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Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Silk Hydration Moisturizing Broad Spectrum Sun Care Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 30, 6 Ounce

HAWAIIAN Tropic sun protection SPF 30 with hydrating ribbons infused with silk protein and shea butter provides continuous moisture. Luxurious hydrating ribbons keep skin continuously moisturized. Light, tropical fragrance. Sun-sure formula that protects longer compared to ordinary sunscreens. Lightweight feel. Protect, pamper, nourish for beautiful radiant skin.

Key features

  • Luxurious hydrating ribbons keep skin continuously moisturized
  • Light, tropical fragrance
  • Sun-sure formula that protects longer compared to ordinary sunscreens
  • Lightweight feel
  • Protect, pamper, nourish for beautiful radiant skin

Honest reviews


Too Bad About the Oxybenzone Addition

Wish I could recommend this sunscreen, which smells great, feels smooth instead of sticky, guards against the rays and stays on for hours. But the decision by Hawaiian Tropic to include oxybenzone in this product means I won’t be using it. According to the Environmental Working Group and other toxicology experts, oxybenzone is linked to hormone disruption and potential to cell damage that may lead to skin cancer. Hmm. A sunscreen product that can actually lead to skin cancer?? Seems crazy, yet more than half of sunscreens on the market contain this FDA-approved ingredient. No thanks, Hawaiian Tropics, your products may smell great, but I’m switching to Kiss My Face or Aubrey Organics.

Marcie Roslyn, SD

Not a Physical Formula…

Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, Neutrogena and most sunscreens tested by Consumer Report are called **Chemical Sunscreens** not **Physical Sunscreens**. Consumer Report does their tests on Chemical formulas not Physical formulas since those are inexpensive products. I refer to Consumer Report when I am purchasing a table saw or a battery but never for anything related to my health since for that I refer to EWG. Zinc formula sunscreens will cost four times more, are not sold in big box stores but it is the same concept as consuming processed food with chemicals since those chemicals are absorbed by the skin where Physical Sunscreen formula stays outside the skin. Read Ingredients of anything that you apply to your skin just like you would be consuming inside the skin.Zinc Oxide is a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical, blocks both UVA (320-400 nm) and UVB (280-320 nm) rays of ultraviolet light. Chemical sunscreens are less effective and carry unnecessary health risks. ZO is insoluble in water, used in many industries, in ointments, creams and lotions. Non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic, used by athletes as a bandage to prevent soft tissue damage during workouts. ZO must be NON NANO / UNCOATED UPS -2 ZO which has a mean particle size greater than 30nm, when applied to the skin do not get absorbed into the body, do not enter the bloodstream, and are not a threat to human health.SPF is a measure of how much longer someone will be protected from UVB rays than someone wearing no cream. If the sun reddens unprotected skin in ten minutes, for example, a person wearing SPF15 can be exposed to the sun without reddening for 15 times longer – 150 minutes. While UVB rays are behind the redness of sunburn, UVA rays damage the skin’s DNA at a deeper layer. Both radiation types can cause skin cancer. The EU recommendation is for sunscreens to offer a UVA protection factor that is a third of their SPF.I make my own sunscreen as well as I purchase sunscreen for times when I do not have time to make any since I need to surf. For that reason, when I purchase a sunscreen mix, I need the same formula as I use when I make my own organic sunscreen mix since it only requires few ingredients but for more protection like my nose, I bump the zinc. Zinc is what you see surfers put on their nose for protection. The more zinc, the more protection but it means a mix that is more like a mud since zinc is a powder that I purchase and add to EVCO. Sunscreens are worse than processed foods (which I never consume) since there is no nutritional guide for sunscreens. For a small investment, sunscreens may offer me the possibility of avoiding sun burn, pain, cancer, medical bills, pain killers, etc. that come with exposure to the sun. For that reason, choosing a formula with the least amount of ingredients but high zinc oxide is the best solution. A good sunscreen formula should not have more than a handful ingredients, certified organic at least 95% and FREE OF; fragrances, biologically harmful chemicals like Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, or UV Chemical absorbers, paraben, phthalates, PABA and 1,4 dioxane.

