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Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Conditioner By Alberto Vo5, 15 Ounce

Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Conditioner by Alberto VO5 for Unisex – 15 oz Conditioner

Key features

  • Silky Experiences Champagne Kiss Conditioner by Alberto VO5 for Unisex – 15 oz Conditioner
  • Silky Experiences Champagne Kiss Conditioner by Alberto VO5 for Unisex

Honest reviews


Nice conditioner!

I was looking for a lightweight conditioner that would not weigh my hair down and add to its oiliness. This conditioner is all that and a bag of chips! Very lightweight yet provides enough slip to de-tangle afterward for brushing. I use this after the matching shampoo and my hair is light, nice, and fresh! The scent is very nice, too. Can’t beat the price!

Aline Collins, MO

Great cleansing Conditioner

I’ve purchased all sorts of conditioners. From v05 kiwi lime, to $30+ a bottle ChiMy new favorate is v05 line, at usually about $1 a bottle.v05 uses no silicones and is curly girl friendly. My hair never felt better. It can be used with shampoo, or as a conditioner only method. Add a little to water and have a leave in conditioner!The best part, besides the health of my hair, is the scents. You cannot find better scented conditioners. Kiwi lime is one of my favorites.

Raquel Pinehurst, ID

Good Conditioner

Very nice conditioner works awesome on my hair or extensions. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Yes I would recommend to others.

Jordan Beloit, OH

very nice!!

smells wonderful!!! and although its not considered a co wash it is still a very cleansing and low poo conditioner that works very well!! the slip was amazing and so was the consistency. I would recommend for a refreshing and cleansing co wash that is very inexpensive might i add. Only a buck or less this cant be beat and it left my hair sooo soft and clean.

Audrey Covington, OH

VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Conditioner

I’ve been on a positive “roll” (so to speak) using the VO5 conditioners. Although I really love their Moisture Milks line, this one is a great light conditioner that I’ve used in conjunction with its sister shampoo.I was initially worried that because this fragrance is a clarifying product, my hair would be left feeling stripped. However my worries were for nothing – the conditioner used after a coconut oil pre-poo & shampoo with the VO5 Kiwi Lime, left my hair feeling soft & clean (but not that awful squeeky clean feeling). I haven’t used the condish solely for a co-wash but plan to try it during the summer.I also want to comment on the price gouging of this product – I hope that those who’d really like to try it can find it on the ground because $5+ for a bottle that one can find for less than $1 is RIDICULOUS & unfair. This product can also be bought on-line from Dollar Tree (buy a case for $6!!), Rite-Aid & CVS.

Antonia Pickrell, NE