now for a year. I am glad to see my grocery store got these amazing pump bottles. Great Buy!!!

Herminia Oklee, MN

Will continue to use this on my hair. No issues so far.

se this all of the time. Very happy with the price, and the quality of this product. It smells great and works great on my dry curly hair

Jamie Colquitt, GA

Great value

I highlight my hair and try to always use a shampoo for color-treated hair. I like this one because of the smell and texture, and the jumbo bottle is a great value. Much cheaper than it would be in stores.

Ola Mabton, WA