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Harmony Gelish – Arctic Freeze – 15ml / 0.5oz – 01433

Gelish Arctic Freeze Gel Polish

Key features

  • Gellish Soak Off Gel
  • Polish Arctic Freeze
  • Super White 1/2 Oz FULL
  • SIZE

Honest reviews



It does not dry under the UV light, it is not sparkly like it appears in the picture and it covers like you were using an office product to cover mistakes.

Jacklyn Ridgefield Park, NJ


great for french tips

Angelita Bridgeport, PA

Very white, very pleased with my DIY purchase

did my own nails with a UV light to set them. french style manicure. they looked professional with the clear gel coat and my translucent pink gel.

Stacie Davenport, NE

Nice white! Doesn’t yellow. Must do thin layers to avoid wrinkling though.

This is a great white that doesn’t yellow, but you must be sure to do thin layers or it will wrinkle in the lamp.

Abby Arley, AL


The white is really white and it stuck on the nail for two weeks and more if you keep your hands away of doing many things or use some gloves doing the house shores it will last long and also your nails will appreciate it. Thanks

Leeann Kalaheo, HI

Great product

Great product. White is nice and bright. Seemed a little thicker than usual but worked great and cured in 2 minutes with 32 watt UV light

Stacey Arrington, TN

Great Product

Fast Shipping. Easy to use with great results. You do have to use more than one coat to achieve a solid color. Doesn’t smell the best though.

Josefa Grand Tower, IL

My favorite white

This is a really nice white. Pure white. Covers well. I use this for my french manicure all the time. Love it.

Patty Wheatley, AR

I love this brand of gel polish

Product came early. Just as expected. I love this brand of gel polish. If your looking for a good brand of gel polish I recommend!!

Guadalupe High Bridge, NJ

Great for french tip

Works great for French tips! super white! works great doesn’t chip either. lasts longer than white plastic tips or wraps

Aurelia Pacific Beach, WA

Love it!

I love this gelish color! it looks really nice as a french manicure. I recommend this product to anyone.I would buy again.

Kasey Port Washington, OH

Nice color

A true white color that is very nice, if you like white polish then you will enjoy this one. .

Bernadine Eldred, NY

too thick

I don’t know if I got an old bottle, but its not like my other gellish polishes. The texture is like old white-out, all stringy and thick. The color is just a basic white. Sometimes streaky, possibly due to the thickness.

Tisha Chase, MD

Four Stars

It is good, but for french it’s not that white enough

Cassie Sunset, TX

Easy to use

This white is more opaque than sleek white. I was able to make smile lines for a French manicure like a pro (which I am not) although it didn’t last as many days as my other Gelish polishes.

Beatrice Alpha, KY

Great color, covers opaque in a few thin coats

Gellish is a good brand, and I have no problems with any of their nail polishes or other products. This white is good in that you don’t have to get it too thick before it’s opaque and fully covered, without any streaks or being too thick.I haven’t tried any other gel brands for white, but in the past with regular nail polish the white was always a problem – it would get really thick while still showing streaks and never being perfectly opaque. This Gellish color does not have any of those problems.

Meagan Chemult, OR

Great for french

Love this color for french tips. It is a white white that does require 2 coats to fully cover but then again just about all gelish (that isn’t just a glitter/shimmer) does.

Kathrine Keota, IA

Nice, bright white for French Manicure

This was a nice, bright white for my Gelish French Manicure. A little easier to use than another white I had from Gelish.

Sandy Allison, PA

White out in a bottle

I purchased this in a physical store location. The consistency was like I was putting white out on my nails, it was both thick and streaky at the same time. I wanted this as a base coat to help bring out the richness of the color I’d apply on top without having to put multiple layers on but the color was too thick and a pure white. After applying other productsGelish Light Elegantthe pink of the Light Elegance seemed unnatural and caused me to remove it to apply again without the Arctic Freeze base coat.Also the cap came apart from the brush, I’m not sure if its because it dried out (again I bought this in a store) and someone opened and didn’t close properly. Superglue wouldn’t make em stick back together 🙁

Julie Yuma, CO

Perfect for French Manicure

I use this for my french mani and it looks and works great. Couldn’t be any happier with a product.

Josefa West Louisville, KY

streaky and uneven

this polish, while covering the nail in one coat, is really streaky and clumpy. very uneven overall, so i am NOT a fan.

Shawn Floydada, TX

french manicure fan

i like the bright white option for french manicures and this one certainly is a bold white and fits the bill.

Marva Culbertson, NE

Whiter then the Sheek white polish

I used to use the Sheek white polish by Gelish but I always seemed to be dull to me and I did not like that. So I set out to find a better one and despite some of the negative reviews on the product about it not drying well or cracking I still bought it. You must use an LED light to cure the gelish polish to get the best results. And if you want optimum results I suggest putting a top coat of Gelish "LED Clear Builder Nail GEL", it is in a little black container without a brush, so you would need to purchase a brush for it but it’s worth it, because, it not only keeps the white polish from cracking or dis-coloring but it gives extra strength to your nails for longer lasting polish.Overall for French manicured nails this white color is the only way to go!!! A must have!! Also the bottle is a large size and worth it’s price.

Misty Jennings, OK

Great for the first couple of days

For some reason, this polish cracks. It’s also very runny to the point that it wrinkles no matter how thin of a coat you use. Besides all of those issues, it turns yellow after a couple of days.

Erma Bass Lake, CA


I was glad to find white white but it’s a little thick. It works well enough though and it it hard to find true white

Tameka Hardtner, KS

So far so good.

This product is extremely thick unlike my other Gelish polishes I have but if you apply very thin coats you shouldn’t have a problem. I think its perfect for a french manicure, it’s a beautiful bright white. The only reason why I would give three stars is due to the thickness it just doesn’t apply as nice as the other Gelish polishes I have.

Nadine Gettysburg, OH

great color

works great and color is just white. White that you use for french tip.However, I am not sure if it’s my top coat or this… it turns yellow-ish after 1 week. 🙁

Mabel Glasco, KS

Great color – weird consistency

This is a nice bright white. The consistency is a little strange, though. I used this for the tips in a French Manicure. The polish went on a little thick, but by the time I went back to make the smile line, the polish had run well beyond the point where I’d brushed it on and thinned out, so it needed a second coat. After the second coat, the polish wrinkled under the light a bit, but smoothed back out when the Top It Off was applied. All in all, the finished product is beautiful.

Simone Dupo, IL

Bright white Gelish polish

Arrived quickly, bright white. Hoping to get a glittery top coat to put over it. Gelish is my favorite and I highly recommend it.

Dionne Buchanan Dam, TX

Arctic Freeze

It’s great to use as a gel french. It’s opaque and and not streaky with makes it easy to use.

Selina Urich, MO