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Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Lotion SPF 30, 1.7 Ounce

Hawaiian tropic silk hydration faces lotion-SPF 30. Hawaiian tropic silk hydration faces provides 12 hours of long lasting moisture with hydrating ribbons of silk protein and shea butter. Hawaiian tropic silk hydration faces is specifically formulated for usage on your face. Hawaiian tropic silk hydration faces is lightweight, oil free, non greasy, water resistant, and has a subtle tropical fragrance.

Key features

  • Hydrating ribbons of silk protein and shea butter
  • Provides 12 hours of long lasting moisture
  • Lightweight, oil-free and non-greasy
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Water resistant

Honest reviews


Light and pleasant

I liked the coconut smell, very faint, but nice. It was long lasting and SPF 30 is perfect in my view.It is on the expensive side though, compared to mid range products of Olay or Avon.

Clarissa Alverton, PA


I first want to point out that people’s skin can be sensitive to any ingredient in the world. Therefore, if you know you’re sensitive to avobenzone, octocrylene, or oxybenzone, this isn’t the product for you.The way avobenzone and oxybenzone work is they allow UVA and UVB rays to enter the skin, but then absorb them so they’re no longer harmful to us. Most sunscreens in the drug store use avobenzone, so if you use sunscreen at all without checking ingredients, you’ve probably used sunscreen with avobenzone in it.As for the octocrylene, this enhances the ability of avobenzone and oxybenzone to be absorbed into the skin.Usually, for people who are sensitive to one of these ingredients or for young children (whose skin can be naturally more sensitive), I’d recommend titanium dioxide or zinc oxide instead of avobenzone and oxybenzone, as another reviewer has stated. The problem is (and the reason why a lot of people don’t like these ingredients) is they work by reflecting the UVA and UVB rays – which is why they often give a "white" or "shiny" sheen to your skin; you’re essentially a mirror at that point. For a pale individual like myself, that isn’t an issue, but it can be irritating to darker-skinned folks.So, you have to pick and choose. Most people aren’t sensitive to avobenzone, oxybenzone, nor octocrylene, so this product will be fine for most people.That said, this product is very fragrant. THIS is the fact that makes me question its marketing as a sunscreen for face; it’s extremely common for people to be sensitive to fragrance, especially on already more-sensitive skin like that found on the face. That said, it’s very tropical-smelling (yum) and I certainly don’t mind using this on my hands.Also, I love the texture. It’s very silky, similar to the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration with ribbons for body.In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend a stranger to use it on his or her face, but for most people it will be perfectly fine. For hands this is great, though in that case I’d recommend just buying the bottle marketed toward body (not face).

Christa Fulda, MN

All 3 Ingredients Can Cause Allergic Reactions In Some People

This Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Lotion SPF 30 has been checked out by my dermatologist and the results are not good for everyone. The three main ingredients are 1.) Avobenzone- the main UVA protection ingredient, which has been known to cause allergic reactions in some people with sensitive skin; 2.) Octocrylene- an oxygen based ingredient and known photoallergin and 3.) Oxybenzone- another oxygen based ingredient that has been considered unsafe by several cancer/consumer groups after a large study showing photoallergic reactions in a sizeable percentage of people. If you look into Oxybenzone through your doctor or on the internet you will find several consumer groups who are asking this ingredient to be banned by the FDA.There are some people who will show no sensitivity to these three ingredients, but for those who are sensitive to the oxygen based ingredients, you will want to use something else for sun protection. My dermatologist said to stick to any sunscreen with either Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide in them. Either of these 2 ingredients will give you total sun protection without the allergic reactions some people get from oxygen based chemicals (oxygen burns just like bleach). Hawaiian Tropic even states on the label that you will need other sun protection besides this Face Lotion as well as stating that you can get up to 1 1/2 hours of sun protection using this- a very minimal time and not worth the money to me- especially when they state that you need other things for sun protection.As for the other ingredients- there are a large array of fruit extracts and wax paraffins for moisturizing your face. As far as being a silky smooth moisturizer, this lotion does do that, but because the 3 main sunscreen ingredients can all cause allergic reactions in some people, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with fair or sensitive skin, as the oxygen ingredients are just too harsh. This Hydration Face Lotion gets 4 Stars for hydrating your skin with its fruit extracts and wax paraffins, but as far as the sun protection, I have to give it 1 Star for including 3 ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and a trip to the dermatologist for people with fair and sensitive skin like me. Overall it’s a 2 STAR product for anyone who doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the sunscreen ingredients.

