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HD High-Definition Glamour Creme Palette, Neutral #1 by Graftobian

Size: .39oz., 11g

Key features

  • You’ll find these Hi-Def Glamour Cremes used in Hi-Def production for TV and Film from coast to coast.
  • With rich color and coverage yet satin smooth creamy consistency, these Hi-Def Glamour Cremes are formulated to yield flawless High Definition results whether or not you’re in front of a camera.
  • These special palettes were designed to separate Cool, Warm and Neutral shades for artist convenience.

Honest reviews




Rosanne Gaffney, SC

Finally I found

Bought many foundations through the years. Heard this was what many makeup artists use. So, I bought it, thinking if it fails my expectation, I’m just going to quit buying for a whole year. And, if it’s great as said, I don’t need to buy for this whole year! I just received it, tried it, and sure enough, it does go on like smooth butter. Feels so thin/natural yet it covers my broken red veins, age spots 80% but still lets me look “real” & I am very happy with it.This palette has 5 shades, highly blendable, buildable. I can contour and it blends like a dream. I put this on top of my list of foundations, way better than many name brands. Ok, I’ll name what I have: Cargo, Mac, Revlon Colorstay, Maybellines’ Dream Mousse, Smashbox Camera Ready cream, mineral foundations, Estee Lauder samples from malls,…all these I bought because of rave reviews from YouTube. I guess they aren’t bad. I liked Smashbox the most until now. Graftobian has like 60 shades of foundation did you know?!!! And very affordable.

Shauna Seligman, AZ

Very nice product!

This creme palette is very nice. It covers very well with very little product. When you have the product on, it looks like your real skin, only it makes your skin look much better. As there are lots of colors to pick from, it may take more than one try to get the right color. I ordered the neutral #1 to start with, but realized I probably need the neutral #2 or the warm #1. Plus there are so many colors, you can mix colors together, which is what I am doing now. I had never tried Graftobian before and I really like it, so I will probably be reordering. The price is reasonable for the quality of the product. In my opinion, a foundation brush is a necessity to put this makeup on. It is very creamy and soft and easy to apply with a brush. If you have minor blemishes or discolorations on your face, this will definitely help and Graftobian also makes a concealer palette.

Kimberley Bear, DE

Shocked that so little covers so much…

Purchased: Warm Palette #1Skin tone: Light/Medium to Medium with yellow undertones. Think NC25 27-ish or if you are familiar with TheBalm, Light/Medium to MediumSeriously…I do not know why I waited so long to buy this palette!So I have had the misfortune of developing hormonal adult acne as soon as I hit 25…if you’ve seen other foundation posts…you know my complaints…lol.And this has the perfect combination of colors for whatever I need though I do tend to favor the darker colors in this palette (temptress is practically a perfect match and if I ever run out, combining the two colors on either side of it can create it LOL.I know some reviews mention that this is a good supplemental foundation…but not a full face one. I highly disagree. I use it for full coverage of my entire face.The key to this is a primer (stila HD balm, LG Spackle, Porefessional, or a good cheap one is the Ulta Matte) and a damp sponge(I like to use my beauty blender). A little will go a long long way.After priming my face, I’ll take the pointed end and run it along the color I need. I don’t press hard, just very little to get it on. And then I start pushing it onto my trouble spots. After that’s done, I’ll pick up a bit more and distribute dots onto my face and then I start gently bouncing the sponge off my face, blending it all together and then finally setting it with some ben nye banana powder.I use a tiny tiny amount and I don’t think a foundation brush would be a good idea here unless you are using it to pick up product and distribute across your entire face and then blending it with the sponge…even then though, it picks up too much.NOTE: Amazon pictures aren’t accurate for color (at least in the Warm range as I almost picked #2 and that would’ve been too dark!)

