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Harmony Gelish Uv Soak Off Gel Polish -Gossip Girl

Gelish soak-off gel polish applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional uv lamps. Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes.

Key features

  • No chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10-15 minutes
  • Applies like polish and cures in a led lamp in 30 seconds
  • Gelish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks

Honest reviews


Nice color, but more of a rose than bright pink.

It’s a nice color but I was expecting more of a bright pink, where as I think it’s more muted rose pink. There’s no shimmer, it’s a cream color. Love the gelish products for long lasting manicures!

Heidi White Horse Beach, MA

Great Product

I use this color as the tip for a French Manicure with the gellish product. At the beginning there is a learning curve to this because you want to do real thin coats throughout the whole gellish process. After about three times of applying I have finally gotten them to last for 2 weeks. I would advise getting Sally Hansen UV top coat to freshen up the manicure after about 5 days. I think that this extends the life of the manicure and freshens it up from normal scuffing and scraping of your nail if your an active person. I am very happy with this product!

Lee Granville, OH

My first gelish and polish.

I stepped into the nail polish world in Feb 2012. Still baby but growing up super fast.I tried some cheap nail polish at first and found out they don’t completely dry in hours ( sometimes still smudges in a day), that was before I discovered all base and top coat secrets.So I wanted to give this gelish system a try because they’ll be dry in a minuite or so anyway.gossip girl was my first which I picked up by highest rating, and I was amazed with the super easy application, color, high glossy shine, fast dring time and no chip at all for good 2 weeks.People were busy commenting my new nails all the time.I’m so greatful to hear about the gelish system 3 months ago.Now I have more than 300 polishes including 30s Gelish and 3 Shellac.I can say that Gellish is better than Shellac in many ways such as easy application and pricing.

Tracey Ansley, NE

Worst ever

I have order a lot of gel products from u and the sheik white on is the worst product I ever received its very watery and runs all over your nail when using when your able to clean it up and cure it its very streaky and uneven color no matter how many coats u put on

Althea Brownsville, WI

it is what it is.

White is white. I haven’t tried it yet, I would guess there is a huge learning curve to do French nails , but I am willing to give it a try.

Wilda Dodge, WI

Pretty reddish pink color

I love this color. It’s the one color I use the most b/c it’s not too pink and it’s not too red and formal looking. It’s perfect for any day where and I get compliments on this color a lot. One thing I have learned about Harmony Gelish colors is that the color you see on your computer, you must think lighter then the color you see. I’d say it’s one shade lighter then we see it. It’s a good rule of thumb for all the colors and I’m in love with Gelish!

Brittany Lipan, TX

Watery white

This white color is a little too watery but it works fairly well for French manicures. A thick coat bubbles up when curing in the UV lamp.

Amelia Clarksburg, MD

the best color EVER!

I bought this color after already buying some other colors (Hot Rod Red, Go Girl, June Bride…) from Gelish. This color is THE BEST! I wanted a pink that would get people’s attention, and this one did just the thing! It is beautiful, totally recommended! You’ll love the bright but girly ping!Now, the products from Gelish are amazing. I thought that only Shellac CND had these gel nail polishes, but when I found Gelish I decided to try them out. I used this with Shellac CND Base Coat, then two coats of this color and then another top coat from Shellac CND. I thought that you couldn’t mix these products, but I worked perfectly for me!

Tameka Washington, ME

Hard to apply

I only gave it 4 stars, because it is so difficult to apply a french manicure by yourself. I was partially aware of that , watched several youtube videos,but it will take a lot of more practice to get it right.It would be nice if for the high price they would supply a brush to fix the french manicure, I went ahead and purchased one seperately from amazon.Nothing really wrong with the product, just a tiny bottle ! but it should last for a long time, like I said just make sure you are willing to learn and spend enough time doing your own french.Was thinking about going for just one all over color, but could not find one to match, but now I have the whole UV kit, gelish kit and will just hang in there and try to make it work. Just be aware that it all is not as easy at first as you think it is to make it look as perfect as the salonsUPDATE: took the product to my nail salon, I was advised something must be wrong with the one I got, it is way to liquid, nothing compared to the same brand and color they have in the store.Requested a refund from the seller, and will definitely leave the gel nail application to the professionals

Tammie Centerville, NY

Great hot pink color

I love the Harmony Gelish polishes and use them exclusively now. It’s a bit of an investment to get the base and top coats and the UV lamp, but do it! It’s so worth it! This is a perfect hot pink color with a very subtle silver shimmer to it.

Lucille Mount Vernon, AL

Love it!

I love this is a great fun summer color. Goes on very smooth and I have gotten lots of compliments on it!

Kelly Hayden, AL

I think fans of crushed cherry and hot pink alike will be great fans of yet another vibrant Gelish color

This color was a surprise. I was thinking hot pink and it is but there is a reddish tone as well. It is opaque but has a flash of other colors in it that I cannot describe. I think fans of crushed cherry and hot pink alike will be great fans of yet another vibrant Gelish color. Get it!