Cindy Beaver, WV

Less greasy, but goes quick

Fragrance is as great, a little milder than most HT products.What makes this lotion stand apart is its less greasy formula. As a pro photographer, I find the lotion better than the standard supermarket brands because it doesn’t smear the display on the back of my camera as much.It does seem to soak into my skin quickly, and I feel as if I need to apply more than regular lotion, but it does its job very well.I have kept in the car on hot days longer than I should, but it holds up fine, not separating as I’ve seen others do. We have not gotten into the hottest days of summer yet–and I’m not going to push it, for sure.Overall, very satisfied with this variation of my favorite sunscreen, and I plan to keep it in my gear bag for morning and late afternoon outings.

Leonor Montezuma, OH

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Oil-Free Lotion Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 30, 1.7 oz

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Oil-Free Lotion Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 1,7 oz. According to the package, 12-hour moisturization, won’t clog pores; UVA/UVB protection.I used this on my face. It feels really good. And it works good. If it feels good and works good, then it is good.This sunscreen for the face is a really good product for me, as I have very light and thin skin. I do not tan; I scorch and peel. My skin needs all the protection it can get. In fact, I think the only pigment on my skin is all on my left arm!!!!!!!!! It gets sun while I am driving. I need to go to England so I can drive on the other side, so my two arms can get evenly tanned!!!This is a good product that feels really good. And it is from a good, trusted company. I have bought so many products from Hawaiian Tropic.

Emma Ackley, IA

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Lotion SPF 30

I love everything about this face lotion- the SPF 30, the hydration, the scent, the sun protection it gives my skin. What I don’t love is that it stings a little bit when I put it on. I have very sensitive skin. The stinging goes away after a few minutes, but it’s pretty significant for me. It seems to be less noticeable if I’ve been using the lotion for a week or so, steady. But still, the lotion provides SPF 30 and is otherwise quite good.

Kenya Westport, CT

Feels good, smells great

Ok, this stuff is all about two things: how it feels and how it smells. It doesn’t have that sunscreen-y oily gloopy feeling, which is impressive alone. I’ve had very bad luck with facial sunscreens feeling really gross on my face, but this one is great.BUT THE SMELL YOU GUYS. I’m a sucker for the smell. This is definitely one of those "love it or hate it" fragrances, but it reminds me of fruity good times at the beach. I’d call it an "immature" fragrance, which might say something about me that I like it.

Grace Wayne, NJ

A Little Too Much Scent For Me

They scented this just a little too much for my liking. When something is going to be directly on my face, it’s obviously right where I can smell it and I prefer to go very light so I’m not inhaling so much of it. That’s personal preference and your opinion might obviously be different.On the other hand, it absorbs well and seems to do its job as far as sun protection goes. For people a little less sensitive to scent, the smell is also fairly summery, which is nice given that it feels ‘in season’.

Shelley Albion, ID

Great sunscreen

You could use this everyday of the summer, It is a little heavier then regular face lotion. It burns a tiny bit when I put it on and I don’t understand why. I was out in the sun all day the other day and I did get a tan but not a burned face. I didn’t re-apply I only put it on in the morning. It smells like sunscreen and looks like sunscreen but it has not caused me to break out.

Georgina Mineral Point, MO


I love this sunscreen which smells like some kind of peach dessert, glides on smoothly, and never gets me rashy the way some sunscreens do. It’s also very affordable.

Elisa Blanchester, OH

Not a bad product, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price

I have fair skin, so I like for the face lotion I put on each morning to have sun protection in it. I haven’t been using this product as sunscreen, though–applying it multiple times if I’ll be outside for long stretches of time. I just use it once a day.It does burn slightly when I first apply it, as some other reviewers have mentioned, but the sensation goes away within 15 seconds or so for me. The scent is pleasant enough, but it is a little too reminiscent of tanning lotion for me to want to smell it all day. Coconut oil just reminds me of the outdoors, and it’s a little bizarre to be sitting at my desk all day catching whiffs now and then that make me think of the beach.The feel of the lotion is nice: it’s smooth and thick, but it rubs in easily and doesn’t leave an oily residue on my skin. I wondered whether the “ribbon” of color in the product would add any sort of self-tanning effect to my face, but it doesn’t appear to. My biggest complaint pertains to the packaging: a single pump dispenses a larger amount of the product than I need to cover my face, so I’ve taken to doing more like a half-pump so I don’t have too much excess lotion that I’m trying to rub in to already-saturated skin.