Lillian Pine Village, IN


If you have sensitive skin, this is not for you.Within about 36 hours, every part of my skin that had contact with this lotion broke out with hives.I am going crazy.I have sensitive skin, and eczema. However, of all the lotions and sun screens I have ever used, none have given me such a reaction.I can barely function right now. My entire arms and legs are covered with red, small swellings of bumps, and itching like crazy.I’ve tried washing with mild soap and lukewarm water, taken antihistamine, and 1% hydrocortisone cream to no avail.Don’t buy this if you have sensitive skin. I’m just thankful I didn’t put any more of this anywhere else – I am already losing my mind.It has been over two days of itching.I’m going in to see my doctor first thing Monday…Update on June 24, 2013: took me 2 weeks of oral steroid prescription pills to begin the healing process. After 2 months the itching had finally become not so bothersome. Thank you for those passing concerns my way.

Andrea Oakland City, IN

Love it!!

I got a smaple of this from Influenster and wow!! I’ve not a huge SPF girl as I love tanning, however this is so moisturizing and it smells great its completely changed my mind! My skin isn’t drying out like it used to and it’s so much moe healthier. Plus the smell is amazing!!

Corina Solen, ND

An avobenzone sunscreen that lacks a stabilizer- not recommended

With today’s knowledge of sunscreens, this is a below average sunscreen. Sunscreens need to do two very important things. They need to block UVA rays (which cause aging and skin cancers) and they need to block UVB rays (which causes tanning and burns). This sunscreen uses avobenzone to offer UVA protection which is the most critical protection because who wants wrinkles and skin cancer? The problem with avobenzone is that it breaks down in sunlight so it needs to be mixed with a stabilizer (such as helioplex). This sunscreen does not appear to contain anything to stabilize the avobenzone. When avobenzone breaks down, it may create free radicals that may increase the damage to skin. Since this sunscreen does offer adequate UVB protection, you would not get a tan or burn but you would be getting increased damage to the deeper layers of your skin because the avobenzone is breaking down and producing free radicals. Because of this flaw in the formulation, I would not recommend this sunscreen.This has a very strong tropical scent ( you can smell it across the room) which is either a plus or a minus (I liked the scent but my coworkers found it overpowering). It moisturized well. However, as a sunscreen I can not recommend this product.

Maryellen Grandview, TX

Silky, Smooth, and Powerful Protection!

The new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sunscreen is great for my skin and on my skin. This sunscreen feels just like silk and doesn’t leave a greasy or oily film on my skin as other sunscreens will tend to do. I love the way this sunscreen feels on my skin and the smell is so divine. I took this with me on vacation and it provided us with the best protection for long periods of time without reapplying. I used this on my face as well and I didn’t burn at all, but when I applied the sunscreen it provided me with protection for at least six straight hours and I only touched up a few spots on my face just to be sure.The Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen also acts as a moisturizer while you are in the sun and when you wash it off your skin is nicely moisturized and not dried out. I really like this new formula of Hawaiian Tropic and I’m sure your skin will benefit as much as my skin has and I really love that there was no breakouts from too much oil.

Melba Prue, OK


I love this lotion for two reasons. It did a spectacular job of keeping me nice and tanned (not burned) on my vacation. Also, the smell is wonderful. It has that nice coconut smell that all the older suntan lotions used to have. I used almost the whole bottle on my vacation and it left my skin feeling nice and soft – not greasy.

Ginger Mitchellville, IA

Wonderful Sunscreen

SPF 30 Sunscreen, good coconut smell, and good for sensitive skin. I do have sensitive skin, I peel, I do not tan. It doesn’t take much sun for me to turn red and blister. I usually forget to put sunscreen on. I am now outdoors more often because I have a 3-year-old granddaughter who loves for me to take her to the park or just play outside. I love this sunscreen, both the smell and how it does its job. And Hawaiian Tropic is a good trusted brand. Don’t forget your sunscreen, like I do, but I won’t anymore.

Violet Weyerhaeuser, WI

I like it but EWG does not

It protects very well, contains moisturizer, goes on smoothly and smells great. But I took off two stars because the Environmental Working Group ( gives it a 5 rather than their preferred score of 1 because it contains Oxybenzene and fragrance which they consider to be possible toxins. Most of the many other ingredients are harmless though, according to their website which ranks all kinds of cosmetic products according the toxicity of their various ingredients.

