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Harmony Gelish Magneto – Polar Attraction w/ Matching Magnet Lacquer by Jubujub

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Key features

  • Harmony Gelish Magneto
  • Polar Attraction
  • Matching Magnet Lacquer

Honest reviews


Works Perfectly

I just tried this yesterday – only the polish – and it worked great! I had a bit of trouble getting the magnet close enough to the polish without touching it but I’m sure my technique will improve with time. My polish ended up with stripes going across it not semi-circles but I figure that’s also a matter of technique. I do like the color a lot and the stripes add a bit of zing!

Tommie Vaiden, MS

Great Product!

I’ve gotten so many compliments with this gel polish. People can’t believe I did my nails myself. I found the gel easier to use with the magnet than the nail polish, but I do need a bit more practice with it. I think the gel works better because once you cur the polish under the light its dry so the design is set. With the nail polish, the particles seem to settle a bit before it’s fully dry, so the design isnt as sharp.

Leticia Fairfax, MN

Gelish – Polar Attraction

When I learned of these magnetic polishes I wanted to experiment with them, but they all looked so cool – I couldn’t decide witch one to buy!! The Polar Attraction color is a pretty sparkly dark green/emerald. This color did do well with the magnet. The magnet design is so cool and I’m sure I’ll get lots of comments. Love it!! This color did need 2 coats to cover to opaque. Highly recommend!!

Bette Cherokee, NC

Fun Set!!!!!!!

Love this green, this is a fun and gorgeous set, I have almost all of these magneto, just missing the gray one. They look beautiful with or without the design. Would highly recommend.

Leila Isabel, SD

Great Color for a great price.

I received it pretty quick and it was well wrapped. I used both, gel for my nail and polish for my toes. The magnetic design showed up on both hands and feet. The magnetic was easy to use and I love the color green. I am going to use it again for St. Patrick day’s can’t wait :):):):):)

Mari Lake Preston, SD

Fun and nice colour too.

This gelish goes on smoothly with no bumps or clumps. Easy to use although it took a few practice runs to get the hang of the magnet effect. Don’t use too heavy a coat when using the magnet. The directions say to put a coat on first and cure it, then another light coat, use the magnet and then cure it. If either coat is too heavy, it’s harder to get a pattern. The other thing I noticed is thatthe top coat had a blurring effect, but that could be due to my heavy hand at the top coat. Practice will make this even more interesting. Just the colour alone is a pretty emerald with a nice sheen to it.

Rosie Brandt, SD