Dominique Diamond City, AR

Smells like Coconut (but it’s not all natural by any means)

Since this is a Hawaiian Tropic product, I wasn’t too surprised that it smells like their suntan products. The word Silk in the name indicates there may be some silk in the lotion, and sure enough, about half-way down the list of ingredients I see "Silk Amino Acids/" which are said to be extracted from raw silk. Here is the complete list of ingredients: Water , Cetearyl Alcohol , Polymethylsilsesquioxane , Glycerin , VP/Eicosene Copolymer , Diisopropyl Adipate , Ethylhexyl Benzoate , Phenethyl Benzoate , Polyethylene , Sodium Polyacrylate , Caprylyl Glycol , Dimethicone , Coco-Glucoside , Ceteth-10 Phosphate , Dicetyl Phosphate , Xanthan Gum , Carbomer , Disodium EDTA , Paraffin , Mica , Silk Amino Acids , Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate , Tocopheryl Acetate , Panthenol , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice , Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract , Colocasia Antiquorum Root Extract , Mangifera Indica (Mango) Fruit Extract , Passiflora Incarnata Fruit Extract , Plumeria Acutifolia Flower Extract , Psidium Guajava Fruit Extract , Phenoxyethanol , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , Fragrance , Bismuth Oxychloride , Iron Oxides.Unfortunately I do not see this list on the Amazon page. It is on a product label that is under the back label on the bottle in rather small type. One of the sunscreen ingredients, oxybenzone, is controversial. Rather than just taking the rather alarming warnings on the Environmental Working Group’s website, I recommend reading the Wikipedia page. It’s a little more balanced but still offers reasons to worry. If you think that your skin is a good barrier to internal absorption, consider this: "In a 2008 study of participants ages 6 and up, oxybenzone was detected in 96.8% of urine samples."I would avoid using this on children or while pregnant. For adults, use only when needed and try to find safer products. Personally, I don’t plan to use it anyway because (a) I dislike the smell and (b) I am allergic to aloe. I did not know that it contained aloe when I ordered it because Amazon did not list all the ingredients.

Lynn Sabetha, KS

Offers Facial Moisture

Actually, I like this product even though it is neither sunny nor hot right now. It has a beachy scent that is sort of nice and it provides plenty of moisture. It is a little greasy when applied, but it absorbs quickly and keeps the face well hydrated and also offers sunscreen protection at an SPF 30. Just be aware that like most sunscreens, if you go swimming or sweat a lot reapplication is going to be needed. I would recommend this product since it is pretty nice and does what it promises.

Eleanor Scooba, MS


Remember that smell of Hawaiian Tropic oil from the good ol’ days when nobody really knew about using sunscreen? This stuff has that smell. I normally use a daily facial sunscreen of 15-30 spf, depending on the season. For summer it’s definitely 30 spf. So I thought I would try this out. As soon as I got the first squirt of this lotion out, I had those memories of carefree sunbathing. It’s almost too strong, because other people can smell it on you. I would prefer if it didn’t smell at all, but I guess this stuff will be okay once summer is here.As far as how it works, it seems okay. I haven’t broken out, and that is a good thing. I also don’t get that sweaty, greasy feeling I get with some facial sunscreens, like it’s blocking off my pores. So I like that too. There is no tint in this, even though it looks swirly. I think it is all of the different moisturizers all swirled up to look cool in the package.

Rachael Balmorhea, TX

Nice and light

I like to give my dome some hydration and sun protection and this is great because it is light and easy to apply. Package size makes it great for travel.

Octavia Springfield, AR

Great sunscreen, Low on hydration

Well for sunscreen protection I’d give this 4 stars, however I live in a dry windy climate and for moisturizing purposes it needs to be beefed up with a layer of Nivea otherwise it dries out rather quickly. (the Nivea also helps to alleviate the stinging sensation.) As a moisturizer I’d give 2 stars so I’ll split the difference with three. I do appreciate that the scent is mild and that despite the tinted stripe, it is in fact colorless when applied.