Mara Upperco, MD

You MUST buy this if you are fair and have difficulties finding your correct shade…capable of full, med, or sheer coverage

I bought this because a youtube make-up artist recommended these cream foundations for versatility in coverage building and their insane color range. Women who are ultra fair and women of color on the medium/dark spectrum have such a difficult time finding a product, yet alone a company, that caters to their color needs. Graftobian makes SO many colors, I’m a little weak in the knees just thinking about it. I have always been a department/drug store makeup user, and had no idea that I could get better results with professional makeup artist products. Well, I had no idea you could buy them on Amazon!I’m always buying makeup and throwing it away because the color is never right for me. These palettes come in all color ranges and are separated by the warm, neutral, and cool categories. I have no idea what these categories actually mean, but I’d read somewhere that the "warm" line is for people with a very yellow base to their skin. Knowing that yellow is my enemy (though I actually do have a yellow base to the skin on my neck, I have patches of ruddiness on my face that made me think I was pink-based), I steered clear of the "warm" palette. Because I had no idea what "cool" meant, I went for the "neutral" palette (#1, the lightest palette…well, actually they have an ‘ultra light’ palette that’s even lighter than this….if you can believe it!). The lightest color in this palette is bombshell, which to my surprise was way too light on me. Good for a concealer under the eyes, but too light for foundation. My exact (and I do mean EXACT) color match turned out to be one color over, Prima Donna (*angels singing*). Currently, I’m applying it over moisturizer and primer with a Real Techniques stippling brush that I spritz with Skindinavia’s makeup setting spray–buffing it into my skin. It looks amazing.The coverage options you have…full, medium, or sheer, is amazing to me. I’m used to buying drugstore products that are either sheer or medium coverage, and usually the sheer stuff isn’t buildable. I feel like I have endless possibilities with this foundation so I needn’t buy other products. PLUS, I use the same shade for concealing blemishes. No need to buy concealer! This stuff is great. I even have sensitive, acne prone skin. I’ve been using this for a week and haven’t noticed that my skin is freaking out about it. I’ll have to post an update in another few weeks to know for sure.You could use the darker shades in the palette for bronzing, so really there’s not too much waste in purchasing this palette. Now that I’ve found "my" color, I can purchase the larger, single size/single color in this shade. So worth it!

Shelly Circleville, UT

A little disappointed

Honestly, this being considered a professional makeup line, I was kind of expecting a lot more. Didn’t find the coverage that great. But it does give a nice natural, dewy sort of finish. Didn’t last all day on me, but I do have more of an oilier skin. I honestly love Jane Iredale pressed powder.. amaze! Thinking maybe this is better for a more mature/dry skin. Or as a base…

Aimee Clearfield, KY

HD High-Definition Glamour Creme Palette, Cool #2

I received the HD High-Definition Palette before the scheduled delivery date even though it was around christmas time, so I was very pleased with the seller. The was a lot smaller than pictured, about 4″ smaller than a number 2 pencil in length. Despite its small size, the consistancy of each shade is so rich that a very little goes a long way. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this product and seller to all my friends.

Pam Laingsburg, MI

Let me just say…WOW!

This foundation has great coverage and does not make my face feel greasy like some other foundations can. A little goes a long way. I apply with finger…need to get a sponge. But I literally use a few swipes and blend away!I use Clinique Even Better Foundation in shades Ivory 3 and Cream Chamois, and I found that the warm palette #1 works the best with my skin tone (the last 3 shades). I use the second shade under my eyes. I purchased the cool, neutral, and warm because the price was great and I wanted to experiment with colors. I consider myself neutral. Cool was not terribly pink. I like the neutral too. It may work for winter when I have paler skin. I plan to order individual colors from the Graftobian website soon.

Lois La Jolla, CA

No serious coverage.

I’m a medium/fair skinned white girl, with decent skin. This concealer pallet is decent, but no better than the old faithful maybelline tubes from the drug store. To be fair, I haven’t used them all yet… but I was not impressed with the dark circle concealer at all. It’s just too sheer. I don’t want to cake it on, but after 2 layers… I still had dark circles, and my dark circles aren’t that bad. Oh well, the search continues… perhaps Mac will be my next purchase.