Caitlin Greenwich, KS

Sheek White vs Sleek White

I bought this product knowing it may not be genuine due to the name of the color SHEEK white vs SLEEK white a listed on Harmony Gelish website. I used 2 coats as French tip, easy to apply (not thick), no problem curing with LED lamp, no chip for 2 weeks.This is a link for all Gelish colors. Notice that color name is different from this Amazon listing[…]

Sue Newell, SD

White, as promised

This is a good pure white, I use 2 coats to obtain opaque white. It has a nail polish like consistency. No complaints from me. 🙂

Vickie Sparks, GA

Gray in the Color Window

I just bought my UV light and Harmony Gelish High Voltage, Tiger Blossom and Sheek White polishes and I could not love them more. Reason why I give this a four star though is because on the Sheek White the color window shows a gray color. I even pulled the sticker back to see if that was what was making it gray and it was still gray. I haven’t used it on my nails yet as I have High Voltage on right now but I did test it out on a nail like surface and it was indeed white. When you pull the brush out it also looks white so I don’t get it. My order was filled through Beauty Shine so maybe you will want to try to go through a different vendor. When I use it though I’ll make sure to come back and post how it turned out.

Estela Shullsburg, WI


Love color. Great fall/winter color. Do not need to apply too many coats to make the color visible on the nails.

Elsa Rockhouse, KY

Good French Tip White

Perfect for a French Manicure 🙂 Also looks great as a solid color on nails. Use 2 coats minimum though if you are doing the whole nail.

Germaine Chautauqua, NY

great color

Nice white polish. it goes on evenly and looks great with 2 coats of polish. I have used this color many times and it always looks great. it would also serve well for french tips!

Ester Leslie, MO

Perfect for a French manicure

I bought Sleek White to use with my gel light (see my other reviews for a how-to) and it worked like a charm. It went on smooth and I only needed 1 coat of white. I did this (see photos) freehand and it worked great. I did put it on too think on a couple of nails so it rippled after it cured under the light. But, after using the Gelish topcoat,Harmony Gelish Top-it-off “Top Coat Gel .5oz” Ship Nowthe rippled smoothed out. I recommend it!

Rebekah Gary, WV

Love this color

I bought this color and with it online I didn’t know how I would like the color. But I love it. It is a nice bright pink but not crazy neon hot! One of my favorites.

Flora Penokee, KS

Harmony Gelish

I use this white for my french manicures, absolutely fabulous with Little Princess!!Will buy again and again and always share my delight with Harmony and the prices on Amazon with my friends!!!

Trisha Burt Lake, MI

Great polish

Thanks for the quick delivery. I love this color but unfortunately I didn’t realize you need a certain kind of lamp to dry it. I kept it because I love the color and will work out how to use it …thanks so much

Hester Oyster, VA


Really pretty color. Good for all year round. Gelish is a great product. Only had to use 2 coats. Satisfied

Terri Lowndes, MO

nice white colour

this product was as expected. fast shipping, great price. It did go thick after one month. But overall it worked for me.

Donna Woodland, WA

Disappointed with the white

It is not a full, solid white. It applies streaky and you have to do several coats to get a pure white color otherwise your nails look ‘faded’. Disappointing since Gelish does not have any other pure white nail colors for a good french manicure.

Noreen Durham, KS

love GELISH!!!!

Love it that my french manicure came out so great the first time! I have been using this line of GEL POLISHES now for 3 months and could not be HAPPIER!! I love all the color choices. I also love its durability and how easy it is to put on and take off. ONLY follow the YOU TUBE video on how to apply Gelish that is done by HARMONY. There are other ppl who have put out their own YOU TUBE videos on how to apply it, however they have you curing the gels for 1-3 minutes each time…and according to the HARMONY GELISH TUTORIAL VIDEO on YOU TUBE…that is NOT necessary. I have followed the Harmony video with great results now for 3 months! TAKE YOUR TIME when applying and with a little practice, you will be just as pleased as I am! Wishing you beautiful sexy nails!!

Fran Hulen, KY

Gelish – Gossip Girl

This color is more of a berry/pink color without any shimmer. I do like it, but it is very close to Gellish – Less Talk. Had I known that, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. It covered well with 2 coats.

Melisa Linden, CA

for those who like pink

Very very pink bright colour, I like it but still not in love. More suitable for young ladies. I wear it only in summer, but try to change the colour after one week because this bright pink becomes annoying

Katharine Gretna, VA

Fantastic nails

I purchased this gel nail polish through Amazon. It is the perfect color of white to use for a french manicure. Very happy with this vendor.

Juliana Gilroy, CA

1 coat

This is the only Gelish that required only one coat for full coverage. It is a nice colour. I prefer the Gelish colours to all of the other Gel Polishes out there that I have tried.

Madeline Union, MI