Charlene Leadwood, MO

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 Silk Face Cream

When I opened this it flooded me with happy memories because of it’s scent. It reminds me of summers past, spent at the beach or at the lake. I also remembered the lotions of the past with their sticky texture and the need to reapply it so often. Well, the only sameness is the scent, this lotion goes on smooth and easy. It was absorbed quickly. It lasted all afternoon. It did not cause any rash or face breakout. I love it! I would recommend this as a daily moisturizer during the summer because you just never know when you will be out in the sun’s rays.

James Ardsley, NY

Not Greasy — Excellent Protection

I liked the way this went on–light, not greasy and very good protection throughout the day. The scent is pleasant, but personally I prefer no scent so that was a drawback. Also, although it’s "hypoallergenic", there are three ingredients that people can be allergic to–avobenzone, octocrylene, and oxybenzone. Those are the only drawbacks I saw to this (and the ingredients did not affect me at all–just wish it was unscented). A good product overall.

Wendi Archbald, PA

Nice smell and good absorption

This non-greasy sunscreen works well and is a fair price for a facial cream. If you like unscented products, then skip this. I like the smell, so I give it 5 stars. 🙂

Yvette Cornland, IL

Love the idea

I love the idea of a moisturizer combined with sunscreen. I know this isn’t a new idea, but this Hawaiian Tropic Face Lotion works well and isn’t as pricey as some products. The coverage is fairly thick, so this works best for normal to dry skin and might not work well for oily skin. Personally, I liked the feel of this lotion, and it provided enough moisture for me. However, I really wish they would get rid of that trademark Hawaiian Tropic scent. That scent works fine for a weekend at the beach, but it doesn’t quite work when I’m sitting at my desk at the office.

Nettie Swisher, IA

Small size is great for beach bag

I am a huge fan of the other Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration products, and this face specific lotion is no exception. The bottle is lightweight and perfectly sized for your beach bag. Even in the hot (almost 100) temps, the product did not melt and escape the pump top like some of my squirt top bottles did in my beach bag. The lotion goes on smoothly and smells nice. I used it for 10 days straight recently and did not break out once or get burned. An awesome suntan lotion!

Danielle Great Barrington, MA

broke out within a day / stings

I have sensitive skin, so I was excited at the claim on the front saying it would not clog my pores. Putting it on was unpleasant: it was thick and sticky, so you had to really smear it in, and in burned…not just around the eye area, but everywhere. The scent was fine, smelling of vacations and tourists, but the appearance was somewhat greasy. Within several hours, I started having a few areas of irritation, and those turned into pimply things the next few days. A week later, and I am still dealing with them. This product was not for me.

Milagros Kamuela, HI

Strongly scented and costly, but works as advertised.

"Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Lotion SPF 30, 1.7 Ounce" works as advertised. It goes on the face smoothly, hydrated my face well, and has so far prevented me from sunburn.Caveats: It’s on the costly side (at $10 per 1.7 ounces), and the scent is quite strong (this is applied to the face, after all).Still, it’s worth picking up if in the market. Recommended.

Kara Dowelltown, TN

Odd Aroma, Unpleasant Feel

I didn’t find the scent of this product particularly strong, especially after I applied it, but I thought it was odd. My husband took a sniff and said “Play-Doh!” And you know, that’s what it reminds me of. Maybe my sample went “off” or something, because I didn’t get any hint of coconut or anything beachy. The product comes out of the bottle with a very pale pink tint, although it doesn’t have any concealing power. Despite the name, there was no silky feel. In fact, I thought it had an unpleasant, sticky feel during application and it definitely did not flow onto the skin smoothly. I can’t say there was any unpleasant feeling (or smell) after it was on for a while, and there were no noticeable adverse effects on my skin. The pump dispenser works easily and well. On the whole, while it’s not terrible, I doubt I would buy this product again.

Deena Port William, OH

Head to Head Winner Against Banana Boat

At our recent beach vacation Hawaiian Tropic came away the big winner. My partner, who is fair skinned, used Hawaiian Tropic and walked away from 9 hours at the beach with not a hint of sunburn. I, on the other hand, had used Banana Boat for Men and though having much darker complexion than my partner was sunburned so bad I had the chills that night. We were in the sun the same amount of time and I had been outside considerably longer than my partner before we hit the beach.The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Hawaiian Tropic is a clear winner. Not only that is had added moisturizing benefits which my partner said made her skin feel supple, not dried out.