Pat Saint James, LA

EWG rates this a “5” – better than other Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen

For those who care about such things, Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates this one a “5” for “moderate” toxicity, which is actually better than many sunscreens, and better than most other Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens (many of which are a 7 out of 10 on that scale). It goes on smoothly and spreads easily, providing even coverage. It’s admittedly easier to apply than “safer” choices like Blue Lizard (a benefit provided by those more-toxic ingredients). The scent is overpowering coconut, which I still notice an hour after applying (to be fair, it may be typical for conventional sunscreens–I’ve just gotten used to more subtle smells), and not really a benefit, unless you like your skin to say “BEACH!!” to everyone you walk past.In summary, this sunscreen is less toxic than some, more toxic than others, easy to apply, and has an overpowering scent.

Rhoda Altamont, UT

Decent enough but doesn’t last long enough

I picked this sunblock to review for Vine because of its advertised moisturizing qualities. My skin can get dry fairly easily in the sun, so I usually end up putting on lotion on top of my sunblock at some point in time.This works fairly well when you consider that its primary goal is to be sunblock. It moisturizes, but if you’re looking for some deep hydration lotion you’re not going to find that here. It is better than the average cheap lotion but not as good as the “good stuff” as far as lotion goes. My big lotion test is always the “elbow test” because my elbows tend to be the part of me that dries out first. This passes the elbow test for a short period of time, but not enough to where I feel like I would be able to go without putting lotion on my elbows. It’s definitely not as good a moisturizer as the label claims it is, which is why I’m emphasizing this so much. The big selling point of this bottle is that it has moisturizer in it, so that’s what I’ll scrutinize the most.But how does it work as a sunblock, you ask? It works OK. I didn’t like that it lasts for such a short period of time, given that there’s so many other products out there that will last longer. I think that the shorter time inbetween applications is due to the lotion, which makes me question whether or not this will be worth it for many people.I also want to state that I shared this sunblock with another person that was on an acne medication that makes him more prone to sunburn. If you are in a situation like this, you might want to go for a stronger sunblock. The guy already had the start of a sunburn but despite repeated applications of this sunblock within a short period of time (under the 2 hour mark), his sunburn still got worse, so I wouldn’t recommend this to people who are exceptionally prone to sunburn for various reasons.Overall this is an OK sunblock. It’s not the best thing that I’ve ever used, but the lotion part was nice. I just don’t think that the lotion part works well enough to where I can entirely justify using this on a regular basis. If I’m just going to be out and about my local area I’d use it, but if I’m going to be in a place where I’d be busy (beach, working with kids, work in general, etc) then I’d rather go for something more long lasting and just suffer having ashy looking arms.

Lavonne Valley Spring, TX

Not the product for me

I received this product in my Influester box to try, and I have to say that it wasn’t the product for me. It’s a sunscreen, and I use a sunblock. I live in Arizona, and the sun can be brutal during the summer months. I always protect my skin with a block to ward off any potential chances of skin cancer. However, for this product’s purpose, it does what it advertises.

Harriet Red River, NM

Surprisingly lightweight feel, skin feels smoother than a baby’s bum!

