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Henna Maiden VIBRANT WINE RED Hair Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

Henna Maiden Hair Dye is “Nature’s Way to Cover Grey”. Henna & Herbs that’s it! Our Henna Maiden Hair Dye is a gift from nature with 10 mixable shades to create an infinite range of colors . Want rich, luscious, shiny hair that dazzles everyone? Henna coats the hair shaft so it always looks natural and translucent, especially in the sun! Your hair will be stronger, healthier and more manageable with tons of shine and bounce! Henna will smooth split ends, protect from the elements and cleanse the scalp promoting hair growth. All of our Henna Maiden Hair Dyes are FDA approved for use on your hair, do not contain any metal salts, peroxide, PPD’s or harsh chemicals. That means no more burning and no more health risks associated with chemical hair dyes. Once you try it you’ll never go back! Henna Maiden is Vegan of course! Our easy 1 Step method means no complicated mixing of multiple powders and herbs, we have created the perfect blend; you simply add water, mix and apply the dye! HENNA MAIDEN Hair Dye kit includes 100 Grams of finely sifted organic Henna & herbs, gloves, hair cap and application instructions. We ship same day on orders placed Monday – Friday before 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) from our office and warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are a proud family owned business for the past 15 years. Any questions just give us a call or send us a message. Thank you! NOTE: Short Hair = 1/3 – 1/2 Package (30 – 50 grams), Neck Length = 1 Package (100 grams), Shoulder Length = 1.5 to 2 Packages (150 – 200 grams), Mid Back Length = 2 to 3 Packages (200 – 300 grams), Waist Length = 3 to 4 Packages (300 – 400 grams) • Do not use in the area of the eye • Do not use on cut or abraded scalp

Key features

  • Naturally adds color, shine, body and manageability, “Nature’s Way to Cover Gray®”
  • Safe, Natural, Cruelty Free and Made with Organic Ingredients.
  • Color lasts 4 – 8 weeks before beginning to fade naturally. You may re-apply as often as needed, when new root growth is visible, or as it begins to fade
  • Easy to use, just add water, mix & apply. (product cannot lighten dark hair)
  • FREE application kit includes gloves, cap and instructions.

Honest reviews


Very happy with this!

I can’t use regular dyes because they turn my hair to straw and it takes months to recover; it also tends to be expensive because my hair, while fine, is long (waist-length). I used one package of dye, adding an egg as suggested for additional conditioning and drying as suggested for 10 minutes when finished. I am delighted with the color – it is, as promised, a burgundy/wine red! The color has not bled at all (four days in) and did darken at little over the first 48 hours to it’s current, stable color.It was easy to mix and apply, though I recommend using other gloves and a sturdier shower cap if you have them. The straw smell is quite strong – definitely cut it with some essential oil before applying to ease it off a bit! The scent faded after about 24 hours, though. I will definitely be using this brand again and recommending it to others – my hair came out soft and healthy, with no off-coloring or orange tints at all.

Veronica Cut Off, LA


First of all the customer service is AMAZING! The product is sooo cool it turned out the color of the pic! Yes it smells like henna and henna smells like henna it’s natural; I don’t mind the smell at all. It is an unusual smell considering I am used to overly synthetic smells, but it definitely grew on me which is saying a lot b/c I don’t like the smells at health food stores! I didn’t add any additional ingredients except for the necessary ones. I left it in for 2 hours and the color was a very awesome wine red. The shower cap is nice the size is really good. I have choppy almost mid back hair and I only needed one packet if that, but I used two and so MUCH leftover! If you go out everyday or work use this on a weekend, if you are a stay at home mom and don’t have to go out use it on a Monday to give it time to work the color out of your scalp. I thought my face was going to be stained b/c I got it on my cheeks (and my skin is SOOO dry) but it came right off without really any effort (even after the two hours). My hair is still running when I wash it however, I expected that I just make sure I dry it thoroughly when I am done so the color doesn’t transfer to anything; I do recommend either using a towel you don’t care about or that you can bleach b/c you will need to wrap your hair up in it to catch initial drips until it stops running. Also I wanted to note I used lime juice b/c I was out of anything else and it worked fine. I have been using conditioner to wash my hair but I am getting ready to switch back to coconut milk…so if you haven’t tried the “no poo method” now is a great time to start. All in all a million stars if I could but I will leave 5 since it’s all I can leave. THANKS!