Esmeralda Preston, GA

Not my miracle concealor

Because of the reviews, I was very excited to get this product. I was ready to spend the money, as I have failed to ever find any exceptional concealer at drug stores, etc. My main purpose was to cover my under-eye circles, something I have dealt with my entire life.The shipping was much faster than the expected ship date, an entire week early, which was a huge plus. It took a total of 5 days to reach me in Oregon. Packaging was great and there was no damage to the product.I immediately used it and have been trying to work with this product over the weekend, it is not going well. It works fine for blemish coverage on the face, and the consistency is great. For under-eye circles, it is worse than any drugstore brand. I have tried applying it with a finger, a sponge, and a concealer brush. All attempts fail. It cakes and settles in my creases, adding years to my face. If I try to use it very sparingly, it doesn’t give me the coverage I need in that area. Overall, it does work wonders as a color corrector in other areas but not for a common use- the hated under-eye.All in all, the shipping and packaging is awesome. The product for blemish concealment or maybe even a tattoo is fabulous. If you think spending money on a pricey color corrector is going to fix your under-eye circles, look somewhere else.

Silvia Moberly, MO

So creamy

I’m still getting used to this as I have completely changed my makeup routine. I don’t ever use the green. The two peach shades are good. The consistency is super creamy and very easy to blend, except under the eyes. BUT, considering I’m hauling around a complete set of luggage under my eyes, it may just be my technique, or lack thereof. The shipping time was good, the product arrived in tact, with only minimal "sweating" on the surface, and considering I live in Hawaii and it was probably in my mailbox for a couple of hours, that’s very good. I bought this one through CRC (camera ready cosmetics) and they have been quick with everything I’ve ordered through them.

Lessie Alma, NY

Love the texture, good coverage; doesn’t clog pores

I am fair skinned but with some redness and broken capillaries so I go for this #2 neutral palette to help cover those flaws. I find going a half shade or so darker covers better than lighter or the same, for me.While all the ingredients are not 100% ideal in this product, I still prefer it to almost any other foundation I’ve tried, and I’ve tried them all, from the most expensive department store brands, to drug store and ‘natural’ type formulas.The coverage is very very good. I use a large ish taklon brush which I press into a couple of the shades and then press into my skin with a ‘stippling’ technique, pressing vs dragging. I find this makes it set more natural and melt in, vs looking applied on.The shades are truly neutral true beiges, not too orange or too blue.I like to let it warm up and sit on my skin awhile before putting any powder or blush. Makes my skin look nearly flawless and radiant, and I often am complimented on my skin when wearing it.

Enid Rainier, OR

great coverup

I use this everyday to apply under my eyes. I have major dark circles so a little dab does the trick. The shades are creamy but still thick enough to cover blemishes. Great product

Imelda Oakland, IA

Excellent Product!!!!

I LOVE this product!!! Being dark skinned complexion sometimes its a challenge in finding shades for contouring but this helped solved any issue to create simple to dramatic looks. It sure do have staying power and with a lil setting powder over problematic areas…let the party begin…oh and a lil goes a long way for me 😉 keep it coming and I’m thinking of selecting certain shades to keep in larger quantities. Thanks for a great product.

Beverley Riverton, CT

Graftobian Warm Palette

I have a hard time finding foundation shades for my skin which is medium. I like the concept of buying this palette to find my perfect shade which is Desert Sand. The darker shades at the end of the palette I use as contour for the rest of my face.This is a very creamy foundation which needs powder to set for a perfect finish.

Rocio Chesterfield, SC

color doesn’t match picture

the colors for the warm #2 palette do not match the picture-they are much darker in person. Only 2 of the 5 shades will work with my skin tone. The coverage is good and wears well. I am considering purchasing the palette in the lighter shade so I can do more highlighting/contouring.

Randi Reubens, ID

Good variety of colors in the HD Corrector Palette

I like the variety of colors, especially the soft pink that helps neutralize the brown spots on my face (age and sun spots). I typically airbrush my makeup over these concealers (I use my finger to pat a light layer on first). I like that they can be very sheer and not add a cakey layer to my makeup. I wanted a palette like this that had all the corrector colors in it for all the trouble spots I have (under eye circles, redness around the nose, broken capillaries on my nose and cheeks, scarring from acne and chicken pox, sun spots).I only gave it four stars because I noticed that if I add anything but a very sheer coverage/layer, I have to add more makeup to cover the corrector – thus making it difficult for a "natural" look. That’s why I airbrush – so it’s a little lighter/natural coverage.

