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Helen of Troy Professional Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Iron

Helen of Troy – 3/4 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush with Soft Grip Textured Handle – #1579R A Blow Dryer and Styling Brush in One! Styles and dries your hair without tangling. Features: – 3/4 inch Barrel for Full Bodied Curls – Rotating Vented Barrel Releases Tangle Free Curls – Removable Sleeve for Easy Cleaning – High/Low Heat Settings for All Hair Types – Textured Soft Grip Handle for a More Comfortable and Secure Feel – 8 Foot Tangle Proof Swivel Cord – Cool Tip – Flexible, Ball Tipped Bristles Gently Grip Hair, Softly Rest Against your Head – Barrel Locks in Place for Curling and Unlocks for Unwinding – Powerful 250 Watt Motor Dries Hair Quickly – Pro Guard Safety Plug with Test and Retest Functions for Immersion Shock Protection (#1579R)

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Great hot air brush

It help me when the weather is humid and my is frizzy. It straighten my hair and gives me great results. The sellet is prompt. Excellent service.

Erna Tama, IA

one of the best

I always use a hot air brush after my frizzy hair is 1/2 way dry. My old 1 is on it’s last leg so I got this one. I used it twice and I do like it , it work well, but as long as my old favorite 1 works I will use it.i

Connie Cold Spring, MN

Hot brush

I hadn’t bough one of these in a while. It works but I would never call it powerful, sorta loud, very cheesy. I maybe use it weekly or less, I don’t think it would stand up to everyday use.

Adeline Wingina, VA

Barrel doesn’t rotate, and drying functionality is minimal

I didn’t really like this. I have long, thick hair that has a very slight wave to it. Normally, after washing my hair, I blow-dry it and then either flat-iron it to make it sleek and glossy, or occasionally I take a curling iron to it. Often I do not blow-dry my hair completely, and pockets of it are very slightly damp. I was hoping I could use this hot air brush to not only dry those pockets of slightly damp hair, but also give the ends of my hair a little flip (and thus replace the flat-iron or curling iron). This hot air brush accomplished neither task. I would probably have had to spend upwards of twenty minutes to get this brush to dry my (slightly) damp hair. It also did not do anything in the way of adding a curl or even a flip to the ends of my hair, even after multiple, prolonged attempts. The hot air is not really hot enough to have any effect on thick or coarse hair. The only plus side is that it appeared to make my hair feel slightly softer.The brush also does not rotate, despite what the box and the description says. Maybe I got a defective product, but it did not rotate for me. Even if it had, I don’t think that would’ve helped.

Irene Groton, SD

Works wonders

My hair is thinning due to medications I am on–my hairdresser recently gave me layers and I was looking for an air brush with a smaller barrel. I read the reviews on this air brush and decided I would go with this brand–one I haven’t tried before. I was afraid the smaller barrel might be too small, but to my surprise and delight, it is perfect and gives me such beautiful curls and is so easy to use. It is definitely tangle free and dries my hair quickly and easily. Love not having to bother with a round brush and dryer. This just makes drying my hair such a breeze. It is lightweight and does not come in a clam shell. I let my hair air dry a while and then use the low setting and curling option. Great product for me and I would recommend it.

Kirsten Fairfax, SD

Simple wonderful

I have no talent using a round brush and hair dryer, but this hot air brush combines the two into one. What a great way to style your hair and I love the rubber brush. This is much better than bristles that do not hold my hair or just get tangled. Plus with the two temperture settings I can start with high and finish styling my hair on low. I no longer have to risk heat damage to have perfectly curly hair.

Janis Satsop, WA

Love this

I bought this Helen of Troy 1574 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush, White, 1 Inch Barrel for my mom and I was very impressed when I used it on my daughter just to show my mom how to use it, you can get nice curls and straight hair without having to spend a long time doing it.

Josephine Ashland, MA

It’s just O.K.

When I used this for the first time, I did not experience any kind of awakening and there was no soft euphoric hum in the background. What can I say, this dryer is just okay. I experienced a couple of tangles when in use and the bristles are way to soft to style with. If I had to do over, I would purchase something else.

Isabel Canton, MS

Finally No Hot Metal!

My hair is colored and highlighted. My last metal core hot-air brush (Conair 1000 watt) left my hair scorched and brittle. This Helen of Troy works perfectly to smooth and add a hint of curl and body. It is also much lighter in weight then my last one. And because this one is all plastic/rubber, no more scorching!!!

Glenda Birch Tree, MO

Magic wand for your hair.

I have moderately curly medium-length hair that’s cut into a bob. Curly is okay, but with the front of my hair being longer, it is really fun to scrunch up my curls in the back and then relax the front into a soft page-boy look – and this is the PERFECT tool to do that. I’ve tried ironing my hair before, but the result is too stick-straight for me, but this makes my hair straight without making it too straight, if you know what I mean. This brush works the best if I take the time to dry my hair entirely using the brush, but it also works if I partially blast my hair dry and then use the brush, as long as I don’t get it too dry. The untangle feature works great. I’ve accidentally gotten my hair twisted up in the brush a couple times, but with the touch of a button the brush was instantly and painlessly detangled with no damage to my hair. I highly recommend this product!

Callie Mora, NM


I love this product. This is my second one. My first one was so old i burned it out. I’ll keep using this product. Just love it.

Luisa Plymouth, NH


I had been looking for a 3/4 inch hot air brush and finally found this one on Amazon. Hadn’t tried this brand before and was a bit nervous because it was so inexpensive. But it turned out to be a great brush. It doesn’t get tangled up in my fine medium length hair and dries it quickly without damaging it. I definitely recommend this brush for those who need a smaller diameter brush!!

Diann Brandon, SD

It takes a little practice

Once I figured out what product to use in my hair it was much easier to use. I have fine shoulder length hair. Even though my hair is fine I started using a clear styling serum. I need to have that "slip" so my hair won’t tangle. I lightly misted my hair with water, applied the serum and curled. I think most women could use this process to keep hair tangle free. I still have some trouble with some of my hair not releasing but that’s just me. It gives me nice fullness and bounce. This isn’t going to give you tight spiral type curls. The hair turns out more relaxed.

Bobbi Countyline, OK

Good, I suppose

This brush dryer is a good idea. However, I have not been as successful as I want in executing a great hairdo. Perhaps my hair is too long. I have heard that people with short hair love this brush/dryer. I find it somewhat lacking.

Christine Opal, WY


I have fine short hair yet this still managed to grab my hair and tangle it. The release button does not rotate enough to release the curl. Not impressed.

Elsa Round Lake, IL

Poorly made

The rotator button got stuck and at first, it wouldn’t turn on until I hit the try button and then took the plug out of the outlet and hit reset. The picture makes it look fancy, but once I opened the box, I could tell this was cheaply made. It does style much better than others, but it wasn’t worth it compared to others.

Tabatha Boulder, WY

The Best Tool for Hair

I love this hot air brush. I have course wiry hair and this is the only brush that will tame it and make it look good. I have two of these brushes in case one goes belly up.

Marta Montague, MA

my wife loves it

saw this in a beauty salon and she wanted one,, so we got on Amazon and she loves it… bought another for mother in law , she likes it too

Nell Tres Pinos, CA

Plastic 1″ Bristle hot air brush

I purchased this to replace one that I had that wore out. When I received it I realized that I had one before of this brand and loved it. It worked for a long time and I was very happy with it. It has just enough heat to make my wavy hair behave but not enough to burn the skin so it is a great product for its use.

Willie Stratford, VA