For many years, I’ve always used the Neutrogena Healthy Defense sunblock on my face, because it was the most lightweight at the time. I never really tried anything else, since it worked great. It went on a little chalky, but it also didn’t look like I just put on lotion – ie. I don’t want the greasy lotion look on my face.In a last minute rush, my wife grabbed some Hawaiian Tropic SHEER TOUCH lotion for a recent trip. Faced with no sunblock or using sunblock, I decided to use the Sheer Touch and was suprised at how long it lasted and how it applied and the lightweight feel.I was curious to try this newer Hawaiian Tropic SILK HYDRATION lotion as comparison.Sheer Touch vs this lotion (Silk Hydration)============================================Both lotions apply and feel very lightweight, even for my face.Both lotions do have a subtle and pleasant tropical scent, but I’ll state the Silk Hydration has a slightly stronger scent, though both are still subtle enough they do not bother me…as a guy. ;–)I don’t believe the Silk Hydration is a re-branded version of the Sheer Touch even though the exterior packaging looks the same, they each call out different product highlights. The active sunblock ingredients are the same with the same % of chemicals, but the inactive ingredients is slightly different.The Silk Hydration version specifically calls out moisutrizing skin care and that it absolutely does! First, it has no greasy look at all, but after applying, your skin feels silky soft and smooth, like a baby’s bum.I put the Sheer Touch on my left arm and the Silk Hydration on my right arm and there’s a definite difference is softness and smoothness. Both have lasted some 4-6 hours (but that is my NON-scientific guess, always follow the directions, we have olive skin in our family heritage).Based on my usage, if the store only had Sheer Touch or Silk Hydration, I would absolutely choose Silk Hydration for all the moisturized/silky skin benefits. In fact, this has now replaced future purchases of the Neutrogena Healthy Defense sunblock for outside events.Silk Hydration versus the Aerosol Spray Types:===============================================I can only use pure hand lotion type sunblock, versus the spray-on types that are quick and easy. I suppose it may be the chemicals that “aerosolize” the can, but most of the spray-on types contain alcohol. My skin turns red and sensitive whenever I use the spray on types. Also, you never want to get the spray-on types on your face, as it seems to penetrate the eye lids and they burn. I use the Silk Hydration all over with no burning in my eyes, even on the sweatiest of outdoor events. The absorption seems to be great and the protection long lasting.Overall:=========This Silk Hydration sunblock is now my exclusive, go-to sunblock for face and body, works great and no greasy look. Plus, it makes my skin feel silky smooth. If you are extremely sensitive to smell, there is a subtle tropical scent.

Kay Caldwell, OH

too artificial for me

I was excited for a lotion that also acts as a sun screen. This one does not go on white, like others and feels more like a lotion, rather than sun screen. But the look and the smell of this product is not pleasant for me – there is a dye in it and some fragrance, obviously. I feel like I have been to the bath and body shop, after I put this on. I prefer more natural products.

Celina Fremont, NE

Way better than expected.

While I’ve always loved the coconut smell of the original Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion, I’ve also regarded the company’s product line with some suspicion. I mean, after all, the founder of the company created and mixed the stuff in his garage, so how high should my expectations be, especially for “broad spectrum” SPF protection? Well, I took a chance and found that the product worked well on the beaches of New York, in the mountains of Vermont and at the water parks of Orlando, all of which were visited in August. Although the sunscreen doesn’t (regretably) smell like coconut, it didn’t smell like sunscreen chemicals, either. It goes on skin much like Neutrogena face cream, without a smear of white that’s hard to distribute or get into the skin. Would definitely get again.

Nita Cannelburg, IN

Silky, non-greasy sun block

I want three things from my sunblock. First it needs to provide durable and effective blocking of UV rays. This product does that well and seems pretty durable through sweating and water events. Second, I don’t want it to be slimy, sticky, or greasy. Again, this product does it well. It seems to just flow into your skin and seems to moisturize while doing its job. Finally, I’d like it to smell but not be perfume like. This has what seems like a “tropical island” scent which is really pleasant. I love it.

Tamika Dunmore, WV

A great choice for arid Colorado & dry skin

I’m pretty fond of this new sunscreen. I usually avoid the rub-in sunscreens because I hate to have greasy feeling hands, the spray on kind helps me avoid this. So while I was wary to try this lotion-style sunscreen, it ended up being my new favorite.This Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen touts being hydrating and moisturizing, and it is, so after applying it feels just like when I put a regular lotion on my skin. It doesn’t have that greasy feel, it’s soft and silky like a good lotion. The smell is pleasant enough, but typical of that of sunscreen. I like that it says broad spectrum, as we all know that’s the key point to look for when choosing a sunscreen.Here in Colorado we’re closer to the sun, we have over 300 days of sunshine a year, and it’s DRY. Me being a super pale gal of Swedish decent, you can see the problem. I rely heavily on sunscreen year round to avoid turning bright red and crispy. While I’d hesitate to use this in the winter because of it’s summery smell, I’m very impressed with the sunscreen’s performance AND moisturizing effect. It’s great!I especially like to keep it in my purse or car, because when my hands are on the steering wheel they get a lot of sun, and sun causes aging. Hopefully it will help me prevent some wrinkles and sun spots on my Swedish skin as I age. So this is the perfect sunscreen of that because I’ll be using it on my hands a lot, so the lotion aspect is fabulous.