Norma Jal, NM

Great Concealer

This concealer palette is great. It has all the shades you need to cover any imperfections and goes on smoothly and blends well. I read someone’s recommendation of this on a beauty blog and had been looking for a good concealer, so I picked it up. I’m happy with the purchase and the variety that this product offers.

Rosalie Dunfermline, IL

I love Graftobian Hi Def Foundation

this is a super addition to your larger palette for colors that get used a lot in the warm or cool seriesI highly recommend this productit was packaged well and arrived quickly as well

Jennifer Harrison, ID

It’s ok if used sparingly and away from lines.

I’m aware this is a creme palette, but the formula is too creamy. After application it does look like you’re wearing makeup and a lot of it. The finish is dewy and needs to be set with powder otherwise it’ll melt off in humid or hot weather. This product also creases in fine lines even if you blend it to the point that it becomes non-existent/sheer coverage. This also does not layer well with other products. I ordered the Neutral #2 palette, good for fair to light skin tones.

Andrea Palmer, NE


I have medium skin tone not too light not too medium dark. I got cool 1 and its perfect to test out what colors you need. for me the 3rd works best and the 2nd as the next best option. The coverage is great for under eyes. my favorite concealer!

Augusta Pagosa Springs, CO

Nice product and it travels well.

I like this pallette, especially under my eyes to cover dark circles. It covers very well and does not cake.

Julia Charlotte, IA

Not too thrilled

I have medium tanned skin and find that only the lightest shade in this palette will work for me as a concealer – a concealer, not a highlighter. The other shades are too dark yet not dark enough to use as contouring. Fairer skinned people might be able to use them for contouring. I don’t know – depends on your preference. Consistency is very creamy and goes on nicely but it does crease. Haven’t found anything that doesn’t crease though. I probably won’t be ordering this again.

Antonia Etna Green, IN

Good quality

This is a very nice product. Not oily, but creamy and very easy to blend. Great for contouring an highlighting under powder with your foundation !!

Sylvia Bearden, AR

ok i guess

I like the palette but I find that it creases a lot. Even when I us a finishing powder, I find it smearing and creasing. I have combination skin.

Gail Dietrich, ID


Amazing! This is a must have for every MUA’s kit. This will cover up anything and neutralize unflattering blemishes, tones etc…Would buy again!

Lakeisha Hereford, TX

Good stuff 🙂

For reference, I wear the following foundation shades and this palette works great for me:MAC = NC15; EM (semi-matte) = Fairly Light; Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour = #100 Ivory; Revlon ColorStay = #150 Buff (fall/winter); Avon Smooth Minerals Pressed Foundation = T04 Nude; EL Double Wear = Desert Beige; Jane Iredale = pressed base in Bisque; Lumene CC Cream = Fair; Smashbox Camera Ready CC = FairThis stuff is creamy and pigmented. There is a color to correct almost any skin problem. I use the orange tone for my under eye circles; the green for my mild rosacea, the skintone for minor skin eruptions, which if mixed w/ the green, handles minor pimples and the lightest tone as a highlighter. The only one I haven’t found a use for is the yellow, but since I use the rest and it is so very reasonably priced. It covers extremely well and I’ve had no skin irritations w/ it. A very little bit goes a very long way!The only issue I have is that I can’t get the under eye stuff to NOT crease under my eyes even when I set w/ powder…but I am still trying to find a way to make it work.I will repurchase just for the versatility alone. I just hope I can find a way to stop the creasing under my eyes…

Janette Ingleside, MD


A must-have for great coverage…this palette is very light and best for light-to-ashy blondes and other pale skin tones. A little on the greasy side (most stage-quality makeup is), be sure to blend thoroughly. Go to Graftobian’s website to get a better idea on what will match your skin.

Jami Dushore, PA

very cool! I’ve only used this twice so far

very cool! I’ve only used this twice so far, but I have oily skin and it does not smear, run or look too "made-up" I like it, and can’t wait to use it more!

Etta East Burke, VT

Great product

I love how creamy this product is. I don’t really use all the colors but the ones I do use work great and really help me highlight and cover up redness. This is a must have!

Sybil Rooseveltown, NY