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Harmony Gelish Hard Gel Led Clear Builder 0.5Oz

GELISH HARD-GEL is a new LED Gel technology. Reveal elegance with thin natural looking nails perfect for everyday wear. The prisine performance of these thick viscosity gels utilizes Gel Suspension Technology (GST) which assures total control and workability for the technician.

Key features

  • The results are distinct and great for anyone. Gelish Hard-Gel is easy to apply, cures in 20 seconds, out performs the competition, and is versatile in wear for longer nail extensions, shorter nails or even toes.
  • LED Cured Gels bond to the natural nail using a fused keratin bonding system without the use of harsh acids for extreme retention to the nail plate.
  • With vivid white, lucent clears, & radiant pinks that will define any look and stand Harmony apart from any other product, GELISH HARD-GEL gels create a stylish natural looking enhancement sure to compliment any fashion.

Honest reviews



It is as expected. It is easy to use and it last for a while if you use it correctly. I like it okay.

Liliana Moyie Springs, ID

Well packaged

Received quickly and well packaged.The builder gel allows you to extend your nails or strengthen thin nails – the Clear is the most versatile in my opinion.I will definitely continue to buy from this supplier.

Helga Huddy, KY

Works good

Not sure really the difference between structure and hard gel, just make sure the layers are THIN!!! if you do them thick you will feel heat

Beryl Paragonah, UT

Perfect pedi

I purchased this product to fix my big toe for sandal weather. I dropped a large can on my toe when it fell out of the cupboard, which caused me to lose my toenail on my big toe. Ugly. The hard gel is perfect to create a toenail which accepts polish and looks great for weeks while my new toenail grows back. Amazing!

Nina Assaria, KS

Good product

i like all harmony products. but it was smaller than i thought. i would like to purchase again. nice th

Tabatha Lake Butler, FL

Best I have every used!

I have used everything and this is by far the best. I cannot believe how strong my nails are with only one coat. WOW! What most aren’t listing that would be helpful to new comers to this product is you should be applying the PH Bond, then the foundation gel, THEN the builder gel. I didn’t do my foundation layer and it will peel if you do not. Hope that helps someone.This is the best self leveling gel I have ever worked with. My nails look better than any (harmful) acrylic I have ever had done. :)Plus no odor. Yay!

Allie Hermitage, TN

I like Gelish hard gel

this is a nice builder gel for floating or brushing (polish style application) without having to struggle or chase the gel around. It wears very well.

Gina Atlanta, MI

Great for building nail extensions

I love this product, there is no mixing or horrible odors. Use your gel brush and nail form to create stunning nails in no time. Works great with Gelish 18g led lamp.

Bettye Claytonville, IL

Tricky at first, but great product.

Once you get the hang of building your own gel nails, this stuff is great. It just takes time and practice to get it right, and to understand the application abilities of the product.

Christi East Moriches, NY

Love it

I like the fact that it self levels right before your eye’s. It’s was pretty tricky the first time I applied it. But I got better over time and understanding of the product. And please disregard the 1 star rating by someone who has yet to even use this product.FYIIf you’re looking to buy the dark pink builder it’s really not noticeable on your nail. So your probably be better off with the clear or light pink builder.

Whitney Rome, IL


It goes on smoothly and is easy to apply. It cures well if you manage to get super thin layers. My biggest complaint is that the container seems to constantly be seeping even when it’s on a flat surface, which translates into a sticky mess that is hard to clean up. As a result, I have to store it wrapped in paper towel, which is a little ridiculous.

Elnora Woodville, MS

Not for everyone

I’ve experimented with just about ever kind of gel product there is, and also have read a lot of reviews and articles, and have come to some firm conclusions based on both.I’ve learned that not all nails are meant for all kinds of gels. None of the gel products will tell you that, but it’s true. If you have thin, flexible nails, you might want to consider a more flexible gel product. I’ve read about many happy customers for this product, but have also read of some for whom this product would lift badly…and I happened to be one of them. However, when I switched toHarmony Gelish Soak-off Gel Polish Structure Gel 0.5 Oz, which is much more flexible both in its application and once it hardens, I had better luck. The harder, stiffer gels like this one are great for building your nails and building in strength, but for some people, it’s just TOO rigid, and results in lifting.As hard gels go, this product is as good as any other, but one additional thing I do not care for in builder gels like this is that they are permanent. What that means is, should you start to experience lifting, around the edges or in corners, you will not be able to remove the rest of the nail without ruining your own nail. This is precisely what happened to me. This is a second reason I prefer Gelish’s Structure gel, because, besides being more flexible, it is also a soak-off builder gel, so it can be removed without damaging the nail underneath. Some of you will wish to stick to traditional gels, and if you are indeed looking for that, this won’t disappoint. But I would have to give my biggest recommendation to Gelish’s Structure instead.

Doris Pacolet, SC