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Harmony Gelish Magneto – Drawn Together w/ Matching Magnet Lacquer Kit

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Key features

  • Harmony Gelish Magneto
  • Drawn Together w/ Magnetic Lacquer kit
  • Matching Magnetic Lacquer
  • Drawn Together

Honest reviews


Harmony Gelish Magneto – Drawn Together w/ Matching Magnet Lacquer Kit

This was WELL worth my money for both products and again if you have all the right other things needed for a gel mani it will out just perfectly. This seems to be a thicker gel polish so I can wear longer than other gel polishes. I am very hard on my hands, I work all day, ride my bike, wash dishes, wash my hands tons of times and use my nails for a lot of things. This is one tough polish and I would recommend it!

Rosanne Falls City, OR

Gelish – Drawn Together

When I learned of these magnetic polishes I wanted to experiment with them, but they all looked so cool – I couldn’t decide witch one to buy!! The Drawn Together color is a pretty sparkly deep purple. This color did do well with the magnet. The magnet design is so cool and I’m sure I’ll get lots of comments. Love it!! This color did need 2 coats to cover to opaque. Highly recommend!!

Gussie Village Of Nagog Woods, MA

Great gelish magneto color!

This is such a cool color! The magneto line is superb and this color is great. It is like a deep mauve-purple-ish color. LOVE IT!

Caroline Bellarthur, NC

Must Have

I had this color done on my second gel mani at the salon. And I just had to add this color to my collection, it is a beautiful brownish purplish color. Can use with or without the design. A must have. Highly recommend this color

Cleo Whiting, IN

Very nice

I was thankful to the previous reviewer who mentioned that this polish is actually more of a dark purple with a pinkish stripe. That sold me on trying it and I have to agree completely. I love the colors. Also, to anyone like me who was confused about what the lacquer was for – you don’t need it to do the gelish polish. It is nice to have if you do need a touch up before re-doing your nails as it is just a regular nail polish, but the only part besides the gelish polish that you really need is the magnet top that comes on the lacquer bottle.

Kristen Lisbon, LA

Holy Cow Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

This polish is even better than I could have ever imagined!!!! The color is a little deceiving but that is another positive! This is much more of a dark purple with the magnetic stripes being a beautiful silver pinkish! I am EXTREMELY impressed with this polish and will order more for sure!!!!!!! HIGHLY SUGGEST – IT’S WORTH THIS PRICE!!!!

Kara Plevna, KS