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Hask Placenta Henna ‘n’ Placenta for Extremely Damaged Hair 237ml/8oz

Buy Hask Placenta Hair & Scalp Treatments – Hask Placenta Henna ‘n’ Placenta for Extremely Damaged Hair 237ml/8oz. How-to-Use: Shampoo and towel dry hair. Massage a generous amount into the hair. Warm with hair dryer or wrap in hot towel for 10 minutes. Rinse and style as usual.

Key features

  • For extremely damaged hair
  • Nature’s most complete conditioning treatment
  • Strengthens and repairs dry,brittle,lifeless hair
  • Will not change hair color
  • Professional size

Honest reviews


Softens damaged hair

Best when applied at night, rinse in the am in shower & hair is silky & smooth for days to come. Does not fight frizz or straighten… just softens!

Maritza Smyrna, MI

Fantastic Conditioner, Not Just for “Extremely Damaged Hair”

Don’t be turned off by the label. You really CAN buy & use this conditioner, even if your hair is NOT “extremely damaged.”I use it, as needed, about once a month as a healthy maintenance conditioner. My hair is short and relatively fine (not frizzy or curly), but I LOVE to use this just to keep hair healthy, shiny, and looking good. Just shampoo, use the conditioner just like you would any other, but let it stay on your hair for 5 minutes (10 minutes or longer if your hair needs HELP). Rinse. You’re done!The henna won’t change your hair color & the placenta is not something you’d even notice was in it, were it not for the label & the super healthy shine it gives your hair.This larger bottle is hard to find any more, except online.Just as an FYI/comparison: I used to like to use Wella’s Kolestral for this occasional healthy conditioning, but they’ve replaced the lanolin that used to be in it with Mineral Oil. No longer works. But this stuff still does a wonderful job for shine, bounce, and manageability. Definitely worth its premium price; a bottle can last a long time & you’ll love the way your hair feels after using this. Highly recommended!

Letitia Lakota, IA

Great stuff

I love this product because it makes me feel like its protecting my hair. It makes it smell good, it makes it extremely soft and as long as this product is around I will use it!

Shelia Brooklyn, KY

stinky but affective

it didn’t work as well as I had hoped it would. I had high hopes that it would be a true henna mask for my hair but it seemed to dry it out and make it feel like straw.

Madelyn White Plains, GA

Secret Weapon

This stuff is amazing. I spent 2 months doing dissertation research in the desert and by the end, my hair was like straw. My hairdresser told me to go condition my hair, so I went to Makeupalley for suggestions and found this product.WOW.My hair was, after using it twice, felt amazing. Since my hair was super dry, I put the product in and heated it for 10-minutes on low with a hair dryer before washing it off. It worked wonders. My hair was silky smooth. Can’t say enough good things about this. I tried to pimp it out to all my girlfriends ,but they got scared away by the placenta. It’s apparently cow placenta? Who cares?!Anyway buy this. Seriously.

Claire Azusa, CA