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HDE® Nose Up Bridge Straightening Beauty Clip

Comfortable and convenient to use. Nose lifting effect, no harm to the skin. No pain and clip it on your nose only 10-15 minutes per day. You can adjust pressure of the Nose Clip to suit your nose. Description: Material: Silicone Dimensions: 4.2×2.9cm Color: Pink Package include: 1 x nose shaping clip

Key features

  • Nose lifting effect, no harm to the skin.
  • No pain and clip it on your nose only 10-15 minutes per day.
  • You can adjust pressure of the Nose Clip to suit your nose.
  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.9 cm
  • Color: Pink

Honest reviews


I like it much better than the nose right

So I bought this, not really to fix the bridge of my nose but rather to alter the use to make my nose smaller. I like it WAY better than the nose right that I have because it clips on tighter and I can place it many different ways on my nose without comfort and still be able to breath–because of that I can keep it on for much longer and I can already see the difference. I’ve been using it every day for approximately 30 min. sometimes more(15min there and 15min there) for about a half week. Plus it doesn’t leave the red marks on your nose as badely as the nose right.But let me warn you…MAKE SURE you do the following: if you are using it like me to make your nose smaller (or not) make sure that when you place it on your nose–your nostrils are symmetric. If you don’t then your nose will end up with one nostril bigger or shaped differently than the other. Also if you use it to make your nose smaller and don’t need to fix the bridge of your nose–you will have to play with it a little bit. I’m more successful with it when I turn it upside down that way it’s not pushing my nose upward.I hope this helps, I really do like it. Oh and by the way I actually bought it on Ebay for $2 without shipping (although it took about 3 weeks to get here).UPDATE MARCH 19th 2011!!!I went to go buy another one because mine was getting a bit too worn (it doesn’t hold as well) I now realize that there are two different kinds. The first nose up I bought the rubber was very soft (that one is very comfortable to use) HOWEVER; there is the same nose up but with a hard plastic (quite uncomfortable)that I ended up getting the second time BUT it gives very very quick results. The longer you can stand it the better. I don’t know how to distinguish which one has the soft plactic or the hard….but I recommend the hard one if you can stand it 🙂 Good luck!2nd UPDATE:So I have to be honest and as this product really did make my nose narrower, you would have to use this every single day to see the results–meaning if you stopped using it then it will eventually go back to it’s normal shape. At least that’s what happened to me, so I no longer bother with it.

Audra Madisonburg, PA

Surprisingly Worked for Me

I was a bit skeptical of this device’s actual utility but decided to give it a try anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to see results only after one week. It has given me a more defined bridge and a pointier tip whereas before I had a relatively flat and round nose. While these devices will most likely never deliver rhinoplasty results, it will probably help to subtly shape your nose. Whether it works for you or not, it’s probably worth a shot because of it’s so reasonably priced.

Betty Oak Grove, MO


The product is made to look as if it should have some sort of silicone grip so that it can be comfortable on the nose but this is a lie. The clear plastic you see with the three round circles is a hard plastic and is painful plus it slips off and the plastic is so cheap and not soft so note that It can crack extremely easily. I rather invest in Nasofix, which I think this product is a rip off of.

Lorna Cherry Valley, AR

Beyond pleased

I was skeptical about this product but enjoy trying “gimmick products ” if the science behind them makes sense. I tried hipshrinkx after my daughter and it worked! I figured id give this a shot too. I was originally looking into a nose job because I’m a major perfectionist about certain things. I know the small details about myself. Day six I noticed a huge nose difference. I was wearing this nose clip about fourty minutes a day. My only concern is my nose goes back to normal after a day…maybe thats why they say to wear for a complete month or two??? I’m hoping my results will be long lasting and not revert after a day or so

Patty Cicero, NY


I’m sorry, but if you have a huge nose this is not going to work for you! I’ve read so many reviews like “It snapped in half!” It’s just a cheap piece of plastic thats not very flexible (what did you expect? it’s less than five bucks!). If your nose is more than 4 cm wide then don’t get it. and if you decide to get it anyways BE CAREFUL. It was made for small nosed asians in the first place if you can’t tell by the chinese instructions. don’t stretch it so far and be gentle with it.I have gotten many compliments on how they never noticed that i had such a pretty nose shape before. I was a little bit weirded out but flattered. and happy that the product worked!!! The site I bought it on only claimed to give you a pointy small nose, not straighten anything. only surgery can do that. SO IF YOU WANT A STRAIGHT NOSE, DON’T GET THIS. GET IT IF YOU WANT A SLIM POINTY NOSE.The nose up is a good product and is not useless. Some people were just too rough with it or had a huge nose. or both. No offense, just stating the truth here for people to know why it isn’t working for them.

Dayna Girdwood, AK


I would give this product -1,000,000 stars if I could. First of all, the product shown here in the image is not what you get. The plastic is a hard tough plastic that breaks extremely easily and it is very uncomfortable. In fact, I think this product is a straight rip off of nasofix.

Viola Morann, PA

Not even worth 1 cent

unusable not because my nose is so huge but because this nose clip will not fit on any adults nose and some children I’m willing to bet its such a tiny space that it smashes in a really painful way i think if you wear this for months you will have a worse of looking deformed nose in the end

Adrian Pikeville, KY

wasn’t the same product

When the product arrived in the mail it looked nothing like the picture…it looked like a clothes pin scissors….so that was a let down…But I still tried it anyway for about a month no results except for my nose hurting….one day I took it off and just threw it away and decided if I needed to I would just go get cosmetic surgery for my nose. :/

Cecile Greenup, KY

doesnt work

this is the dumbest invention ever. i totally got my hopes up for nothing. this tool only succeeded in making my nose hurt so bad only after 2 minutes. then when you take it off you have little circles engraved in your nose from the rubber.i ended up getting real rhinoplasty. worth every penny

Staci Windsor, IL

Lame, even for a white elephant gift

Let’s be clear; I love how much I hate this product. I bought this for a white elephant gift. Even as a white elephant gift, it is a great disappointment (and totally hate-able).The product images are misleading. You’d think this product would come in a package that has a picture and a description at least…maybe some instructions? (Because that would be hilarious). But, no, it is just a tiny piece of plastic in an unmarked plastic bag. Now I have to print off something to explain what this W.E. gift is.P.S.- It is also tiny and barely resembles the image.

Mildred White Deer, TX

Would not recommend!!!

I wanted to find a nose product that would enhance my nose bridge and also provide me with a smaller nose. I used this daily for about 10~30 minutes a day for over two months. However, sadly enough, this product was unable to do the trick for me. In fact, I feel as if my nose has gotten wider than before after using this product. Thus, I discontinued in using this product and here I am warning several people before buying the product.Seeing my case, I would not recommend others in buying this. It may work for several folks out there, though it seems as others had the same result as I did.

Sheila Lamar, OK


This product caused injury to my nose please i beg you all don’t use it it was such a nightmare!

Rose Norway, SC