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HDE Nose Up Lifting Shaping Beauty Clip

100% Brand New Nose Up Lifting Shaping Clip. Use this to help shape and lift your nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery. Just use approximately 15 minutes a day. Perfect your facial structure and complexion without expensive facial surgery. Please stop use immediately if discomfort is felt. Please Note: Returns on garments and personal items such as hair and skin care products are only acceptable for return if they are unused and in the original condition you received it in, with all original packaging and no signs of use. The product is subject to final inspection before your return is processed.

Key features

  • Use this to help shape and lift your nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery
  • Just use approximately 15 minutes a day
  • Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.5 cm
  • Package Contents: 1 x Nose Up Lifter
  • HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products

Honest reviews


It makes me laugh

I just like t for the silliness factor. It’s worth buying. Put your hair in giant pink sponge curlers, apply an avocado mask, place this on your nose and head out to the Supermarket in a neon pink mu-mu and fuzzy slippers.Oh, and I did try to use it, but it made my nose hurt and lose circulation after about 10 minutes. I don’t see how this would do anything positive, except maybe in a psychosomatic way.EDIT: I have found that if I clamp this on to the top of the bridge of my nose it can relieve a tension headache.

Carey Rockbridge, OH

Very very gradual change

It kinda works, but it takes a while. At least a few weeks to notice a *slight* difference. Even so, I think it was worth it. It made my nose slightly slimmer and more defined, but that’s only because I’ve been looking at my nose so much in the mirror. The differences are very very slight. Keep that in mind before you buy this. It will not change your nose significantly like surgery. More like gradually slim the cartilage on your nose over the course of months.Is it worth it? If you have a few bucks, absolutely.

Priscilla Lingleville, TX

This works!

I purchased the nose clip four months ago and I am impressed with the results so far. I had been using it consistently for about 3 months and the shape of my nose improved a lot. My nose was round and wider than I would have liked but with using the clip it has a better shape to it. It works!

Trisha Earleville, MD

Yes, okay…

I have a bulbous tip that I hate. I wear a pair of glasses that are old fashioned and don’t come with nose pads. I wear them every day, but because these old fashions don’t come with a nose pad (they’re spectacles, my favorite), I have a terrible habit of pushing the glass into my bridge, which has left a permanent impression in my nose.Anyway, it’s because of the impression that I wanted to try the nose up. I believe that with consistency, I might see some change, maybe not a lot but some, in my tip. I wear the clip everyday, with the understanding that if I should stop, my nose will simply revert. Will I wear this for the rest of my life? Probably not. I just want see what I’d look if I’d had surgery.I should also note that my friend, who also got one, has a different nose type and has seen no results. My friend’s nose is really tough cartilage. I know this sounds funny, but my nose is extremely soft, like I can bend it in weird directions. It spreads when I smile, too. My friend on the other hand has a very stiff nose and her cartilage is almost like bone. I’ve seen results (not lasting but my nose stays in position for a while after use) and she’s seen none. Not sure if that will help others but I think there is something there. I should mention that the nose clip hurt her most severely whereas it sat comfortably on mine. Sounds ridiculous but just want to help others with our experiences.Sorry, but the nose up is a piece of crap. If you don’t like my review, then tough, idiots. This was our experience. Sorry if it bothers you morons. But hey, you’re just morons after all.

Annabelle Cowgill, MO

What the?!?!

I imagine it’ll work if you wore it long enough and if you can only breathe thru your mouth. Good gravy!

Lora Bellflower, CA

Nothing so far.

I would have loved some directions in the package. For instance, how long do you leave it on? How often?

Rebekah Canyon, CA

Takes time

I purchased this, due to my flat nose (LOL) and moreover the fact I was NOT going to get surgery done. I wanted a little lift and that is exactly what I got. I was extremely skeptical after reading the reviews, but I decided to try it, since I know everyone is different and I was glad that’s what I did. My nose definitely changed it’s shape and my boyfriend is loving it (even though he has no idea what I did!) and so am I. I only gave it 4 stars, because it takes a while for results, but like I said, everyone is different. I also got my nose pierced a bit after I got this product, so I had to stop using it. Overall, it’s nice.

Diann Clovis, NM

nose shaping review.

I don’t like my nose it bothers me.The price of this shaping tool is only around $3 or for me. I gave it a try andthere is no way this thing can make a nose smaller.It’s a good idea since a nose job is $ and insurance sadly doesn’t pay for it.I just don’t think that wearing this everyday will make a permanent change or change at all.

Ericka Avawam, KY

Holds too tight

I really like the nose lift clip. been looking for something like this for a while. I take a star off due to the clip holding too strong or too tight that makes it hard to breath and you have to breath thourgh the mouth.

Alissa Interlachen, FL

its okay

I am not sure if this product can really shape you nose. You would have to wear it for hours at a time and daily.

Christa Quinault, WA


Don’t buy doesn’t work. There is no kind of pressure or good grip on the product slips right off. Just another gimmick .

Aileen Guy, TX

no change

this tool is a joke, saw no change in appearance in nose, i thought use it daily and see amazing results like the people say on utube. lies all lies dont waste ur money.

Veronica Montour Falls, NY

Quite alright

It’s cheap and useful. It doesn’t pinch too hard so it is not uncomfortable. I don’t keep it on for more than 10 minutes because it starts to feel uncomfortable due to the lack of blood circulation after a while. I don’t even wear it everyday. I’m not expecting this to be some miracle product that will significantly transform my nose shape. Like other similar tools, it will give you temporary changes but once you stop using it, it will return to it’s original state. But I try to use this when I remember and it does make somewhat of a difference. Just remember that you have to keep wearing it. Also note that you have to be careful with the placement. If you put it on without adjusting it evenly or make sure it’s balanced, your nose will look lopsided hahaha.

Melody Lummi Island, WA


Cartilage has memory. This tool may shape ur nose for about 10 seconds but that’s it. Save up and get rhinoplasty because other than hurting, this will do nothing

Roberta Maribel, WI

Funny little device seems to work!

I bought this little device on a whim because it was just so cheap I couldn’t pass it up…I’ve used it the required 15 min every day for a couple of weeks, and strange as it sounds I think I CAN notice some narrowing in the bridge of my nose!! No one else has commented, but makes me feel good! Ha

Violet Greenfield Center, NY