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Harmony Gelish – The Shadows Collection – Inner Vixen

Harmony Gelish – The Shadows Collection – Inner Vixen

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  • Harmony Gelish – The Shadows Collection – Inner Vixen

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Not what I thought

The wording makes it sound like you are getting the shadows collection and it was not until I went back and reviewed the wording that I realized I was only getting one. But the color is very pretty

Sasha Chesterfield, MA

Revised review: Perhaps not such bad quality, but needs good lamp

Love the color, and love Gelish in general. But this color is really hard to use properly. I have had no luck curing it, no matter what I do. It seems to always shrink, regardless of how carefully i apply it, no matter how thin I apply the coats. Very disappointing .Edited review:So originally I was using this with the smaller Gelish lamp – the Pro45, that you can do 4 fingers, and then thumbs separately. I recently purchased the Gelish 18G LED lamp, and decided to try Inner Vixen again.I was extremely careful with the application, and cured it for the maximum cure time – 30 seconds.Happy to report that I had zero shrinkage this time (2 coats for perfect opacity), and the color looks splendid.So, I’m thinking that this may simply need the more powerful of lamps to cure properly, or perhaps, needs double curing under a smaller, lower wattage lamp?

Katheryn Emlyn, KY

Apply thin!!!

The entire shadows collection needs to be applied THIN! It wrinkles and doesn’t cure right. Go very VERY thin!!!I like the grey and purple but this red (vixen) is so nearly black I have to put glitter coats on top to bring out the red and hide the darkness. Opaque in 2 coats.

Iva Conway, NC

Just Beautiful!

An enigmatic color, to be sure–I cannot decide what the base color is–black, brown or burgundy. Lots of dark red sparkles make it so pretty.

Lorie Pyote, TX

never fully cures!!!

While the color of the is absolutely amazing curing the polish is a problem. I have even applied it very thin and cured for 5 minutes each layer! I have been doing my own gelish at home for over 6 months and something about the shadows collection and curing issues seem to go hand in hand. I wouldn’t waste your money on this one!

Roberta Makaweli, HI

Too dark

The color is super dark and bubbled up after I put a very light coat on . If you’re looking for a super dark red color with a somewhat blackish shine, then this is your color. The color that it shows on the description is FAR from the color that it is. I really liked the vendor…super fast shipping, nothing against them.

Christi Goodyear, AZ