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Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanner, Medium-Dark, 5-Ounce Tubes

A soft touch of Hawaiian tropical, exotic, natural flora and fruit extracts. Indulge your skin and delight your senses with new island radiance self tanner. Each application glides on easily and caresses your skin with luxurious softness. Rich island moisturizers including cocoa and mango butter, kukui and macadamia nut oil and plumeria extract help to restore lost radiance and keep skin smooth. Enriched with All-Q Plus, a new ingredient that combines two powerful antioxidants CoQ10 and vitamin E.

Key features

  • Natural looking flawless tan
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dries quickly
  • Moisturizing
  • Streak-free

Honest reviews


Makes you look dirty…

I don’t recommend this tanner based on my experience. Aside from the fresh, great scent… it was one of the worst self-tanners I’ve ever used. The thick, gel-like consistency made it take a long, long time to dry (sometimes more than an hour), therefore, if you put on clothes or sat down while it was still drying, you wouldn’t be tan in that spot (basically, like a farmer’s tan). Furthermore, even if you are fortunate enough to get it on correctly, the color fades unevenly… making you look “dirty”–pale in some places, orange in some places, and brown in others. It also comes off on your towels. Finally, it also made me itch terribly on my neck & back (so I don’t recommend this to people with sensitive skin like me).I tried this tanner because my previous tanner, Neutrogena Sun Fresh Foam was discontinued. I’m now trying to find another foam… without a bronzer. I hate the bronzers. In the meantime, I’m going to try Neutrogena Sun Fresh lotion. I’m hoping that it will have similar results to the foam that was discontinued–not the darkest tan, but enough color to look healthy… and natural.

Bobbi Mineral City, OH

Not as dark as other products I’ve used

Not as dark as most products I’ve used and you need to reapply several times to get a good shade. I was able to keep a consistent tan for about 4 days without reapplying. I was also pleasantly surprised that it didn’t smell at all like self-tanner so I was able to leave the house without having to shower a second time.

Paula Pernell, OK

Gorgeous Color and NO breakouts! YAY!

Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanner Medium-Dark (gel version)I have been using this product for a few years, and though I’ve tried many other brands (many higher-end), I always come back to this product. For reference, I’m light olive complexioned with yellow undertones, ie, SALLOW. I really need to be faux tanned year round. The problem is that most “realistic” looking faux tanners tend to be a bit too neutral brown (they go on that olive-brown — you know the ones; and the end result is a flat paperbag brown). While this may work well for fair skinned gals, this neutral flat brown tan does NOTHING for my sallow light olive skin, except muddy my coloring up even more. YUCK. Then there are the orange tans — we all know the Ooompah Looompah look. These tanners leave me looking a bit jaundiced. But Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Tanner in Med-Dark is just purrrrrfect!Pros:It spreads easily and smoothly and dries down mat — NO oily residue, yet also not drying to the skin. The smell is pleasant and dissipates quickly. I have yet to have a breakout from this product, and best yet, I can even put this around or even on my eyelids and under my eyes with NO stinging or watery eyes or allergic reactions (and I’m pretty sensitive!). The color begins to show up within minutes of application though the gel itself is colorless. Full development time takes several hours. The result on my light olive skin is a beautiful medium “believeable” GOLDEN BROWN TAN (toasty). The color has just enough kick in it to brighten up my sallow complexion, without any trace of orange, and without looking muddy/dirty. You can easily build up the color by applying more often, but during the winter months, one coat a week will do me. 🙂 Another HUGE plus, this product does NOT stain my hairline. Having blonde highlighted hair, staining from faux tanners can be a problem if you are not careful. I have not ever had this happen even when a bit clumsy applying this product. :)Cons: not many, but….As with ALL faux tanners I have ever tried, you need to exfoliate first, or you will get some staining (though much less with this product than with others I have used). And you need to clean your palms off with a damp towel, or you will get some staining (again, not as much as with other brands I have used). The only true negative specific to this product that I can find is that it’s VERY small if you intend to use it all year-round as a “total body” self tanner — at least I find it a bit cost prohibitive to use it that way 52 weeks out of the year. I usually reserve this product for my face/neck, upper chest, and shoulders/arms, but will turn to a spray faux tanner for the rest of my body (FakeBake is a great one, though it will give a MUCH deeper tan, so use sparingly — but gorgeous color nonetheless!, and L’Oreal Sublime Spray Tanner in Medium is another good spray faux tanner choice for the body –though this tends to be a bit warmer/tawny in tone than the Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance — but still a good alternative for the body). The only way Hawaiian Tropic could improve upon this product would be to come out with a larger sized product for the money. NO-AD brand used to make some awesome gel faux tanners and creme based selftanning bronzers that were VERY generously sized (as are all of their sun care products), but sadly they discontinued their faux tanning line and have concentrated on mainly sunblock products.All in all, I just love Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanner in Medium-Dark (gel version)!

Edna Middleville, NJ

A self tanner with a nice scent!

I like this self tanning lotion because it has a pleasant scent. Some of the self tanning lotions really have an awful unpleasant smell…this one is great! It is light feeling on the skin with a pleasant scent. 🙂

Autumn Bayboro, NC

Best tanner on the market, period!

I had to write a review because the 1-star it received from one the other reviewers. I am a skin care snob and self-tanner snob and this is simply the best product maret and amazingly cheap to boot. I have used most of the department store brands but those pale in comparison, pun intended.This gel is silicone oil-based, so it spreads really easily and yield a smooth feel afterwards – not at all sticky like many other gel type product. No matter what I do or what kind of rush I am in, this product applies evenly and does not streak. If it streaks for the other reviewer, then his/her skin needs some serious exfoliation… The color this produces is also natural tan looking, instead of orangy.I am surprised some people complain about the fragrance. I am very sensitive to fragrance. This product has very very mild scent and it doesn’t bother me at all. Self-tanner users know as the tan develops, there is always that “tanned” smell associated with dihydroxyacetone. This product actually does not develop that smell, totally surprised to me. The fragrance formulation is able to mask that chemical smell through the entire applicable and development process — I have not yet found another product that can do this.Lastly, this product is packed with top notch skin care ingredients not found in products of this price range. My skin becomes smoother and more even and younger looking as I continue to use this product.This product is truly amazing and I hope it stays on the market for a long long time.

Nichole Gordon, TX