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Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer, 17 Fluid Ounce

Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer is enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil and blended with natural extracts to provide dramatic skin hydration and nourishment to help improve the health and condition of skin. Hemp Seed Oil is one of nature’s richest sources of Essential Fatty Acids and Key Amino Acids containing natural proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, vital for healthy skin conditioning. Paraben Free. Gluten Free. 100% Vegan.

Key features

  • Seche Vite Professional Kit 4 ounce Refill and 1/2ounce
  • Leaves the nail silky feeling, stronger, more durable
  • Durable finish which is guaranteed not to yellow
  • Creates the highest gloss of any product on the market today
  • Seche Vite will naturally thicken

Honest reviews


Moisturizes well but scent is VERY strong (too strong)

I have used a Hempz cream in the jar before that I received as a gift, so I thought I was safe in ordering the lotion version as the description mentions nothing about the extremely strong, floral scent. One reviewer mentioned that she didn’t like the scent, but as it wasn’t specific and so many others wrote about how great this is–I ordered it. I cannot use it as the scent is SO strong it actually makes me a bit queasy… it smells like old floral (perhaps from the jasmine mentioned in the ingredients very far down), but for a lotion that you use all over your body it permeates everything including adding the scent to your clothing, as well. It is a nice moisturizer and absorbs well, but at the expense of making the wearer smell so strong it caused a comment from someone nearby. I see that they now have one with pomegranate and almond. Perhaps that will smell less strong, but this definitely does not match the scent of the Hempz cream in the jar.

Kerri East Kingston, NH

Should I be worried about ….

I looked up what Cannabis saltiva seed oil is and it says on wikipedia and other websites that “Its seeds are chiefly used to make hempseed oil which can be used for cooking, lamps, lacquers, or paints. They are also used as caged-bird feed, for it is a moderate source of nutrients for most birds. The flowers (and to a lesser extent the leaves, stems, and seeds) contain psychoactive and physiologically active chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that are consumed for recreational, medicinal, and spiritual purposes. When so used, preparations of flowers (marijuana) and leaves and preparations derived from resinous extract (hashish) are consumed by smoking, vaporizing and oral ingestion. “I don’t want anything to do with weird stuff like marijana or anything or have my family around it. I already bought 2 bottles of this stuff, but I don’t know if I should return it or not. Will this have negative effect on our body in anyway?can anyone answer?

Meredith Dustin, OK

This lotion smells horrible

First, the lotion was leaking out of the top when I opened the package. Secondly, tt smells so bad I will not use it. I considered returning it, but with the costs and the trouble involved, it just wasn’t worth it. Lesson learned, buy a product you are familiar with. I purchase alot online, but never cosmetics or toiletries again.

Bettye Indian, AK


After reading the reviews I ordered this thinking it was a good moisturizer. It does smell nice but perhaps I am spoiled after using Yves Rocher’s handcare line for cold weather.The Hempz is a mixture of cheap ingredients and my skin isnt dry, its normal. I have tested this against the Yves Rocher and Cetaphil and Hempz gave a flimsy greasy feeling to the skin.So I gave this two stars because it smells nice and its a good price. But you get what you pay for. I ended up throwing this out.

Lee Carterville, MO

Good, but not great

This lotion does have a great smell. It reminds me of a Bath and Body Works scent that I can’t put my finger on. Sweet Pea, maybe?It’s a fine moisturizer, but doesn’t last that long. I use it all over my body after my shower, and the next day, I can see dry skin on my legs and arms again. I won’t be buying again.

Fay Glen Arm, MD

Want to smell like a fruit smoothie? This is your lotion.

I’m surprised by all the positive reviews of this lotion. I cannot get past the smell. Who *wants* to smell like strawberry banana? Please, comment – help me understand. Right on the back it states that it is “soft breezy floral, strawberry and banana” scented. I should have read through the reviews more carefully – I will never use this, no matter how moisturizing! Blech.

