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Harmony Gelish Uv Soak Off Gel Polish -Light Elegant

This color gel is conveniently designed by “Gelish by Harmony” with a twist cap and applicator brush, apply like polishes, and cured under UV lamp. Color gels are meant to use on natural nails. These products are made to satisfy natural-nail wearers who long wish their color would last for more than two weeks. Color gels will stay on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.

Key features

  • Harmony Gelish Uv Soak Off Gel Polish -Light Elegant (0.5 Oz) ASIN: B003VMTZ8C
  • size 15 ml

Honest reviews


So Feminine

Perfect feminine girly color… I used 3 coats and it’s so pale pink with the shimmery fine glitter … such an awesome nail color… perfect on it’s own and would also make an awesome nail bed color for French…

Roseann Okemah, OK

Nice Light Pink Shimmery Color

This is a little darker than I had thought…I was expecting something a little more sheer because I wanted to use it for a french manicure. But it was still a really nice color. It has a nice shimmer to it too. Gelish is the best gel product out there. They have the most colors and it lasts the longest. I’ve had all kinds of other gel products and they usually chip in 2 weeks. Gelish has lasted me no less than 3 weeks.

Latoya Midland, IN

Gelish Light elegant

Love this color! What u see is the color u get. This is my manicure routine for gel polish n regular polish.1. Remove all cuticles, I use Sally Hansen “instant cuticle remover” by far the best hands down. After applying this I soak my hands in some warm soapy water leaving the remover on for about 3-5 minutes n than I use a spoon metal cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles n remover the cuticle that has grown on my nail plate all the way around my nail, sides included…do not cut your cuticles or the skin around your nail plate, that’s what causes them to split and become callus. Should NEVER touch any of the skin around your nails.2. Wash hands good to remove all the cuticle remover.3. I use my electric nail drill “very gently” to remove the shine on my natural nail n any remaining cuticle on the my nail plate only. This does not damage the nail plate n by using the E Drill it’s much easier to buff the nail without using a block buffer or the 100/180 file that’s very hard to use without touching the skin around my nail…I will NEVER use a block buffer or file on my nails ever again. Since giving up the buffer n file and using the E file only, my nails n the skin around my nail plate has never been healthier. There is a video on YouTube on how to do a proper manicure prep before applying gel polishes n regular polish.4. Shape nails with a OPI crystal file, filing in one direction only. Do not file side to side this will only rip your nails and do not file the sides of your nails at all, this weakens the nails support causing them to break. Tips only.5. I use a brush or nail duster to remover the nail dust.6. I apply 91% alcohol, let air dry…than I use EZ flow nail primer being careful not to get any on the skin as it does burn, let air dry…than I apply the gelish ph bond air dry.The trick to gel polishes is very thin coats, keeping the foundation, color n top it off sealer…off your skin…if you do get any on the skin around your nails, take a paint brush n dip in alcohol and clean it off before curing it…so alway check all nails good before curing.7. Apply a very THIN coat of gelish foundation, cure in LED lamp for 1 minute.8. Take a dry paint brush that u would use for applying nail polish or makeup not the ones for removing the dust n wipe each nail down with it, this helps smooth out the cured foundation n removes the moisture. I got this tip off the gelish web site.9. Apply a very thin coat of the gel polish color you have picked out n cure for 1 minute, 2 minutes for dark colors.10. Apply another coat of your color, again cure but I cure the second coat for 2 to 3 minutes depending on how dark it is, if u are gonna apply a 3rd coat only cure 2 mins n cure your 3rd coat 3 minutes.11. Now it’s time for your gelish top it off top sealer. I usually put 2 coats of this on curing the first coat 2 minutes n curing the second coat for 3 minutes.12. Take the gelish cleanser or just alcohol on a lint free cloth or a paper towel will work as well…never use anything cotton with your gels or regular polish it’s your worst enemy.And now you have beautiful nails with color that should last 10 days or more 🙂 and are fully dry.

Merle Hawesville, KY

Gelish is Awesome!

OMG! Are you kidding me? This stuff is a miracle. Does life get any better? It is easy to apply even for the do-it-yourselfer at home manicure. I went to salon when I first tried it, got one manicure and decided to look online to do it at home. It is easy, long lasting (2 weeks) the gel is pretty easy to work. 2 minutes in a 36 watt uv light for each layer (base, 2 color coats, and foundation top it off) and that is it. I used just rubbing alcohol for the end to remove the tacky layer and I was out the door. Try it!

Allyson Saline, MI

Great pink

This is a great baby pink color with some subtle shimmer. This is not a loud color. It is a pretty pink thats great for work and matches most clothing i decide to wear.

Eliza Taylor, PA

So sweet

Very nice color …not tooo pink at all . Very shimmering but not big glitter !! Very sweet and simple …matches everything and amost a skin tone color .

Arlene Matawan, NJ

sparkly pale pink; easy to use

After fabulous, long-lasting results with a Gelish manicure from a salon, I decided to give it a go myself and try an at-home mani/pedi. It was surprisingly easy (though time consuming) and the results look far better than my usual at-home manicure efforts. Soaking off the old gel polish and the drying time for each layer gets a little tedious, but the results are so worth it!This was the first Gelish color I tried on my fingernails at home, and definitely a good choice for a first-time effort. Pale and forgiving. I chose it as a neutral, but it is definitely pink with quite a bit of shimmer, and I would say it is opaque (using two coats of polish). It is a pretty color, but a little pinker and sparklier than I would prefer for an everyday neutral polish. The pink almost seems to have lilac tones and isn’t the most flattering on my slightly-olive skin. Nice color — but not the perfect neutral shade for me.