Heather Willis Wharf, VA

Great product for the face, scent not to my liking

Last year I tried a sunscreen product for the body that had the hydration ribbons in it. I loved this addition, so when I saw a product made specifically for the face, I wanted to try it.First, I’ll address my only dissatisfaction, and that’s the smell. It has that strong coconut-y scent, but I can’t downgrade the rating much, because it’s actually what I expect from Hawaiian Tropic exactly.The good:* "Works" as sunscreen with great results, and the face really needs to be protected* My skin is not dry. It’s normal to oily at times, and this was not overly heavy or oily at all.* Absorbed easily and completely. I wore it under makeup and didn’t need to wait to apply my makeup.

Pat Patten, ME

Overwhelming coconut scent

Being fair skinned, and history of skin cancer in me and my family, I take using sunscreen daily pretty seriously. So when Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Lotion came up to try I was all over it! Along with my fair skin, I have also been "gifted" with very sensitive skin and many allergies… I am lucky that way.After reading the label for anything I might have a bad reaction to (and didn’t find anything), I popped the top. The orange swirly lotion made me think it was going to smell like a creamcicle–a light orange and vanilla scent–but the Product Description states "subtle tropical fragrance". No worries I thought, I like tropical. So the pump action is quite nice, easy enough to use one-handed. I usually even out the lotion onto both hands and then apply to face. I noticed the nice coconutty scent and applied a slightly-less-than-my-current-daily-sunscreen to my face (I start less then add more if needed for something new). Once on my face though, the scent was Overwhelming. So overwhelming I started fanning my face. I realized my hands didn’t feel "lotioned" but more sticky. I quick washed my hands, as fanning with them was rather a stupid idea at that point. Then I washed my face to get rid of the scent. I didn’t like the feel of the sunscreen on my hands, but it did feel nice on my face. Some sunscreen-lotions feel so mask-like, but this–for the few moments I tolerated it–did feel quite nice. I just couldn’t have it that close to breathe in.I would probably LOVE this if it weren’t so heavily scented. And I really do love the smell of coconut, but this was much too strong. I will give it another try on my arms and legs when I am going to be outdoors. If it had been less scenty and not so hand-sticky I would have given it 4 stars. But it’s a "face lotion" that I can’t really use that way 🙁

Shirley Warrenville, IL

I hate face creams but this is good!

I’ve got the used-to-have-acne aversion to smearing creams on my face, even after all these zit-free middle-aged years. But I have big issues now with sun damage, perhaps as a result of passing up moisturizers and sunblocks through a lifetime living in high altitude sun. I am pleased, therefore, that this cream easily rubs into skin, causes no untoward reactions, has a light, pleasing fragrance, and works!

Effie Cocoa Beach, FL


went to the beach here in Florida and put this on my face at home. I forgot to reapply while at the beach because I was reading a fantastic book. Low and behold….no burnt nose. I didn’t go into the ocean…so I didn’t ever wash this off or potentially wash it off by swimming or getting wet. But I was at the beach and didn’t reapply or think about it again and my nose didn’t get Rudolph Red. That’s a win in my book.This sunscreen is Broad Spectrum, which I’ve read and been told is what you want to buy. It keeps out a broad spectrum of the different types of sun rays. Hey I’m not a scientist…I just know my face didn’t take the abuse of the Florida sun with this on.

Dollie Mantua, OH

Smells good, doesn’t bother skin

Fortunately I do not have super sensitive skin, so most products do not bother my skin (there are exceptions). This product has a very pleasant, kind of beach like aroma to it that I enjoy smelling. It does seem nongreasy, and it does rub into your face fairly easily. It claims to be water resistant and lasts up to 8 hours (but they all now basically say to reapply it under numerous different conditions). That said, when you look at the ingredients, almost all the items listed I can’t pronounce, let alone have a clue to how they affect your skin and body (remember, lotions and such put on your body are absorbed into your skin and to a certain extent, into your system/body. I don’t believe there are any "natural" ingredients in this lotion, so understand that it may adversely affect your skin/body. It is a new product, so someone has to be the guinea pig. Do you want to play that role?

Celeste Bart, PA