Ofelia Mountlake Terrace, WA


this lotion is good stuff it really moisturizes and it smells good..what more can u ask for

Cara Ridgeway, WI


When I first used this product I had a problem with shrinkage too. The secret to perfect nails is to apply Seche Vite quickly over the STILL WET second coat of polish.I haven’t had a problem since I started doing this. A wonderful top coat with a high gloss finish. I love it!!!!!

Jane Riverview, FL

Best Lotion Ever!

If you are looking for a pleasant smelling quick absorbing multi-purpose lotion, this is it. Mild enough for your face, the results will amaze you… Apply and let it absorb prior to make-up and at night. You will never need another face lotion…

Nelda Fairlawn, OH

Great product

I absolutely love the smell of this lotion. It makes your skin very soft. I definitely recommend this product to everyone.

Yesenia Barton City, MI

like every other lotion

feels good but i don’t really see a big difference from other lotions (nivea,vaseline,dove)….once you get under the shower you can tell your skin was covered with something soft and moisturizing…smells nice…

Nita Bushland, TX

My favorite moisturizer

I have tried a large number of moisturizers because I have dry skin. I like putting the moisturizer on before I go to bed don’t like strong smells as they distract me and keep me awake.Hempz is perfect. It has a light pleasant smell that does not overwhelm. The label describes the perfume as cucumber and jasmine, and I can detect that in a very mild way. It is not greasy at all, and has a very nice texture – easy to spread. My most problematic area used to be my heels. They had cracked skin and hurt. But not any more! I use Hempz on my heels after each shower and now my heels are soft and smooth, and no cracked skin.I like:1) Moisturizes very well2) Wonderful scent, pleasant and very light3) Not greasy4) Excellent texture and consistency – comes out easy out of the bottle but not runny5) Very nice pump delivery system, works even when the bottle is practically emptyI don’t like:1) Nothing!Bottom line: Hempz become my favorite moisturiser. I will definitely be buying more.

Leah Marquette, WI

Great product, great price, great vendor

A coworker introduced me to this hand lotion, and I loved it because it was non-greasy and well absorbed into the skin. There were some comments regarding counterfeit product on the market, but this vendor appears to have sent me the real article, with each bottle nicely shrink-wrapped and packaged. I doubt it was counterfeit and it feels and smells just like my coworker’s. I liked the smell, which is one of the reasons I ordered 3 bottles, but now I tend to agree with one of the reviewers who said the smell reminded them of bubble gum! Still a decent smell, but I loved the fact that it is non-greasy….I can apply it and still turn a door knob, etc! LOL Good stuff.

Amy Ainsworth, NE

Great lotion if you spray tan

I spray tan and your not supposed to use any lotions with oil and other ingredients so when my airbrush shop told me this was a good alternative I jumped on line to buy it. It is much cheaper than the products sold at my airbrush shop and is cheaper to buy on amazon than at Ulta which is the only place I found it. Also, the Herbal smell is amazing! I only use it on my body not my face! I wouldn’t recommend putting on your face I use my normal moisturizers I buy specifically for my face 🙂

Clara Waterville, WA


This stuff: let me tell you! It is DIVINE! It smells like warm hemp milk, and makes your skin smoother than a baby’s bottom! Excellent for people with sensitive skin, and free of THC. No, this is not pot lotion. It’s hemp lotion. Trust me, there is a difference.

Karla Ideal, SD


it has a great smell to it but the moisturizing part of it is just average. it definitely works buts not as good as say gold bond or cerave. it also is kind of greasy compared to other lotions,

Tracey Clontarf, MN

So Good!

I love this lotion. It smells really good and it makes my hands feel so soft. The smell is just right, men and women can use it because it isn’t a flower smell. My husband likes it too.

Brandy Burlington, KS

Truly Excellent

I came here to buy another bottle of this amazing moisturizer and decided to share a product review.I absolutely LOVE this moisturizer. It feels and smells amazing. It works so well. I re-order this whenever I start to run low. Get it, try it, enjoy it!