Nichole Geneva, OH

Light Elegant

This color is very pretty. It takes 2 coats to get complete coverage. It goes on evenly and looks elegant. It has a little bit of shimmer to it. I love it!

Lauren Highland, WI

very nice color, love it!

very happy with Gelish from Harmony, lasts more then 3 weeks on my nails with no chipping at all! And this one is very beautiful color, solid light pink with a sparkle.

Consuelo Janesville, WI

Beautiful color.

Very, light glittery sheer pink. (2 coats)Very durable as all the Gelish colors are. This one is extremely pretty and great for everyday or special occasions. Sheer and the whites of your nails show through. Great color, love it!

Eugenia Brackettville, TX

Pretty light pink color

I like this color, but it is a little see through so it probably needs at least 2 coats . I put this under the June Bride pink glitter color and it is gorgeous. By itself it is a pretty color- flat with no sparkles and light, pale pink.

Carrie Juncos, PR

Gelish Product Rocks

See the picture I posted(sorry crappy cellphone camera) of this color applied.It is pretty true to the picture the maker provides.A very light pink with very subtle shimmer (not big pieces of glitter).Lasts 2-3 weeks or until your nails growth necessitates a touch up.I’ve heard you can do a “fill in” rather than soaking it all off andredoing, but I haven’t tried that yet.It could be used as the bottom color of a French manicure if you like alittle sparkle in your bottom color.Application is easy just be sure to apply it thin…thin I say!You can build more coats (up to 3 should look okay if thin) ifyou wish to deepen the opaqueness and don’t worry if your firstcoat is a little on the streaky side as it self levels and thelook with smooth out by 2nd coat.I choose this color as my first to attempt DIY soak off gel nail polishas light colors are more forgiving when you are learning to paint yourown nails after a long time of wearing acrylics, etc. It is forgivingafter you paint it but a more little difficult to see when painting yournails. = )Use a 36 watt UV lamp to cure each coat. I put sunscreen on my fingersbelow the nail and my hands before I begin to protect from UVa rays.You could also use fingerless gloves because your nails will be hardas rock and dry when you finish the process.

Tina Hankins, NY

Pale Pink

Light elegant is a beautiful pale pink with shimmer. It goes on perfectly smooth and it isn’t at all streaky. I plan to wear this color for my wedding.

Jewell Lynchburg, VA

Beautiful color, goes with everything

Beautiful shimmery opaque pink color. Goes on like a dream, perfect for DIY-ers. I’ve attached a picture so that you can see the true color.

Elba Centrahoma, OK

Good product, don’t love the color

I LOVE Gelish polish, I just don’t love this color. It is like a bright/sheer pink. It’s just not a good color. I’ve tried using it over colors for the sparkle factor, but it still doesn’t look right. Wouldn’t recommend this color.

Bobbi East Rochester, OH

Better than other Gelish Polish.

Some Gelish polish is very thin in consistency and needs numerous applications to achieve the right opaqueness. This color is thicker and only needs one or two coats to get the look you want for your gel nails. I use this when doing a French manicure–it gives it a little extra kick (and shine) and really sets off the white of the nail edge.

Juliana Eldorado, OK

Girlie sparkly pink

I love this color! One coat is perfect for a French manicure. Two coats is a cute girlie sparkly pink.

Brandi Florence, MA

Great color !

I simply love this color ! I prefer using only one thin coat for every day, whereby the color is clean and sheer yet nicely sparkly and fun.

Fannie Spanish Fork, UT

Love it for French Manicure

I used this for the base of a french manicure and think it looks great. I only did one coat because I was afraid 2 would be too pink. It is very sparkly.

Carmen Kinnear, WY

Great Color!

The color in the picture is pretty accurate. The color is a soft pink with a slight shimmer, it’s very subtle and pretty. I would recommend this polish to any pink lovers like myself!

Mattie Longleaf, LA


This color is the perfect pink! It is elegant, but still fun. Two coats and it’s so so so pretty.

Millie Twin Lakes, WI

Great colour

Love the colour. Easy application. A little thicker, so apply with a light touch. Love the colour of work. Fantastic.

Becky Lemon Cove, CA

HG Color!

I’ve used Light Elegant twice already and I love love love this shade. It is the perfect pale pink with TINY flecks of shimmer (no glitter). I always use 2 coats of Light Elegant then 1-2 coats of Vegas Nights on top. O M G! It creates a perfect soft glittery pale pink shade and it is beautiful! I really prefer light polish shades. If you’re looking for a pale pink that isn’t a flat color, then try this one. Highly suggest Vegas Nights with it. You will love it! 🙂

Lessie Angora, MN

It’s just okay……

You have to apply about three coats to get the desired opacity of the polish. It’s a nice pink shimmery color but its not my kind of pink. I guess I expected it to be a more lighter pink shade but not too sheer. But overall, its not bad.

Kendra Fox, AR