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Heat Straight Ultimate Straightening Brush Model No. B950

J&D Heat Straight Brush

Key features

  • J&D Heat Straight Brush

Honest reviews


Should be Sold w/ Flat Irons

I love this tool. They work hand and hand and should be sold together! Will never use a flat iron without it again! I let my sister in law borrow it and she went and bought her own!

Mindy Arthur, IA

Great Brush/Straightener!

I got this as a gift. My hair is already quite straight but it tends to frizz horribly. I wasn’t sure about it but this brush has helped me control the frizz when I use it.

Christian Chriesman, TX

Didn’t work for me

I have thick, coarse, wavy hair–biggest problem frizz. I thought by sandwiching my hair with this brush while blow drying, it wouldn’t allow my hair to have curly, wiry hair sticking out all over. But this brush didn’t do any more than a regular round brush and took longer to dry.It looks well made, I had no problem with the bristles holding my hair without pulling or hurting it. It just didn’t do what I bought it for. If you just want your hair straight, maybe it would be ok (looking at the other reviews). But it didn’t help the frizz for me and my hair was not "sleek."

Hope Lost Nation, IA


Made my hair feel sticky and gross. I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing. Would never buy or use again.

Pauline Culver City, CA

Best brush for blowdrying!

This brush is awesome. It has literally cut my blow dry time in HALF. I purchased a nice, professional hair dryer a year or so ago and that too cut my time in half. Between the two of them, my hair is dry in less than 10 minutes.My hair is halfway down my back, medium thickness, Caucasian, dark brown, and color-treated, for reference.

Hillary Green Valley, WI

Good, but very harsh.

Straightened my hair like a DREAM when used ahead of my flat iron. But the bristles are really hard and snag out a couple of my hairs, so be careful.

Chandra Philo, CA

It pulled my hair out on first use

Once I learned how to use the brush I was fine, but it did pull out my hair along my front temple. It’s still sore. It’s a good brush once you realize that you need to allow the blow dryer to sit for a few seconds before moving upwards. I was moving the brush too quickly without giving the dryer time to dry each section. It’s a little rough, but it did straighten my hair. I’ll wait a few weeks before using again to allow my scalp time to recover from the shock of the tension near my temples.

Kendra Zebulon, NC

I’m so happy.

I love the boar bristle on this product. It is perfect for even straightening with every strand. The only reason I didn’t rate it a five is because I wish the brush was more geared to short and medium hair as well. May a smaller tool would help speed up the straightening proces for shorter hair lengths.

Bernadine Lebanon, NE