Elva Milltown, IN

Caresses Your Skin

I love this lotion. It slides and glides on and gently caresses your skin. It is not greasy or heavy and your skin will readily absorb it. It has a pleasant aroma and is a Godsend for your skin!

Keri Blairs Mills, PA

The best!

I love, love, love this stuff. It’s light but it moisturizes really well and my skin feels so smooth for hours and hours after. It smells like strawberry banana and the scent isn’t too strong, in my opinion. I want to try their other scents, but I have a feeling I will always come back to this one. It’s the best one so far.

Billie Greentown, IN


Hempz Herbal Moisturizer works great in the wintertime when our skin needs the most protection. It gives off a slight scent of strawberries that’s not really a distraction to me but not everyone will enjoy the smell. My skin feels really good the next day after using it, and that’s honestly the only result I was looking for. I’m just happy it works so great. Highly recommended.

Augusta Macon, NC

Awesome lotion

I live in CO and so it is very, very dry. This lotion is incredible. I would find a store that carries this brand to smell all of the scents first (then buy on Amazon as this price is incredible!!!) since that seems to be the main complaint on here. I just went to my eye doctor who shares an office, I’m assuming, with a skin center. They have all the different types of Hempz in a display case. I had just gotten it from Amazon and loved it so I was curious and checked the price. They were selling this particular size and scent for like $20-25. So there ya go! There is a DEFINITELY fragrance even to the regular. So if you’re sensitive to smells, buy it here, but do check out the fragrances first somewhere. I happen to this it smells great. But they have others to choose from.

Nona Wright, AR

Love this stuff

I get dry skin from time to time and this stuff works great. I know it inst really to “manly” but when your skin hurts from being dry like from snowboarding all day or getting sun burnt, you gotta do something! it smells decent but works fast and gets that skin healthy again

Sandy Newton Hamilton, PA

The one and only lotion

The one and only lotion. Very hydrating and great smell. I give these as gifts and not one girl would not want this lotion. Also much better price on Amazon than at Ulta

Jenifer Brooklyn, PA

Smells soooooo goooooood

I like this lotion because it does everything a lotion is supposed to do and has a fresh, slightly "peachy" scent.

Bertie Sanders, MT

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer Travel Size

Such a perfect little bottle to tuck in my purse or golf bag, this is a great way to take my favorite moisturizer wherever I go!

Brittany Loveland, OK

Smells and moisturizes even better

I really love this lotion. It has a great scent, and it moisturizes even better. I love that it is made with organic oil, as I try to stick with products that are organic. My husband and I both it use daily, it is good for your entire body. The best part about it is that its not oily. I don’t like lotions that are oily and leave your skin feeling greasy. This lotion does not do that. The only person that didnt like the smell is my son, his a teenager and he says that it smells a bit girly, which in a way it does, hence the reason I only gave the item 4 stars. The packaging is very good as the bottle is sturdy and doesn’t get clogged when pumping. I purchased this lotion on August 05, 2013 and it’s now November 15, so it did last quite sometime. It was used regularly. I would recommend this lotion.

Eugenia Glencoe, MO

Good stuff

I love how this smells, the fragrance is very light. It is very moisturizing but not too thin or too thick and absorbs perfectly. It is not irritating to the skin like some lotions can be. I’ve also bought the pomegranate and honestly, I like both. makes my skin nice and soft after the shower.

Elisa Conesus, NY

This is my favorite!

The Hempz (marijuana leaf) line is such a great product! NO it does not smell of dope… but it does have a great scent! My friend bought for me as a birthday gift and I have been using it ever sense! I recommend it!

Latoya Waterford, ME

Best lotion ever!

This is seriously the best lotion ever! It deeply moisturizes but does not leave a sticky feeling once it has dried. The original formula smells great–like bananas–and moisturizes better than any other lotion I have tried. I have very sensitive skin and am prone to eczema, and this not only does not irritate my skin, but helps keep eczema at bay. Amazon has the best pricing available for this item. At other beauty stores in runs upwards of $20.

Candy Siloam Springs, AR