Hazel Torrance, PA

Loved the Way this Product Smells

The problem I have with most tanning products is that the smell is really strong, and usually they have a very strong coconut smell. Although this product does have a coconut smell, it’s actually very pleasant, and it has one of the nicest fragrances I’ve ever smelled in a tanning product.As for the product itself, it does seem to make your skin very soft, and it’s gentle too. If you need an effective sunscreen, then you’ll definitely find it in this product because it is very gentle. Often these types of products are irritating on my skin, but this one wasn’t, and it contains all the right sunscreen ingredients. I think it’s probably gentle enough to put on children if you need to.When you apply this product, it does seem to give your skin a little color. Now that part could be my imagination, but it does seem to make your skin pretty shiny, so you might not want to wear this as your daily sunscreen. Regardless, it does make your skin very soft, and it’s good for the dryness you can get while swimming or spending time in the sun.You’ll want to apply this product regularly because it’s not waterproof, but it will keep your skin looking soft and healthy. It will also protect you from the sun.

Jami White Owl, SD

Classic coconut scent and silky

I grew up using Hawaiian Tropic products, and I have driven by the Ormond Beach, FL plant many times.The scent of this sunscreen continues the Hawaiian Tropic tradition of the classic coconut scent–a unique scent that many have come to equate with the beach itself.The formula goes on easily and soaks in fairly quickly, not leaving you with splotches of white.The sunscreen is only mildly greasy-feeling, and after it soaks in, the greasy feeling is gone. The sun is drying/damaging, and this formula goes one step beyond the typical sunscreen by providing some measure of hydration or moisturizing. I was pleased with the how it left my skin soft, yet protected.This stuff washes off, so if you are swimming, you’ll need to reapply. It’s probably a good idea to re-apply the product every few hours anyway, regardless of water exposure.Overall – this is a good product to have if you are going to be exposed to the sun, particularly if you’ll be at the beach or by the pool.

Dorothy Leesville, TX

Lovely fragrance, super moisturizing

Really nice sunscreen, could even be used as a daily moisturizer. Haven’t tested it by being out in the sun ALL DAY (I rarely do that) but it has been effective the times I’ve been out for a couple of hours at a time.

Andrea Foster, OR

Not my favorite

For years I was loyal to a brand of sun products that is no longer in business, so recently I had to shop around for something else. I really dislike most of the brands out there for reasons ranging from frangrances to ingredients. Hawaiian Tropics is my new brand of choice, although they don’t have any carrot oil based products that i used to prefer. They do a generally good job of promoting a good tan and keeping your skin naturally resilient in the face of all that UV radiation you get in summer.I usually go for lower SPF sunscreen because I actually believe sun exposure is healthy as long as you don’t burn (essential for vitamin D production, for example, and also a good tan early in the season is the best sunscreen around). But, sometimes i go for the higher power stuff when I am close to burning or for spots like ears and necks that are prone to over exposure when I’m out all day. I tried this one in particular because I like to have a go-to after-sun lotion when I plan on staying out in the sun a while after already getting a full days dose of UV. It both keeps me from burning and hydrates and nourishes the skin to aid in melinin production, though not as well as the specific after sun products that Hawaiian Tropics makes. Usually I’d rather just put on some SPF 4 or 8 in the beginning of the day and then im almost always fine.I’m also not crazy about the smell and I also think the colored “moisturizing ribbon” in the lotion that makes it look like a creamsicle is an annoying marketing gimmick as it just adds more artificial colorings to the mix. Why do we need to make the lotion visually appealing in the bottle? Now it is just more effective at staining my clothes.Lastly, this stuff is not very long lasting, offering only 2 hour protection. That may be enough for me for some uses, but not most people. It is water resistant, though.Not a terrible product, but not my first choice of their line,

Leta Hewitt, WI

good for my skin

Las Vegas is hot and dry and that is exactly how my skin usually feels. This silk hydration formula is a pleasant addition to the sunscreen line. Now I can use a daily sunscreen and not have to worry about diluting it by applying moisurizer or lotion too. A pleasant scent and nongreasy feel make this a winner.

Dana Pinesdale, MT

Smooth sun protection!

