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Hask Placenta Leave-in Conditioning Treatment Super Strength 5 oz. Pump

Buy Hask Placenta Hair & Scalp Treatments – Hask Placenta No-Rinse Instant Hair Repair Treatment for Extremely Damaged Hair 5.0 oz Spray. How-to-Use: For general conditioning: Shake vial well. Apply after shampooing. Massage thoroughly on to hair and scalp. DO NOT RINSE. Allow to penetrate hair for three minutes, then proceed as usual with setting or styling. When bleaching: Apply 1/2 vial to hair after bleaching. Allow three minutes to penetrate hair; then proceed as usual with ton

Key features

  • Instantly restores life and lusture to dry damaged hair.

Honest reviews


Not for me

Perhaps your hair has to be in horrid condition for this to be effective… personally, it made my hair feel dryer… The texture was really hay-like after I used this product. I read the reviews and thought for sure I’d love it. Fail.

Angel New Castle, KY

Great Product

This product is great for your hair. I tried many other products that are much more expensive, and this one is cheaper and better. I used to buy it at Sally’s, but they never have enough. At Amazon, if I order several of them, I can control the shipping price, and it turns out cheaper, and I don’t have to make all these trips to sally’s. Spray this on your hair while wet or dry, it controls the frizz, and really conditions your hair. Grear product.

Marissa Vermontville, NY

One of THE BEST Conditioners Ever!

A few days after seeing this product on AMAZON, I happened to see it in a neighborhood store, so I bought it. What a surprise!! This is one of THE BEST leave-in conditioners I’ve ever used. In fact, as I’m typing this review, I honestly cannot think of a leave-in product that matches this (Hask Placenta). Not only does it condition, but it texturizes the hair, leaving it conditioned, soft, silky and shiny. I’ll be using this stuff forever!It’s great!

Alisa Sumner, MO

No improvement

I’ve used it about 5-6 weeks until the 5oz bottle was empty, each time applied after I washed my hair. Didn’t see any improvement at all. The only difference was my hair was stickier, took longer to dry and no longer flowy when I used straightening iron. The smell was not pleasant either, I would not recommend this product.

Herminia Harwick, PA

Not my fave

I don’t think it did any good to my hair. I didn’t like the feel of the hair. It’s totally useless.

Carrie Montclair, NJ

Fantastic protein reconstructor for bleached hair!

I’ve had a nightmare of a time trying to get my hair to the lightness I want. I’m a Caucasian woman living in South Korea. ***If you have to have a translator with you to get your hair done, things aren’t off to a bright start… I had my hair bleached here, and it turned bright yellow-brass. Gross. I was too scared to attempt any other professional job, so I took matters into my own hands. I used a high-lift blonde color, that made it a more natural looking color, but still far too warm-toned for me. So then I used a permanent dye with ash tones. It wasn’t until using purple shampoo did my tone finally cool down. (If this is you, skip all of the middle steps and just get a toner and/or purple shampoo.)ANYWAYS, this left my previously virgin hair destroyed! It was SOOO brittle and dry. I didn’t use any heat for weeks, and I deep conditioned a lot. It helped, but my hair was still in very bad condition.I bought the display set of vials of this product. After ONE vial, my hair was nearly back to pre-bleached condition!!! I’ve used one more vial now, and my hair feels AMAZING! I can’t say enough. This product is PERFECT for extremely damaged hair.Reviewers who didn’t like it, I can only image that their hair wasn’t in very damaged condition to begin with. Having a little heat damage is not a call for a serious product like this. Having no protein deficiency in your hair to begin with, adding more protein with this product will actually hurt your hair. If your hair is seriously chemically damaged (bleached or relaxed or permed), then this is a miracle. If you’ve just been using your straightener too much, just do a deep conditioning treatment!

Francine Wadsworth, IL


This product works. I use it after shower and let it set in before I blow dry my hair. I have highlighted hair so my hair breaks easily but this stuff helps keep my hair healthy. No more dry brittle hair.

Lindsay Pukwana, SD


I ALWAYS have to use conditioner after shampooing my hair. Well, for this stuff I didn’t have to. All I did was shampoo my hair, towel dry it, and spray this in my hair. It made my hair soft and it smelled nice.

Margarita Walkerton, IN

Made my hair softer!

I love this product. It doesn’t have a heavy odor and I love that you leave it in. I’m never sure conditioners really do anything since you rinse it out. My hair feels softer, for sure!

Callie East Waterboro, ME


It made my hair feel like disgusting! Like straw! My hair has never felt so nasty. And it smells awful too. I’ll be throwing this in the trash!!

Lilly Satsuma, AL

Not too great.

I had higher hopes for this, not horrible but I wouldn’t get it again. I just didn’t see much of a difference from using it.

Krystal Boston, GA

I prefer the original without henna

I assumed including henna would make the product more effective, but it didn’t. I much prefer the original without the henna, it makes my hair much softer.

Natalie Snook, TX

Have not seen much repair but love how it makes my hair look

I hoped this would do a number on my split ends considering all the wonderful reviews it got for it but I haven’t seen much of a difference. I can’t say I don’t this product for other reasons though. It makes my super soft, smooth and managable with a lot of shine. I don’t use it too often though because it conditions it so much that it leaves my hair limp if I use it too much. I’m already done with half of the bottle and I noticed a difference in my hair after the first use, but major differences after the first 3 or 4. I definately reccomend!

Mallory Whitewright, TX


my hair was extremely damaged after bleaching it. this product did not show me much a difference i might buy again to use as a protector when i flat iron my hair. but if u have really damaged hair i recommend the green cholesterol conditioner. its a huge jar for just 14 bucks n i see results right away smells nice. this bottle is only 5oz n the its spritz a lot so the product finishes fast.

Herminia Whitehouse, TX


I have extremely fine, straight, flat, horrible hair and about twice a year I’ll get a body wave just so it looks like I have any hair at all. That gives me body and allows my hair to hold it’s shape after blow drying and using the curling iron but it looks like old, dry straw. And frizzes up easily. I tired the Frizz Eaze but it just makes my hair heavy and still looks dry. I remembered that I had this in the closest from YEARS ago after an exceptionally drying perm. Sprayed it on, dried and styled as usual and it’s wonderful. My hair looks shiny, healthy, bouncy and feels great. It doesn’t weigh your hair down either. I love this product and always have. I haven’t actually tired the extra strength yet. I had the regular spray stuff in my closet but I would recommend it to anyone who needs extra shine without adding the weight of silicone products.

Caroline Blanchard, PA

placenta magic

Hask Placenta Leave-in Conditioning Treatment Super Strength is fantastic. When I spray it in my hair, and blow dry on a cool setting, my hair is like silk. I color and relax my hair. double damage. After using Hask Placenta, my hair is silky light bouncy, it actually changes the texture of my hair. It looks straighter light and fluffy and silky at the same time.It is the best leave-in conditioner on the market. It literally transforms your hair in minutes to silk. My hair looks a lot more healthy, shiny, silky, moisturized, and full of life. I’m stocking up on this product.

Rosalind Sunol, CA