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Hempz Body Butter, 1.5 Ounce

Body butter. Contains pure natural hemp seed oil. Nourishes and soothes skin.

Key features

  • Contains pure natural hemp seed oil
  • Hydrates skin
  • Nourishes and soothes skin

Honest reviews


Good, but not great

I wanted to love this product based on other reviews. Plus hemp was recommended to be for extremely dry skin. It does have a lovely, light scent. It is wonderful for regular dry skin, but really doesn’t make a difference for extremely dry skin like mine.I have hand/foot syndrome from chemo medication and the skin on my hands and feet can become so dry they will crack. I have to keep moisturizer on them constantly. Since I’ve been battling this side effect for over a year, I have tried everything! I will add this to list of items that I will not buy again.

Hattie Western Springs, IL

Excellent hebal skin care body butter!

I have a sore on my leg, and I use this skin care body butter on the sore every night, and the store has improved 50% so far, and I’m going to keep using it until the sore is gone. It’s not an open sore, but it was big and puffy, and now the puffiness is gone, and it is much smaller. Even my doctor said it looks much better.! This is a great product, with a lovely fragrance!

Mari Carrollton, IL

Nice body butter

This was one of the better body butters I have used. I prefer the original since it has less fragrance. I would purchase this again.

Ella Orleans, MA


this was great, I used a tanning bed and they recommended this for after tan lotion. WELL I didnt and I got so damn itchy!!!!! SO I bought this and WONDERFUL no more itch!!!! I love this stuff. and its not greasy and disgusting yet it is very moisturizing.

Allyson Greenville Junction, ME

Good Goop

This stuff is lightly scented, non-greasy and just a good general all-around goop. My wife has recently discovered it (and my Body Butter stash) and caused the monthly goop bill to go up. All good, I like her soft.

Elisa Harford, NY

Love this Body Butter

This is nice and thick but not greasy. It has a subtle but lovely smell to it. I’ve been using it for years.

Sophie Pedro Bay, AK

Nice change of pace

I have used the hemp hand lotion for years and was given a trial size of the body butter. I like it a lot–it has a nice scent and consistency. It really helps moisturize my skin. My only issue would be that it goes quick–8 oz last about a month. I was really happy to purchase it at a reduced price on Amazon. This is not my only lotion for the winter but it is a nice change.

Tina Centenary, SC

Hempz Moisturizer

I simply love this intense moisturizer. It is creamy, applies smoothly and stays with me all day. It also has a pleasant smell. I really like and will continue to purchase this product.

Amelia Patterson, CA

Hydrating but….

I don’t care for the scent. They have another scent called Citrus Blossom which has the best scent. Wish I got that one instead. It smells like cucumber-ish. Not bad at all, just not my favorite.On a positive note, it is definitely hydrating for dry skin. I will re-purchase in the Citrus Blossom next time.

Melanie Dalzell, IL

I love Hempz products but…..

I use the original body lotion by Hempz and love it. The smell is light and wonderful. The fact that it absorbs in quickly and isn’t greasy is also a plus. When I saw they had the original in body butter I thought how wonderful to have this for my extra dry skin in the winter. When it arrived the first thing I noticed is that it didn’t have that light sweet smell as the original lotion, it had more like a Crisco smell to it. It does still have a light scent, but nothing like the original body lotion. That aside, I still use it and it works wonders on my dry elbows, shins, etc. I just wish it smelled the same as the original. My bad for assuming Body lotion original and body butter original would smell the same.

Elaine Mayer, MN

This stuff is great!

I bought this before going to Hawaii based on the reviews that said it is good for sunburn. Well, I didn’t need it for that because I didn’t get sunburned. However, I found that it is really good for moisturizing dry skin. My back gets soooooo dry and it really helps restore moisture.

Alana Dane, WI

The BEST stuff ever!

If you haven’t tried HEMPZ herbal skin care, you don’t know what you’re missing. Its unabashedly the best skin cream ever.Feels like silk, not greasy. Softens skin on contact.

Molly Plymouth, NE

can’t stand the smell

This body butter does a fantastic job of moisturizing but unfortunately the scent is so overpowering it’s basically useless to me. It smells like cheap perfume so you have to use it very sparingly if at all. I’m a man so I especially don’t want to smell like perfume but I can’t imagine women liking this scent either. Because of the overwhelming smell I don’t like to apply it anywhere except my legs and even the only in small amounts. Applied too close to my face it becomes distracting. What’s frustrating is that I bought this because some body butter that I got from Bath and Body Works was also too heavily scented. The quest to find unscented body butter continues.

Elnora Battle Creek, MI

Nice stuff, but more like a body cream than body butter

The body butter has a nice “organic” scent, consisting of some green notes accented by just a hint of floral in the background. I noted that it contains jasmine and cucumber, so that would definitely explain the freshness of this scent. While some men might be scared off by anything with jasmine in it, I wouldn’t classify it as a floral scent at all and could easily be considered unisex. I absolutely love it – it’s not cloying at all.Although this product is rich in moisturizers, the consistency was not quite what I expected. I have used a lot of body butters and my favorites are always super thick, just like butter! Hempz body butter is more like a rich body cream, with a lighter whipped feeling. It’s softer to the touch and is not nearly as dense as say, The Body Shop Body Butters. Nonetheless, it is a great moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky, with a nice dewy glow to it. This body butter also has very good long term moisturizing capabilities, keeping my skin feeling moisturized all day. I also noticed that it’s very good at repairing dry, cracked skin on my feet.The scent is not as long lasting as some of my favorite body butters and doesn’t seem as intense once I apply it. I don’t really care in this case as I normally use fragrance anyhow. But I do know some women prefer strongly scented body moisturizers in lieu of perfume, so this probably wouldn’t work for them.

Elisa Bennett, NC

So disappointed – not for really dry skin

I buy a body butter from a spa in Portland, OR – but it’s incredibly expensive. I thought I’d try this instead – but it didn’t work out. This product burned when applied, and my skin was completely dry again less than 20 minutes later. I tried using it several times just to be sure I didn’t like it – it certainly doesn’t make my skin soft. I’m sure for people who mildly dry skin it might be enough, but I have VERY dry skin and this did nothing to help that.

Jeanette Dayton, WY

Hempz has good body butter, but not as good as The Body SHop

I bought the original Hempz body butter since it was a lot less expensive than The Body Shop brand. In my opinion, it is a little greasy feeling, even after you rubbed it in. After I use up this jar, I will go back to using The Body Shop body butter – worth the extra few dollars.

Eva Plainfield, OH