I am fair, and only dislike the sun slightly more than the evil necessity that is sunscreen. Honestly, I’d rather stay inside. That said the Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration made the whole going out in the sun process a lot more bearable. The scent is nice, very tropical. It smells a little girly to me, which is fine because I’m a girl, but might not be a huge selling point for the fellas. The lotion itself smoothed on very nicely, I’ve tried one before by Hawaiian tropic that was so difficult to spread I ended up ditching it, that was not the case with this. I didn’t feel overly greasy, but I wouldn’t say it was ‘invisible’ on my skin, I knew it was there… I could feel it, but it was a lot better than many sun screen alternatives. As far as moisturizing, yes, I felt my skin was hydrated, but I didn’t feel it was super ‘softened’.For sure I see myself using this until the next ‘non-greasy’ sunscreen lotion innovation comes out.

Earlene Linwood, MD

Smells nice but you get tans lines quickly—so is it working?

We used a variety of sunblocks over the summer. Maybe the fact that this doesn’t have the word “block” in it is telling. When we used Blue Lizard, we got no tan marks. When we used Banana Boat, it did not seem quite as effective as Blue Lizard, but it still worked quite well. With the Hawaiian Tropic, it smelled *heavenly*, but I noticed pretty deep tan lines after a short period of time in the sun. We didn’t burn, but it certainly didn’t have the same effect as the other two. I would not reach for this one again.**Also, someone knocked it over in the closet and a lot of brown oil leaked out. Buyer beware!

Rita Keedysville, MD

the good, bad and the ugly

This Hawaiian Tropic product seems to do the job (no sunburn) which is the good. The bad is the amount of toxic ingredients in this product, including paraben. For a leading suncreen company, they don’t seem to be following the healthy trend of detoxing their products and instead still include ingredients that are harmful to your health, which is the ugly. Better to go with Vanicream’s suncreen which is a purer product and works just as well.

Nelly South Hamilton, MA

Feels good on my skin

Used this lotion earlier this year on a walk. The one thing that I noted was different with this product is its appearance: it is actually two-toned, squeezes out of the bottle looking like two separate colored lotions. there is a faint scent, which is not unpleasant but I’m one of those people that actually love strong coconut scented tanning products. this Tropic silk has a slight resemblance to coconut mixed with something else. It does not go on greasy and feels good on my skin. Overall, I would definitely use this product again and recommend it.

Felecia Lowland, TN

Dosen’t burn

I normally avoid sunscreens because they tend to burn when I put them on. This one did not burn. It also absorbed quickly and like it claims has a “silky” feel to it. Great product that I feel good about recommending.

Marsha Oshtemo, MI

Great, works like a combined sunscreen and moisturizer

This is a really lovely sunscreen product. Unlike many of my other cream sunscreens, it’s not heavy and oily, but it still has that great tropical sunscreen scent that I associate with summer. It doesn’t seem to cause breakouts, either, which is a wonderful plus! I used this extensively while on vacation and found it to be very dependable when applied every few hours during trips to the beach and pool. I even used it on my face without the usual residue and oily skin that often result from non-facial specific sunscreens. A great product and one that I will be adding to my beach bag next summer as well.

Mollie Florence, KY

Feels Nice; A Little Smelly

This moisturizes well and lasts for a long time. It didn’t absorb as quickly as other moisturizers I’ve tried, but it wasn’t bad. I don’t like the scent, it was a little strong for me, but it became tolerable after a short time, and after a couple of hours I could barely smell it. Surprisingly, there are no artificial colors in this lotion.8/12/2012 Update: I’ve been using this nearly every day on my arms, and my skin is softer than it was. Used correctly, it’s also effective as a sunscreen.

Heidi Table Grove, IL

Good But No Wow

Does every single sun or beach product have to smell like coconut? I don’t exactly hate it, but it’s become boring frankly. I love fruity fragrances – how about an orange or lemon scented sunscreen? In fact, this is a new product, but it could easily have come out 10 years ago. Scratch my head and ponder “what’s new about this?”Okay, as far as the packaging – it’s your typical bottle w/ bottom snap open lid. Label says it offers water resistant protection for 60 minutes, and that’s sounds believable. Can’t imagine being in the water and any sunscreen lasting much more than that.Front label also indicates “12 hour Moisturization,” and that just ain’t so. This stuff is only lightly moisturizing at best. I put some on and felt the effect for maybe 5-10 minutes. As for sun protective properties, how can you tell? Also, bottle contains only 6 fluid ounces, and I can’t imagine this stuff lasting more than one session at the beach.

Lorene Nolan, TX