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Hempz Citrus Blossom Herbal Body Moisturizer, 17 Ounce

Hempz Citrus Blossom Herbal Body Moisturizer is enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil

Key features

  • and blended with natural extracts to
  • provide dramatic skin hydration and
  • nourisment to help improve the health and condition of skin

Honest reviews


Wrong Product/Confused

I order this product in Citrus Blossom , I received Vanilla Plum. I also received an email that Citrus Blossom was being shipped to me, which was very weird considering as I received the package today with the wrong lotion and the email I received today stated the correct lotion was being shipped to me today… its all very confusing… The lotion got today in the post , I cannot even return because it was damaged and exploded all over the extremely poor packaging. So that product is trash as the packaging of it broke and the lotion needed to be thrown out.So I am guessing someone shipped me the wrong product and the correct product was on back order which is what shipped today according to the email but I cannot even correct their error as their packaging was so poor I cannot return the wrong lotion. Not very pleased with the confusion … as of now I had to check that I did not get double charged… its all a lot of unnecessary confusion for lotion I know… that is what I thought as well. … I buy many things off amazon but I do not think I will buy from this seller again…Lets just hope when the proper lotion comes in that it makes it to my door with out being damaged during shipping… lets hope for better shipping packaging.

Jolene Lamesa, TX

Hempz Citrus Blossom Herbal Body Moisturizer, 17 Ounce

I really love Hempz brand lotions. I like that it’s light, yet moisturizing and long-lasting. My skin feels so good when I use this stuff. It smells strongly of oranges, but I don’t mind it, and it fades after a while. I probably will purchase a different scent next time. Nothing against Citrus Blossom, but I want to try them all.

Cora Fingerville, SC

Best light weight summer lotion

This is my favorite lotion to use in the spring/summer. It’s so lightweight, dries instantly, so you don’t feel like you are putting clothes on over sticky skin. Yet it keeps the skin moisturized all day long. I really hated the smell of the original Hempz, it was just too sugary sweet for me, but I loved the lotion itself, so I tried the citrus and plum and those are much more mild and pleasant smells with the same great texture and results! Highly recommend it, and you can’t beat the amazon price!

Glenna Silver Creek, GA

Smells Great!

I tried a sample of this at my beauticians office. I loved the smell so much that I immediately went to amazon and ordered it!

Gussie Fairlea, WV

Love this product

I love the Hempz moisturerizers. The fragrance is light and not overpowering. Hempz moisturizers are some of the best I’ve ever used.

Tori Victoria, KS

Not for me.

Firstly, I couldn’t stand the smell. To me it smelled like rotten oranges (but, my daughter loved it, so to each their own). I used it two times a day and noticed a build-up when I bathed. I feel like it coated my skin, but didn’t truly moisturize. Gave it away and continued my quest for a body lotion I could stand using.

Cecelia Hooker, OK

Great product, okay smell

This lotion is really nice. I’ve used Hempz before and love it. Works very well most of the year but I do tend to need a lot, or something stronger, in the dead of winter. The only thing I don’t love about this one is the scent. It’s just not for me. My boyfriend said it reminded him of pez candy or something. It’s just very, very sweet. I think I just prefer more mellow scents than this but the lotion itself works great!

Magdalena Arrey, NM

Love the product…

Hated the scent! Gave it away and went back to the original one, and now I love it again 🙂

Alyce Gallupville, NY



Britney Kettle River, MN


I absolutely love Hempz lotion! For awhile I was using their original scented lotion but decided to be a bit bold and try the citrus blossom one. As expected, my skin feels soft and smells delicious just after one use! To me, it smells just like fruit snacks. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it seems like the smell doesn’t last as long as the original.

Lupe Walters, OK

Smells and feels wonderful

I picked this up at a TJMaxx and it smells amazing! Yes, the smell is strong but it’s delightful. Makes my hands so soft. Really enjoy this.

Maricela La Grange, NC

Light body lotion with a bright fragrance – perfect for summer!

Hempz Citrus Blossom Herbal Body Moisturizer is a thin, lightweight lotion that applies smoothly and soaks in very quickly. My dry skin soaks it up like a sponge! It’s not quite strong enough for my needs in the winter, but I think that for someone with normal or oily skin this lotion would be a real winner.The fragrance is wonderful, too. If you’re a fan of sweet citrus fragrances, you’ll definitely like this one. It reminds me somewhat of orange creamsicles, but the fragrance leans more towards floral than to foodie.

Kaye Palmyra, ME

It does its job!

Received my bottle of Hempz swiftly (in two days; I’d like to thank the vendor Since 1901 and Amazon Prime, HAHA!)As for the lotion, I think its performance is like any other brand name lotion. It moisturizes and gets the job done. I like how quickly it absorbs! The Citrus Blossom scent has a slightly artificial scent, but I do appreciate that the citrus aspect of the scent is unmistakable! =DThe scent is strong and WILL stay noticeable for quite awhile. This can be a good thing or a bad thing- all dependent on your preferences. I bought this particular scent with the intent to match the quickly warming weather and so I don’t feel coated in the hot weather from using shea butter like I do in the winter. Though slightly artificial in fragrance, it’s still a pleasing scent.The lotion doesn’t soften me as well as others do which is surprising because there are silicones in the ingredient list. But honestly, all I’m looking for is quenched skin and the lotion does provide that.4 stars~ Thanks, Hempz!

Louella Niles, IL