Tanisha Bullock, NC

love this stuff forever !

I have very happy henna hair I have used it three times. Once with just the natural red , then I got the wine red and mixed the two. I get alot of compliments on my hair. Almost daily it looks like it could almost be a natural color for me, as my real color is a golden very warm light brown . I think I will continue to use this , I think it really is helping my hair ,,, messy but it is so worth it

Earlene Rineyville, KY

Loved it

I love it. My hair was black so the results were not like the picture, but I liked the color I got anyways.I recommend applying henna in the kitchen sink, not in a white bath tub!I read other reviews saying that the henna tinted the towel and stuff. Well, it is the same as you use regular dye, I guess? I have used L’oreal, Revlon and all those products and I always have color coming out after one or two weeks.The henna color did drip when I washed my hair a couple of days later, but it didn’t stain my towel or bath.After you apply the color and wash the hair following the instruction in the packet, my hair did feel dry and rough. But I applied conditioner and it went back to normal. Some other reviewer complained about having to use conditioner because her hair was to dry. Well, don’t people use conditioner anyway? So I don’t know what that was about. You HAVE to use conditioner regardless of using henna or not. I apply Macademia or Moroccan oil to style my hair and it feels soft and it makes it shine.The packet comes with gloves and a cap, thank God, because I had nothing at home. However, I recommend buying your own. The gloves are not good quality and kept coming off, thus my hands got stained. Nothing major, though. The color washed off in one or two days.

Nellie West Lebanon, IN


Love the wine red henna.. Came out a pretty red auburn on my African American hair.. Cover the gray nicely .. The grays came out a little red but I love it.. I boil hot water and added olive oil and hair conditioner in the henna ,, I let the henna sit for an hour before I used it.. I let the henna sit in my hair for 2 hours than I was my hair with a clarifying shampoo than I deep condition my hair for an hour than I wash my hair with a protein conditioner 3 more times to make sure all the henna was washed out.. Than I air dried my hair.. Than I got my hair straighten at hair salon next day with a blow dryer.. My hair felt thick.. No shedding.. Color was a red auburn High lite in my hair.. By the way I had left over I high lites in my hair my last summer.. Trying not to put chemicals in my hair any more.. Ohhhh FYI.. I also added one egg to the henna as well.. My first henna.. Next time I will try and play around with different ingredients to add to my henna

Kitty Orogrande, NM

Red Wine Info

I was so excited to receive this red wine henna hair dye. I ordered 2 packets since my hair is mid-back, but I think I would have been fine with 1 1/2. I have tried several types of dyes such as Lush henna blocks (low end dye and not worth the price), Light Mountain (favorite next to this brand, inexpensive and does average job); however, Henna King is my new all time favorite.Pros: beautiful color as promises, great price and overall coverageCons: expect bleeding for a few days (not a horrible con trust me you can live with it)The consistency of this henna is a lot smoother then most if you know how to make it correctly. It goes on smooth but can be messy and stains skin quickly. I received full/even coverage although I started with medium brown hair with light brown/blonde highlights throughout with dry blonde-ish ends. The color is as promised and is a wine red with no orange. I would only note that the color only stains your hair, you will have the EXACT tone of color red as your normal hair color.IE. if you have blonde hair expect a brighter red, if you have deep dark tones expect a deeper and darker red.Overall I am very pleased and plan on ordering this brand again. Hope this info helps. Enjoy your vibrant red hair 🙂

Tricia Spicer, MN

Love this dye!

I absolutely love this dye. I had never tried henna before but since I have been looking for a more permenant shade of vibrant red I figured I would try it. The color came our beautifully (my had was bleached prior to coloring), and only took about 3 hours to set in. However, it did take about 2 hours just to apply the dye so if you aren’t a patient person you may want to think twice. The product is so much better for my hair then re-dying it with a chemical color every other week. This faded in about a month to a more of a rust colored red, but still very natural looking. I loved it so much that I actually just bought 4 more bags!!! Can’t wait to touch it up and not have to worry about it killing my hair. 😀

Gabriela Medford, MN