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Harmony Gelish Magneto – Electric Metal Lover w/ Matching Magnetic Lacquer

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Key features

  • Harmony Gelish Magneto
  • Electric Metal Lover
  • Gelish Magneto Magnet Lacquer
  • Gelish Magneto Electric Metal Lover kit

Honest reviews


Great gelish color!

I love this color! I have the black magneto as well, which is my favorite, but this red is a close second. The magneto colors seems to be a little more durable than most of my other gelish colors. They are not created equal for sure, I have some that chip within a day or two, which is infuriating, but the magnetos are fantastic!

Brooke Cambridge City, IN


This nail polish works great. Doesn’t look exactly like the picture but it is a cool design and I got complimented on it by the girls that do gelicures at the salon I go to

Lacy Bancroft, MI

Cool polish, but not like pictured

I’ve had several women comment on my nails – they want to know how I did it. Nails done with this polish/method are cool and easy to do, but they will never look as awesome as the stock image. I’ve tried, a lot! What I have learned is that the polish creates a better design than the lacquer. See my image, uploaded.As far as quality/durability of polish, it’s okay. For me, very active with hands, 1 week max. I use all Gellish products, UV light, follow directions to the “T”.Would like to see more magnetic designs, such as zig zag, and more color options.

Kelsey Hooper, WA


This polish is sooooo pretty. I like it with and without the magnet effects. Both the Magneto polishes I’ve used have been easy to apply – just two coats. The other darker colors and reds have been a little streaky, but not this one. I love it.

Adrienne Novice, TX

Gelish Electric Metal Lover

When I learned of these magnetic polishes I wanted to experiment with them, but they all looked so cool – I couldn’t decide witch one to buy!! The Electric Metal Lover color is a pretty sparkly cherry red. This color didn’t do well with the magnet, but I believe it’ll take a little practice. The magnet design is so cool and I’m sure I’ll get lots of comments. Love it!! This color did need 2 coats to cover to opaque. Highly recommend!!

Paulette Honey Brook, PA


This only the second time I’ve used the gelish system so I’m not the best at it but I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. Took me about an hour to do because I kept messing up (I’m not the best at painting my nails), but it came out really nice. I placed the magnet over the nail for about 8-10 seconds. I also use 2 coats of the top it off to give it that extra shiny wet look and I also wipe them with the soft cloth I clean my glasses with to polish them up during the day (especially after I put on lotion).Like others, sometimes I wish the gelish didn’t last so long because I want to do my nails once a week now!

Kellie Northome, MN

Reall fun!

I simmply adore Gelish. It wears for more than 2 weeks and still looks like it is fresh from the salon. I happened across their new magneto product and had to gve it a try. All of the girls at the salon were huddled around me all ooohing and ahing watching the pattern appear. Lots of fun, it’s unique, and the results are really pretty.

Elaine New Philadelphia, PA

fun polish but…

This is a fun polish and is good quality like the rest of the gelish polishes. That being said…don’t expect the color to appear as it does online. I ordered the Electric Metal Lover thinking I was going to get a red polish and if the label did say it was EML, I would have sworn they sent me Drawn Together–the purplish one. Unless they labeled the bottle wrong Electric Metal Lover is NOT a red. I will likely use another of my reds as the base coat and then top with the magnetic polish. It really gives it a 2-tone effect then. Hmmm…maybe a white or pink base coat…

Beryl Conway, MO