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Healing Oil Infused Comb Comb Unisex by Macadamia, 1 Count

The Healing Oil Infused Comb provides extra hassle-free nourishment and tangle maintenance, whilst adding shine and smoothness to your hair. The comb has been specially created so as not to leave any residue on your hands, and provide an even distribution of the treatment.

Key features

  • Provides extra hassle-free nourishment and tangle maintenance
  • Adds shine and smoothness to your hair
  • Provides an even distribution of the treatment

Honest reviews


Very effective without the mess or fuss of regular oil

This is very effective in distributing just a small amount of the oil on your hair and lasts a long time. There is no muss or fuss about this and it is never too much like when using the actual oil. This will last a relatively long time depending on how often you use this and the amount of hair you have. We have purchased this multiple times for gift baskets and everyone loves the product.

Lynne King, NC

Just a regular comb

This isn’t a wooden comb as I mistakenly thought, and it still has seams. I haven’t really noticed any decrease in breakage from this comb though, so I’m glad I used a gift certificate to pay for it.

Maxine Maunie, IL

Nothing Special. I saw it locally….

Its a basic comb with an expensive price…You are way better off getting a Mason Pearson where you are guaranteed quality for this price…I saw this model at the salon- it feels and looks like a free conair one I got years ago. The quality is not that great.

Noemi Centennial, WY

Great comb

Works great on everyones hair, even snarly. Love this comb and even getting through my daughters long hair leaving it smooth.

Becky Albion, ID

Very nice

I like this comb a lot. The teeth are nicely spaced & being infused with macadamia oil is an added bonus! Money well spent in my opinion!

Concepcion Bath, SD

Great Comb

The comb is great! I use it in the shower and right after and haven’t noticed any breakage. It even smells good.

Carolina Forestville, NY

its alright

it does my hair extra soft but the downside is that sometimes its just too oily and it gets on your hands and it can make ur hair greasy looking, so just be careful

Lee Mansfield, LA

Macadamia Comb

This comb is infused with macadamia oil, however I do not see it or feel it. The ends are a bit sharp so I have to be slow and careful when I comb my hair. If the ends were rounded, it would be a better comb. I would not purchase this item again, nor do I recommend it.

Alexis Wentzville, MO

Good quality

Macadamia combI bought a comb with macadamia oil for my daughter.She has fine thin hair.This products works great .I think this is a totally awesome product.

Lakeisha Dunnellon, FL