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Henna Maiden ENVIOUS BLACK Hair Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

Henna Maiden Hair Dye is “Nature’s Way to Cover Grey”. Henna & Herbs that’s it! Our Henna Maiden Hair Dye is a gift from nature with 10 mixable shades to create an infinite range of colors . Want rich, luscious, shiny hair that dazzles everyone? Henna coats the hair shaft so it always looks natural and translucent, especially in the sun! Your hair will be stronger, healthier and more manageable with tons of shine and bounce! Henna will smooth split ends, protect from the elements and cleanse the scalp promoting hair growth. All of our Henna Maiden Hair Dyes are FDA approved for use on your hair, do not contain any metal salts, peroxide, PPD’s or harsh chemicals. That means no more burning and no more health risks associated with chemical hair dyes. Once you try it you’ll never go back! Henna Maiden is Vegan of course! Our easy 1 Step method means no complicated mixing of multiple powders and herbs, we have created the perfect blend; you simply add water, mix and apply the dye! HENNA MAIDEN Hair Dye kit includes 100 Grams of finely sifted organic Henna & herbs, gloves, hair cap and application instructions. We ship same day on orders placed Monday – Friday before 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) from our office and warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are a proud family owned business for the past 15 years. Any questions just give us a call or send us a message. Thank you! NOTE: Short Hair = 1/3 – 1/2 Package (30 – 50 grams), Neck Length = 1 Package (100 grams), Shoulder Length = 1.5 to 2 Packages (150 – 200 grams), Mid Back Length = 2 to 3 Packages (200 – 300 grams), Waist Length = 3 to 4 Packages (300 – 400 grams) • Do not use in the area of the eye • Do not use on cut or abraded scalp

Key features

  • Naturally adds color, shine, body and manageability, “Nature’s Way to Cover Gray®”
  • Safe, Natural, Cruelty Free and Made with Organic Ingredients.
  • Color lasts 4 – 8 weeks before beginning to fade naturally. You may re-apply as often as needed, when new root growth is visible, or as it begins to fade.
  • Easy to use, just add water, mix & apply. (product cannot lighten dark hair)
  • FREE application kit includes gloves, cap and instructions.

Honest reviews


Man’s Point of View.

First off -I am a 33-yr-old man. I have short black hair (clark kent style). From time to time I notice some ‘light brown’ spots, depending on the lighting and how I comb it. Hence, my decision to try this ORGANIC dye.It DOES smell. IF you are spanish, but if not and have tried them, you can relate the smell to TAMALES. The banana tree leaf they are wrapped in (after cooked, of course).RESULTS -* I left it on for two (2) hours.* It seems my hair was already black enough; No extravagant results were noticed.* It had a ‘straightening’ effect. My hair’s wavy and abundant; now it seems flatter.* While it is very soft (perhaps from adding Jamaican black Castor Oil to mix) I am having a bit of a hard time styling it.* I didn’t have a hard time rinsing it off. Keep in mind I have short hair.* Smell stayed on for a day or two, not a big deal* Hair looks healthy and very natural and shiny.I had no chemical reaction or allergies from it. Some people may react even to natural products; peanuts and shell fish, for instance.***Package reads ‘it won’t stain skin’. Since the plastic gloves rip off easily, you may want to apply with bare hands for better coverage while applying mixture onto hair. I will try that on my next application and give feedback regarding staining skin.

Pat Bovill, ID

I Hate This Stuff!!!

I wish I could give this no stars. I wanted a healthy alternative for dye. I always dyed my hair so I decided to get something without chemicals. I followed the directions and went to wash it out and my hair was the same color as before. It was no lighter or darker. Not only that but I stayed under the water for 25 minutes trying to remove the product from my hair and if was still left in my hair it took 3-4 washes to remove the product. I will never again purchase this…

Jody Little River, KS

This product reached my expectation

This natural product free of chemicals reached my expectation. It covered my grays perfectly. It leaves a little dryness but all you have to do is add moisture to your hair. It lasted 6 weeks, then I only have to retouch my roots.

Ofelia Fredonia, NY

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

This is a good, vegan alternative to dying hair, which is the reason I bought it. With that, seems to come a few sacrifices of luxury. The first being that it takes twice as much, or longer, time than it normally does to dye your hair if you were using a different product you got at a store.It’s a bit uncomfortable to sit around with a big goop on your head in a cap for two+ hours, especially because I found this to be a very messy, and fairly smelly process. It felt like I was rubbing mud into my head.I’m a bit disappointed that it didn’t come out as black as I had hoped, but I also did not add any salt into it, nor am I sure I did it perfectly according to the directions. However, it is an even, and natural-looking black. The last store-bought, non-vegan brand I used gave my hair an unnatural red tint that this Henna Maiden brand fixed, so I’m happy about that.This product seems like one that takes a bit of practice, but I do think it’s worth the effort, overall, if you’re interested in moving over to more earth-friendly and less cruel practices.

Ana New Hope, KY

Not A Fan

I have been using Henna King Wine Red hair dye for the better part of a year now, and gotten the process down pretty well.Looking to dye my hair black for ComiCon, I grabbed a packet of this. I was not impressed with the results. The henna did not mix up or apply nearly as nicely as the stuff I usually use, and it was significantly harder to wash out completely. It left more staining than I am used to on sinks and other things it came in contact with, as well.Most frustratingly, my hair did not come out black. A dark chestnut brown, yes, but definitely not anything close to a proper black. (My natural hair color is light brown, and I had let the red wash/fade out most of the way before dying with this.) It was worth a shot, but not something I will use again.

Marlene Vallejo, CA

Faded weirdly

As a first time henna user I know the results will be a little different, but the color didn’t even look like black when I washed it out. It was more of a dark gray color. And when it started to fade there were spots that almost looked green. In the end I went back to using a chemical color for the black parts of my hair as the henna didn’t get nearly as dark as I would have liked and I didn’t like how it faded to a funky green swamp color.

Muriel Isanti, MN