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Hayashi 911 Emergency Pak, Reconstructor

Hayashi 911 EMERGENCY PAK , For dry, brittle, over processed, permed or color treated hair. A fast acting reconstructive, moisturizing formula that repairs hair on contact. (32 oz)

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  • Most Popular Deep Conditioner sold

Honest reviews


Great Stuff!

Great stuff but difficult to find so it needs to be ordered through the mail which adds shipping costs. Works well to calm frizzes and have smooth hair.

Erin Seville, FL


WOW… This is the best product i have ever used on my hair it makes your hair silky and not dry out!!!

Marlene Red Oak, TX

Works Very Well on Relaxed and Natural

I was actually glad to see this item on Amazon just now that I had to comment, because it’s so hard to find. In fact, it’s been a few years and I finally gave up searching. I originally got it at a beauty store at the mall from the suggestion of someone who worked there. Amazing results and my hair was ten times more damaged back then than it is now. Having used this product several times in the past, I can safely say that it works extremely well (not too crazy about the other products).My only beef with it would be the chemicals (short of getting a relaxer, I am trying to behave within reason), but that’s more personal preference and it works well enough that I can’t knock a star off for that. I am currently trying a few other things at the moment that don’t have as many, but I may break down to buy it again since I know that it works. My hair isn’t overly damaged (currently relaxed, multiracial, naturally 3a/3b/3c), it’s mostly just my ends that are always super dry during the dry summer weather here (inland So Cal).I do recommend this and I’m glad to see it getting some recognition.**Update**I went ahead and gave this another shot, even with the chemicals. It’s now the main staple of my hair arsenal and I’m thrilled. I use this twice a week, although one day I only keep it in for 5 minutes as I shower, basically as a conditioner. Mid-week, I’ll leave it on overnight or for a few hours. I think it works better when you blowdry for ten minutes, but my dryer broke ages ago. Every other week I’ll use Vadik’s brahmi oil, sort of as a mild version of a keratin treatment, and follow up with this overnight to soften the hair again. This stuff still works great.Overall, this makes my hair soft, silky and bouncy – not to mention keeps it hydrated, which has been really hard for me to achieve lately. I’ve been able to throw out the bulk of my so-so products, which is great. You also can’t beat the price! I used to pay $30 just for a 16oz. bottle.Although it would be too much for me to use this as a daily leave-in, I’ve struggled for years trying find something that works. So, on a whim, I started to make my own by filling up a spray bottle with bottled/filtered water. I then add generous amount of this stuff in it, followed by a few squirts of Herbal Essence’s Long Term Relationship Leave-in (am sure any leave-in would work), a small amount of coconut oil (also anti-fungul/bacterial), and a few drops of argan oil. I love what it does for my hair on a daily basis, so I’m definitely hooked. My hair no longer feels dry, brittle, or coarse. I wouldn’t use oils if you flat iron or blowdry, or just make a separate bottle without any.

Alana New Boston, IL

ok i guess

my hair is still dry and when i comg it with the conditioner hair still comes out. maybe i need to try it under heat for 30min. just didnt do must for my not so afro hair

May Warrenville, IL

911 is the best conditioner ever

If you buy the 911 Emergency in this bottle, it is thick, rich, and works wonders on damaged hair; it gets a five hands down. However, if you get the purple bottle, the formula has changed and it’s no longer the same product. It is thin like a creme rinse and does not condition the hair at all like the old formula. I’d give it a one or two star rating. I understand from the seller that Hayashi changed the product as well as the packaging…too bad.

Jackie Sterling Heights, MI